Lochinvar boiler troubleshooting

Lochinvar boiler troubleshooting. These are the latest electrical appliances installed in the home to get hot water for washing dishes in the kitchen and other household purposes in winter. It becomes very frustrating if you take a bath in the bathroom and suddenly cold water starts coming.

The latest Lochinvar water boiler models gave a display screen in the unit that shows an error code when it starts malfunctioning, and any part becomes defective.

Various issues can occur to the Lochinvar boiler, like leaking water, leaking valves, foul-smelling water, the unit does not modulate, a bad main control board, etc.

First of all, it is suggested that you fix your defective Lochinvar water boiler by yourself if you have some skills. If there is a significant issue, then contact a skillful professional to repair the boiler properly.

Lochinvar boiler troubleshooting

When you use any electrical appliance, then if you are planning to use it for a long time, proper maintenance and care must be your priority.

If you are facing different issues with the water heater, like it is not boiling water, a faulty thermostat, leaking water, etc., then without any delay, read the following troubleshooting tips related to the Lochinvar boiler.

Water boiler is not turning on

water boiler is not turning on

If your water heater is not turning on, then, first of all, check if it is properly plugged in or not because if your water boiler works on electricity, then it’s important to tightly plug in the socket to begin the current flow in the wire to the heater.

Check the signs of damage on the power cord because if you are using old and damaged wire, then the water boiler will not turn on.

If there is no issue with the cord, plug in the power cable in another outlet to ensure whether the socket is malfunctioning or the issue is somewhere else.

If the water boiler starts boiling water after plugging in the other socket, then it means your previous socket is defective, and you need to repair it.

Do not insert the cord into the extension board because it is unsuitable; always insert the water heater in the working wall outlet.

The water heater does not turn on when the circuit breaker is tripped, or the fuse is blown away, so open the main circuit box in the garage and check the circuit breaker box.

If the circuit breaker is tripped away, then change its position from OFF to ON to turn on the water boiler. It is suggested to you that if the water boiler is turned on to warm the water, then switch off other appliances to decrease the electric load in the circuit.

If you keep turning on the water boiler and other electrical appliances, the circuit breaker will keep tripping away.

No display

Modern electrical appliances have a display screen on the unit to indicate to the user different problems. It helps the user diagnose the problem immediately without any time wastage.

If the display screen becomes faulty, then it is a severe issue because you can not check what’s going on with the water boiler.

If the display screen or display board becomes faulty, then hire a professional to replace the defective circuit board with a new display screen to check the different settings and error codes on display.

Appliance does not regulate

appliance does not regulate

If the water boiler is not regulating or modulating, then turn off the water boiler and check all the wire connections at the flue sensor.

If you don’t know a little bit about electrical wires, then don’t touch them without safety measures because you can feel an electric shock which can be very dangerous, so hire an electrician and explain the situation to fix the issue.

Leaking water

It is harrowing to see your water boiler leaking water. It not only makes the pool on the floor, but it also increases the monthly bill at the end of the month.

The water begins to leak from the water heater due to many causes like loose water pipe connections, improper sealing, defective valves, and leakage in water pipelines and appliances.

So, switch off the water supply and take a wrench to tighten all the pipe connections and valves. If you see any leakage in the pipe due to corrosion or working out, then hire a plumber to fix leaks in broken pipes.

Pilot not lightning

If the water boiler pilot doesn’t light, then inspect whether the gas knob is placed accurately and go after proper lighting—Sitch on the main gas valve. Change the thermocouple and pilot assembly.

Water not filling in the boiler

If you check the water is not filling in the Lochinvar boiling heater, then don’t get panic and check the water level in the main tank usually placed on the roof.

If the water tank is full, then check the leakage in the pipeline.

If your home is too old, then indeed, the copper pipelines installed in the wall will be damaged due to rusting and sediments present in the underground water.

There are some areas in which minerals are found in the water, which are gathered in the water pipes to stop the water flow.

Pungent water smell

pungent water smell

If you feel the coming from the hot faucet is smelly and pungent, then it happens due to When the smell of minerals in the water.

To permanently remove the water from the water boiler and drain the heater completely before refilling.

If you do not clean your water boiler after one month, then different parasites like bacteria are gathered in the heater and polite it.

So keep cleaning our water boiler with baking soda or whiter vinegar to remove the smell of water.


The article concludes that if you have installed a Lochinvar water boiler to heat the water in winter, then always try to keep its proper maintenance.

Read the user guide manual provided by the manufacturer to get proper assistance. I am sure this article will help you troubleshoot various problems regarding the Lochinvar water boiler.

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