My house suddenly smells like a skunk

My house suddenly smells like a skunk. Smelling something acrid or putrid and not knowing the cause can be vexing. Our house suddenly smells very bad, and not being able to pinpoint the reason is a very confusing situation.

That strange smell being the smell of a skunk, can be even worse. There are a few reasons your house can smell like skunks and a few ways to fix that as well. 

My house suddenly smells like a skunkhouse suddenly smells like a skunk

There are several reasons a house can suddenly smell like a skunk. The most common and primary reasons are the following. 

An actual skunk

Your house can suddenly smell like a skunk if there is an actual skunk in the house. The skunk has a horrible smell and can make anyone nauseous and uneasy. This smell is very foul and can get unbearable. 

If there are no chances of an actual skunk causing the smell, the other primary reason is:

Natural Gas

More often than not, the smell of a skunk can be due to a natural gas pipe leakage. This can be significant chemistry and can significant chemistry hazard and should immediately be acted upon.

Natural gas is naturally odorless, and the gas companies add a strong smell to it that can smell like a skunk or something dead to identify it and save the general public from any accidents. 

Chemistry behind the skunk smell

The gas that skunks release has a horrible smell due to Thiol. Thiol is a gas whose main component is sulfur which has the rotten smell of eggs and/or skunk. Skunks naturally produce this gas to keep predators away. 

This same gas (thiol) is added to the otherwise odorless natural gas to detect it. 

Ways to get rid of the skunk smell

With a few different methods, the skunk smell can be cleaned away. 

Some of the methods are homemade, while some are simply store-bought products. Both can work fine in different situations. 

Using vinegarusing vinegar

One of the most common methods for combatting any foul odor is vinegar. Place the vinegar in different bowls and around the house.

Another way of using vinegar is by putting it in a pan and leaving it boiling. Both methods can absorb and neutralize the smell of skunk or natural gas. 


Another simple way of riding a house of the skunk smell is opening all the windows and letting nature do its work. The sunlight can diffuse the smell, and the ventilating area can blow the sour smell away. 

Washing porous materials

Removing the smell from porous materials such as rugs, carpets, cushions, curtains, and other fabrics can be a bit hard.

Still, it can be minimized and taken entirely out with the help of washing all those materials in the hottest setting of water possible. 


For the majority of hard surfaces, a mixture of bleach and water can be effective. It removes any smell possible. 


The smell of a skunk can be harmful and nauseating, but chemistry can aid in detecting a gas leak, which can be fatal if not detected and taken care of early.

In this way, the mixing of thiol in natural gas can be called a necessary evil. 

Smells like skunk in apartment

If you smell something like a skunk in your home, you need to act fast. There’s a reason why they say that ‘when it smells like skunk, get out!’.

Skunky-smelling gas is a sign that there may be a potential gas leak. Natural gas is quite explosive, and therefore, if you smell this nasty scent, the best plan of action is to alert the local natural gas company immediately and evacuate the building – don’t risk your life or anyone else’s on the off chance that it might not be too much of an issue.

It isn’t often that we talk about sewage, so it’s important to know what exactly leads to the Sewer Gas smell in one’s household.


The smell of skunk may be lingering but it can be fixed with many methods. Sometimes this smell can detect significant something more than just a foul smell, which must be dealt with immediately to stay safe.

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