Life360 is not updating location for one person

Life360 is not updating location for one person. Life360 is the latest location-sharing app to find your family members’ exact location.

This app is famous for those whose family members are going on long journeys and dangerous conditions because they keep an eye on their dear ones.

You can only install this app on android phones by downloading it from the google play store and getting updates about the location of anybody in contact with you.

If you have an accident in a car or are in a strange place, you can share your location with the ambulance and family members to take help.

However, if your life360 app is not updating the location for one person’s location, there are several reasons behind this problem.

First, you need to check the connection because this app work on internet signals, and if there is an issue with the network, you can not get the updated location of the required person.

If there is no issue with the connection and you are still not getting the person’s current location, open your cell settings app and check the settings because you have turned it off from there.

Keep reading the article to get common reasons about why your life360 is not updating the location sharing of one person.

Life360 is not updating location for one person

Life360 app is a cell phone app that tells the person’s real-time location. You can easily track the location of someone and share your location.

It was not possible in old times, but now you can rest assured of knowing the location of your loved ones and friends.

However, sometimes this app creates issues and does not update the location means you are out of the home and still shows the next person that you are still sitting in the home.

There are a lot of issues that can occur in this situation, so try to Refresh the map and restart the phone.

Sometimes airplane and low power modes are switched on, and you don’t know this.

Check the wi-fi internet connection, mobile data, phone settings, stop background app ghost mode, wrong GPS location app, and users have uninstalled the life360 app.

Therefore, I am writing this article after a lot of internet research to help you with all the common reasons for this issue.

Life360 circle colors meaning

Refresh the map

refresh the map

Sometimes, people forget the essential tips and get frustrated about why their android phone is not updating the map.

Refresh the map on this app to update the location. It is not a difficult task to refresh the map on the phone.

When you see the bottom of the phone screen, two icons appear, refresh and recenter.

First, tap the refresh user’s icon on the bottom of the cell phone and then tap the recenter icon from the upper left corner; this activity will refresh the map on the app, and you can update the location.

Restart the phone

restart the phone

If the app is not updating the current friend’s location, the simple solution is to restart the phone and switch on the location data.

The phone sometimes does not catch the GPS data, so restart the mobile device for data usage.

If you are a phone user, I don’t need to tell you, but I am still explaining that press the power button for 3 seconds to auto restart the phone.

You can also use another option that opens the back cover of the phone and remove the battery if your phone has a removable battery.

Airplane mode

airplane mode

Occasions happen when you accidentally touch the airplane mode on the phone screen, due to which network turns off.

When this flight mode is turned on the device, you can not contact anybody and also can not update the location.

Therefore, the airplane mode is switched on if your phone is not updating the location check. Press the icon to switch off the mode if it is turned on.

Low power mode

low power mode

When planning to go outside the home for a long trip, your priority must be to charge the mobile device fully and check the remaining internet on the phone network.

If you are on a long trip, keep your mobile charger with you and do not connect the mobile hot spot with more than one device because it will decrease the battery on the device, and you can not use the location service app on the low power mode.

Wifi internet connection

wifi internet connection

Wifi connection is the first thing to have on an android phone if you want to use the app.

You can not get or share the location if you do not have internet signals or weak signals.

So, if you are not getting the location sharing of your loved one, place the router at that place in the home where you can quickly get the wifi signals.

If you are outside the home and cannot share the location, change your place by moving backward and forward to get signal access for updating the location.

Mobile data

mobile data

Suppose you are not using a wifi internet connection to use the app and use phone data for location sharing outside the home.

In that case, it’s essential to check the remaining data on the network and switch off the background app.

Most TikTok users have the habit of using the app continuously, and they waste all cellular data on the Tiktok app, so it’s essential to keep an eye on your remaining cellular internet to update your location.

Maybe you have no GPS data, so you cannot use the life360 app. In such a case, you need to recharge the phone data on the mobile phone number.

Suppose you are in a strange place and have no option to recharge the data network. You can connect a mobile hotspot from someone to inform your location to your family member to help you out.

Phone settings

phone settings

Turning on the location sharing settings from the android cell settings is important because sometimes you switch off the extra apps due to low charging on the mobile.

Location sharing apps and other apps are switched off due to power-saving mode.

So, in that case, you need to recharge your android cell phone, turn on the location settings sharing app from settings, and update your location manually.

If you are using an android phone, you must turn on the location from the phone permission settings. If the location services are off, you can not update yourself from other locations.

Stop background app refresh

At times some apps are auto-downloaded on the phone that insist on saving the safety features of the mobile, like saving the battery and improving the security of phones.

These third-party apps are usually downloaded on a wifi connection and turn off the other apps to save the battery, so open the phone settings and reset the task manager settings not to download the unknown apps.

Ghost mode

ghost mode

Ghost mode is famous among teens because they want to cheat their parents by turning on the ghost mode on the phone.

Therefore, if you are careful, parents, keep on checking your son’s phone settings to see whether he is in your circle member but still is cheating you or not by turning on the ghost mode on the life360 app.

When this app was in the newest feature’s development stages, it was named ghost mode because you can cheat the other circle members in the group.

This mode helps the user to switch off the wifi or phone network for the life360 app so that no one in your circle can find your place’s exact, updated location.

You can easily use other apps like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp by connecting the phone with wifi, but no one in the circle members group can find your place.

Fake GPS location app

fake gps location app

You can easily change the location setting on the life360 app. Open the fake GPS location services app optimization mode and negotiate the desired location.

Now, press the green play button, and your phone will show the location where you have negotiated on the map.

Users have uninstalled the life360 app

If you fail to find the current place of one person in the circle, there are also chances that that person has uninstalled the life360 app on their mobile.

You can not do anything in such a scenario because you cannot get his location updates when there is no app on either person’s mobile.

Ask that person to download this app again so you can quickly contact that person after getting his present location.

It is not difficult to download the app; you need the internet, open the play store, search for the life360 app, and download it.

After downloading the app, make an account on the app but make sure that you can only make one account on one app.

Not logged in

not logged in

Another reason behind this problem is that you must login to the app to get an updated location.

Both the member logged in to the app so that you can keep an eye on their loved ones’ and friends’ location and inform them about your present location updates

If you are facing difficulty getting updates on your daughter’s locations, don’t get frustrated because she may not have logged in to the app currently.

Call her on her phone and ask her to log in to the app so that you can check her current place and help her if she is in a not dangerous situation.

Same account

Keep in mind one point; you can use one account on only one device.

If you try to open one account from various phones, you can not get the location updates of one person.

Open the app frequently

open the app frequently

Ensure to open the life360 app at least once daily to keep in contact with others.

If you do not open the app for more than three days, you might not get the updated location of one person.

Latest version of software

It’s crucial to manually update the latest version of the software because android devices keep updating the different features and functions for safety features.

It is not rocket science to update the software because you need a wifi connection or mobile data and then open the play store and update the app.

You can also update the latest version by connecting the phone with someone’s phone hotspot.


The final words on this article are that if you have an issue with the life360 not updating location for one person, then check these point

All possible causes behind this problem are described in detail for you, so take care of these points and follow these steps one by one to find the primary issue of why you cannot get updates about another person’s present location.

It is not a major problem for you to get help from the service center; I am sure my research will help you fix your issue without getting help from someone.