Misto sprayer not working

Misto sprayer not working. If we say that kitchen is incomplete without some accessories, then it is not wrong. Because kitchen accessories boost the value of the kitchen, and on the other, it makes life easier.

Now a day, most companies provide different accessories in the market. These accessories make us convenient in their usage, and they do not waste our time. Misto spray is a well-known brand in the company.

It is used to shatter oil into your pan. You can add any oil according to your choice in this spray. Misto spray has characteristic features. One of them is it uses just a small amount of oil in your dishes.

It can save you money in this way. You can use it in different dishes. But just like another accessory we use in our daily life, you can face some hurdles in using Misto spray.

In this article, we will discuss some problems with Misto spray and discuss how to troubleshoot it.

Misto sprayer not working

misto sprayer not working

No doubt that Misto is a well-known brand. The droplet system makes it very effective in use. It is the best option for health-conscious people as it uses less oil. It is used in different dishes.

But besides this, when it gets no word, this situation is annoying for anyone of its users. Let’s see its major problem and why it gets not work.


  • Sometimes Misto sprayer does not pump. To solve this issue. First, you should need to find the reason behind it.
  • This issue is mostly happening due to its vessels not spraying.to check this issue, you just need to follow the next point.
  • Add some liquid to Misto spray, such as oil.
  • Make sure that the ring of Misto spray is not lost. It should be tightened and covered with a cap.
  • The next step is to pump it at least 10 times.
  • If you feel any fricative sound, then it means it does not give sufficient pressure.
  • You have to carry on pumping it for 30 minutes. If, at that point, you feel any hissing sound, then it shows that the pump is suppressed.
  • Now you can remove the cap of the spray and loosen up its ring
  • At the time, you feel hissing. It indicates that the vessel contains some air.
  • Repeat the whole process.

You can check the nozzle in any spare bowl. Assault the button to check whether it is working. It does not work. Its means that it is blocked by something else.

After resolving the issue, you have to go to clean your mist spray.

How to clean Misto spray

misto sprayer not working 2022

As we discussed earlier that sometimes Misto spray gets out of work due to blockage in its vessel. Besides this issue, it is suggested to clean the spray after every 2 months.

If you maintain its cleanliness well, I hope it will give you great joy in cooking. There are methods of cleaning your Misto spray. Here I will discuss how to clean it with soap and warm water.

It is quite a simple method.to unclog the vessel, you just need to follow the following methods.

Warm water and soap method

In this method, warm water and soap are used to clean the Misto spray. You can use any liquid dish bar rather than using soap. In this process, add warm water and soap to your Misto spray.

Mix it very well by pumping it 10 times. Leave it a few minutes, and then pump out all the mixture.

Make sure that all the mixture is completely wasted from your spray. After this, just add hot water to your spray and spray out it to make it well-clean.



As we know that vinegar has the property that it softens all waste very easily rather than any other thing. So you can use vinegar to clean your Misto spray.

The vinegar softens up the entire residue in the vessel and makes it easy to flow it. To follow this method, you can add around about 1/3 cup of vinegar to your spray.

Leave it for a minute, and then pump it until the entire residue come out of the vessel. Then you can clean it with simple water to flush out the vinegar from the spray.

Here we discuss two types of methods to clean Misto spray. If it cannot work to unclog the vessel, then you should need to check the manual that comes with Misto spray.

There might be another method mentioned in the manual to help you troubleshoot your problem.


Misto sprayer not working. No doubt that Misto spray allows you an enjoy cooking .it is also budget-friendly as it consumes less oil. it does not make any mesh because of its droplet system.

But sometimes, it gets out of work because of vessel blockage. It would not be a big deal if these issues happened after some months.

But if you face any of these hurdles after a little period of its buying, then you should call its services to tell them about your problem, or you can go to another option to buy a new Misto spray.

Besides this, it is suggested to clean your spray after every 2 months. I expect that this article will prove to be helpful for you to troubleshoot Misto spray problems.

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