Navien error codes

Navien error codes. Navien tankless water heaters are the latest electrical appliances to warm the water in the winter season. These tankless water heaters are easy to install and install and durable, but it happens with every device that starts malfunctioning due to slight error and misuse.

Take care of the navien tankless water heater and keep removing the debris and dust from outside and inside on a regular basis.

You can use your device for a long time without any issue but if you leave the appliance after installation and focus on getting warm water, its various parts are worn out due to wear and tear.

Luckily, error codes are written on the latest navien tankless water heater models to indicate to you which part is the culprit and doing its job not correctly.

Navien error codesnavien error codes 2022

If your Navien tankless water heater indicates an error code on the display screen before you hire a professional to fix the problem read this article to fix the problem yourself because sometimes there is a slight error in the appliance, which can troubleshoot without paying a few dollars to a professional.

So, whenever you check an error code on the navien heater, read the user manual to find the exact meaning before calling a professional.

Navien tankless Systems are complicated appliances with different errors and electronic trouble. Hopefully, this error code will help you to learn how to locate and troubleshoot various error codes.

Error Code E001

When an error code E001 appears on the tankless water heater, it means the water inside the heat exchanger is boiling so check and flush the heat exchanger.

It’s important to keep cleaning the water inlet filter from debris and water sediments, so detach the water inlet filter from the appliance and clean the debris and water minerals from it for proper flow of water at normal speed.

There are some other reasons for the error code E001. It also appears when the water heater PCB board becomes faulty. When the PCB board becomes defective, then you have only the option to replace the faulty board.

Ensure to purchase the same model PCB board when you purchase the new board from the market or online from the internet.

Error Code E002

Error code E002 displays when there is low water pressure in the tankless water heater. So check the water in the water tank because sometimes you don’t know if the main water tank in the home is empty and there is no drop of water in the tank.

So switch on the freshwater motor to refill the tank. Once the tank gets full, water will start coming into the tankless water heater to warm.

If the water tank is full and still water is not coming to the water heater, then check the water inlet because sometimes anybody in the home turns off the valve to stop the water flow in the pipes for some other maintenance purpose in the home.

Water pressure also gets low in the water pipes when water minerals build up in the water pipes to slow down the water pressure. Navien tankless water heater needs specific water pressure to warm the water so keep removing the clog from the water pipes through different methods to keep the water pressure normal in the water heater.

Error Code E003

Error code E003 means there is ignition failure and the unit is unable to start. When you turn on the navien tankless water heater to warm the water, all you get is error code E003 popping up on the screen.

Dont get frustrated to see this code and first of all, check if the main gas supply is on or off when you failed to ignite the water heater.

If the gas supply is on, then check the gas in the tank because sometimes there is no gas in the tank and you don’t have this information.

So, refill the gas tank to ignite the water heater; if you have connected the water tank with natural gas supply then turn on the kitchen stove to check the gas pressure.

If there is no gas pressure, then contact the local gas agency to inform the low gas pressure in your area. Once the gas pressure will increase the tankless water tank will automatically ignite.

Sometimes the water heater prevents igniting when there is no water coming into the pipes so check the water supply and water inlet valve to open the water supply to the water heater.

Error Code E009

It appears on the display screen when the fan motor generates unusual activity and sound. There are two main causes of the defective fan motor in the navien water heaters. The first is a dirty air filter, and the second is a dirty fan motor.

The air filter is an important component of the navien appliance. Therefore, its cleaning is very important after one month and keeps replacing after six to eight months for the proper functioning of the water heater.

The dirty fan motor is the second thing to consider when error code E009 pops up on the screen. When you leave the unit for a long time without any maintenance, dust makes a layer on various parts affecting the appliance performance.

If cleaning the air filter and fan motor does not make any change and still sound coming from the unit then replace the fan motor to start the water heater.

If you don’t know how to replace the fan motor in the navien tankless water heater, then always hire a skillful electrician to replace the faulty fan motor.

Error Code E028

When there is leakage in the water supply pipeline, then the unit informs the user by displaying the E028 error code on the display screen.

Water leakage in the pipeline is very dangerous because it damages the building and increases the monthly water bill at the end of the month.

When you check this error code on display, then immediately turn off the water inlet valve and check all the water supplies to find the leakage point.

Hire a plumber to repair the leaking pipe. If no leakage is found in the water pipe, check the O-ring, and if it is defective, replace it with a new one to stop the water leakage.


The final words in this article are navien tankless water tanks are reliable brands to warm the water but you must maintain them properly to avoid various issues.

When something goes wrong with the unit, then different error codes appear on the screen so you can easily diagnose the issue immediately.

I am hopeful this article helped you to deal with different error codes.

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