Furnace blower motor replacement

Furnace blower motor replacement. This article includes the reasons causing the furnace blower motor stop working and important steps involved in the replacement of the blower motor. You should either replace or repair your burner in case you observe any of the following signs.

Furnace blower motor replacementfurnace blower motor replacement 2021

You have to keep the following things in your account while installing the new blower motor.

  • Make sure that you have the correct blower motor compatible with your system.
  • You must know which type of drive your furnace is using.
  • You should keep the correct size of your motor in your account and its direction of rotation.
  • Make sure to use the right side of the capacitor, and you have to take care of voltage, speed, and horsepower.
  • Necessary tools

You will need the tools mentioned below to replace the motor safely

  • Hub puller for a furnace.
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screw wrenches
  • Guidelines to replace the blower motor

How to replace the furnace blower motor?

  • Cut off the power supply from the furnace. Make your furnace electricity-free.
  • Carefully take off the panel protecting the blower motor of your furnace.
  • Do not lose the bolts or screws after they are located and removed to detach the blower motor from the frame.
  • Cut the wires of the motor from the main unit.
  • Loosen every screw, either located on the shaft or at the back of the motor, along with the leads of the capacitor.
  • Keep unscrewing the hub puller you have provided so that it fits the motor shaft.
  • Carefully take out the motor from the housing and undo the screws on the blower motor.
  • Now place the new motor in such a way that its rotation and the rotation of the fan are the same.
  • Connect the motor belly band and place the motor on the fan wheel. Then attaches the boults and capacitor leads.
  • Move the new motor along with its housing in the furnace and tighten the bolts to prevent any possible harm.
  • Attach electrical wires and store the power unit once again after the whole process is done.

When the air flowing through vents is poor

This is the first sign you have to pay heed to as soon as you observe the airflow from the vents of the blower has weakened, or has become quite poor.

Sometimes, poor airflow might also occur in fine furnaces, but most probably, there is a chance of malfunctioning in the system.

When there is poor airflow coming from the vents, it indicates that the machine might be facing obstructions to performing its duty fully without any harm.

Any possible leakage or harm in the air vessels or ducts may also cause weak airflow. Furthermore, if there is carelessness regarding taking care of the furnace, it might result in causing overheating, and your furnace will not last long.

Sometimes, the dirt particles get saturated with the moisture present in the air and become an obstruction to strong airflow through vents.

In addition to this, you might face this issue when your system is about to end.

No airflow occurs through ventsno airflow occurs through vents

When you do not feel any air coming out from the furnace upon putting your hands on ducts or vents, it indicates that the motor is completely out of form.

It might get broken in this case, but you will need to replace it with the new one.

Other technical issues might involve blockage of air or a thermostat that has stopped working, or there is an issue with the system controlling fans.

Production of weird sounds when the furnace is turned on

Sometimes, you may hear strange noises upon having turned on the furnace. These noises can be of different kinds depending on their severity levels, respectively.

If the noises are calm and you are not annoyed, you may also call the technician to solve the minor problem, or you can solve it by yourself by removing excess debris from the air duct. But if the furnace produces rattling or squeezing noises, you have to replace the motor.

Bad smell and shutting down

You will detect an annoying smell, like something is being burnt, if your motor needs to be replaced. The system can also produce excess heat, and you will receive high bills.

Moreover, the furnace will automatically shut down. Now, this is a clear sign that you have to change the blower motor at every cost.

Furnace blower motor replacement

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