Lasko heater won’t turn on

Lasko heater won’t turn on. Lasko space heaters are modern electrical appliances to get warm the room in cold areas. People prefer these heaters because they are easy to portable and use. You can easily transfer them from one room to another room in the home.

If your Lasko space heater is not turning on, the heater’s ceramic element is first checked because the unit won’t turn on if worn out.

There are also many other causes of the Lasko heater due to malfunctioning, like the heater not being plugged in tightly, faulty wall outlet, the circuit breaker tripped, and wrong temperature settings.

Read this article to learn various troubleshooting tips about the Lasko heater not switching on; follow these steps one by one to switch on the Lako space heater.

Lasko heater won’t turn on

It’s important to use your Lasko space heater properly because it will not switch on because the unit is not inserted in the outlet tightly, a defective wall socket, a tripped circuit breaker, overheating, a dirty heater, etc.

Many reasons can stop the Lasko heater from turning, so don’t stop reading this article because here I will explain each reason in detail to help you.

Appliance not plugged in

appliance not plugged in

The Lasko heaters are the best appliances to survive in cold weather if you live in a cold area. But, it is very frustrating to see the heater not switching on when you come home from outside.

When you turn on the heater to warm the room, ensure the power cable is plugged in the power socket tightly because some people mistake that they do not plug in the cord tightly and complain about the heater not working.

Do not ask your children to plug in the power outlet’s power cable because it is dangerous to children, and possible that they can not plug in tightly.

Power outlet is faulty

power outlet is faulty

Always insert the power cord into the working outlet. Sometimes, you don’t know the wall outlet is malfunctioning, and there is no current in it to switch on the Lasko heater.

If your heater is not working in one outlet, then plug in some other electrical appliance like a mobile charger to confirm the issue that whether the problem lies in the wall outlet or there is an issue with the heater.

If the wall outlet does not charge the mobile also, it is conformed now there is no problem in the heater so change the heater space in the room and plug in some other outlet in the room and fix your problem.

Check the power cable

check the power cable

Do not plug in the heater power cable in an extension board; always keep it straight because if the cable is bent or damaged from any place, it will not allow the electric current to pass from the power source to the heater.

So, check the space heater power cable; if it is twisted or bent from somewhere then straight to check the heater turn or not.

If the Lasko heater is not turned on, then replace the defective power cord with a new high-quality cable to turn on the heater.

Tripped circuit breaker

tripped circuit breaker

If there is no issue with the above things, check the circuit breaker in the main circuit box, usually installed in the house garage or basement.

Sometimes, the circuit breaker tripped due to an overload of electric appliances in the home.

It is advised to you to don’t run all the appliances in the home at a time because when you turn on all appliances like a water heater, refrigerator, television, power lights, and space heater at a time, then it increases the electric load in the circuit due to which circuit breaker is tripped to save from hazard.

Open the main circuit box and check the breaker position; if it is OFF, it means the circuit breaker is tripped.

Change its position from OFF to ON to get back the current in the power source. The space heater will surely turn on ow if it is not turning on due for this reason.

Blown fuse

blown fuse

When you check the tripped circuit breaker, check the device fuse because if it is blown away, it is the culprit behind the lasko space heater not turning on.

Wrong temperature settings

A thermostat device is installed in the modern lasko heaters to regulate the room temperature. If the thermostat device tells the same temperature in the room, then the space heater will not switch in.

The heater will not turn on if the thermostat device displays the same room temperature. You need to set the room temperature at a point; otherwise, it will keep warming the room, and it will become difficult for you to sit in the room.

You have two options in this situation, increase the temperature preset of the heater to start the space heater. The other option is to decrease the room temperature by opening the door and vents to switch in the heater again.

Once the room cools down then the heater, you can start the heater to warm yourself and your room. So, always keep an eye on the Lasco heater temperature settings.


It does not matter if you are living in a cold area turning on the heater for a long time is bad because it increases the load in the circuit.

When you switch it on, the Lasko ceramic heaters for day and night will overheat the appliance, which will not turn on again.

  • You need to reset the unit if your lasko heater is turned off due to overheating and not switching on.
  • Pull out the Lasco heater power cord from the socket.
  • Leave it for twenty minutes to cool down completely.
  • It will reset the heater and cool the unit to an average temperature.
  • Plug in the space heater to see if it is turned on, or still, the issue is there, but hopefully, the heater must turn after it cools down.

Clogged filter

clogged filter

An air filter is installed on the back side of the space heater. It’s important to keep cleaning the dirty filter if you use the heater daily in the winter season.

If you don’t want any sudden issues with your heater, keep cleaning the dust and junk from the air filter to make it clean because if the filter becomes dirty, the unit does not turn on.

Follow these steps to clean the heater’s dirty air filter, but turn off the space heaters first before you start cleaning the filter.

Detach the heater back cover and keep the screws in a safe place. Carefully pull out the dirty air filter from the heater.

Clean the dust and junk from the filter using a vacuum cleaner’s brush and a soft sponge. Reinstall the filter in the heater at its original position and mount the back cover screws tightly.

Plug in the cable to a wall socket to check if the Lasco heater turns or if it still won’t turn on because if you have all the dust from the dirty filter, it must turn on now.

The Control panel is not working

The control panel is fixed on the Lasco heater top. If it becomes non-responsive to any order or is damaged, hires a certified professional to replace the broken control panel.


The article’s bottom line is that if your Lasco space heater doesn’t turn on, many factors are responsible for this trouble, so follow the above troubleshooting tips to turn in the heater.

Hopefully, this guide helped you to turn on the heater again to warm the room. Always hire a skillful electrician to check the appliance if you are still having trouble warming the water in the space heater.

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