Hot water boiler pressure too high

Hot water boiler pressure too high. If there is high pressure in the heating structure, then the main cause behind it is overfilling of water. It is important to shut off the valve after filling water in the boiler.

If the valve opens for too much time, then water will continuously loop on the boiling system, and hence the pressure will increase. If the boiler pressure goes high, then it will start leaking.

Boiler pressure basically means the stability level of air and water in your heating system. The ideal boiler pressure should be 1.5bar at the range of between 1-2 bar.

If the pressure gauge reaches up to 4 or 5, then it is too high pressure, and it is due to various reasons like maybe the gauge is faulty, or the pressure release valve is stuck, due to which the boiler is malfunctioning.

In this case, it is better to concern with the company if you have the warranty card for the hot water boiler. But if you do not have the warranty card, then concern the expert about the problem of too low pressure or very high pressure.

Hot water boiler pressure too high

hot water boiler pressure too high

In some of the modern models of geysers, there is a function of lockout for safety measures if the water pressure goes too high or very low.

If something goes wrong, then the mistake message is shown on the display of the geyser to tell you why the boiler is malfunctioning and not working accurately.

Continue to read my research on the reasons for hot water boiler pressure is very high.

The water level is high

If the water level is high in the geyser, then definitely its pressure will also increase. Mostly it happens when you add too much water to the tank.

The main question is, how do you know that the water level is high in the tank? The simple answer is that if it starts leaking or dripping water from the boiler, then it is a sign of a high water level.

If you see leaking water, then, first of all, shut off the boiler and then check the level of water inside the tank. You can also check it from the gauge on the LCD.

If the water level is high, then close the water supply to the boiler, and if it is on for a long time, then also switch it because it can damage its heating element or another plumbing issue can also occur to it.

The boiler is very old

the boiler is very old

This issue of high pressure generally does not happen to new water tanks, but if your boiler is very old like its age is more than 10 years, then it can cause such issues.

Due to usage for a long time, its gauge can be damaged or have some other wear and tear to it.

You can take it to the plumber for maintenance, but it is better to replace it because it is very painful if it starts creating problems after some days again.

Boiler parts are malfunctioning

If any part of the hot water tank like the pressure release faucet or dripper valve, can be damaged or jammed, it increases boiler pressure very high.

It is suggested to you check your water tank with a professional plumber who will inspect it with a close look and find the guilty parts which are creating the problem.

It is necessary to clean your boiler regularly, and there should be no layer of dust and dirt on the inside f the tank and also outside of the tank. Dust and dirt are the main reasons behind damaging the components.

Error codes for hot water geyser

In the newest models of the boilers, an error code is also displayed on the display to tell you the issue occurring to the water tank. So before inspecting the gauge, you can also confirm the issue from the error code.

If you check the error code on the display related to the high pressure then you can check it with the plumber.

What occurs if the boiler pressure is very high

The normal range of the pressure on the gauge bar is 1.5 bar in the range between 1-2 bar. But if it increases to 3 or 4 bar, then the water tank will auto-switch off itself to control the pressure.


The bottom line of the article is that if you see the boiler is leaking then mostly it happens due to the high pressure of hot water in the boiler.

Check it on the gauge bar if it is at 4 bar then you should check the boiler with a professional plumber to fix the issue.

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