Insignia tv turns on but screen is black

Insignia tv turns on but screen is black. Insignia tvs are reliable devices for entertainment because you can stream thousands of tv channels and connect to the internet to use social apps on a big screen.

It is important to keep your device up to date because if you do not take care of your insignia tv, like keep it turned on for a long time, then it is overheated, due to which its fuse is blown away, and turns on, but the screen remains black.

A backlight is fixed in the tvs to light up the picture on the screen. If this backlight becomes faulty or burns out, then the tv screen will show black.

A loose cable connection can also turn the tv screen black, so if your tv wires are damaged, then it will show a black screen. Read this article to resolve the black tv screen issue.

Insignia tv turns on, but screen is black

Sometimes it happens with people who turn on their insignia tvs, but it shows a black screen beside the sound coming.

It happens due to many reasons like blown a fuse, loose cable connection, backlight burnt out, frayed wires, etc. If your Insignia tv is showing a black screen, then don’t worry. It happens with many users due to small issues with tvs.

Read this post to know how to resolve this issue and get your TV screen picture.

Unplug your tv

unplug your tv

If you are watching an interesting movie and suddenly its screen turns black and does not display a picture after several attempts, then it’s better to power off your device and unplug its power cord for some hours.

In some cases, the tv displays the picture after unplugging it for some hours.

Change power source

Insignia tvs experience black screen issues when it does not get sufficient electric current from the electric wall outlet. Power supply issues also come when you connect your tv to the power strip.

It’s not a good choice to plug the tv power cable into the power strip because the power strip does not transfer enough current as compared to the wall outlet.

The tv screen will remains black if the sufficient current does not access it from the power source. So always try to insert the insignia tv power cable directly in the wall socket for proper supply of current.

Wrong cable connection

The wrong input source is one of the major reasons for the black tv screens. If you have connected a cable box or any other device with your Insignia tv, then you should connect the audio and video cables to the right port.

If the tv screen is black, but the sound is coming, you may have inserted the video cable in the wrong port, so check all the cables in the ports, and if there is a wrong cable connection, then insert the cable in the right port.

Similarly, a loose cable connection can also stop the tv from displaying pictures. It’s necessary to secure the cables HDMI cables tightly in the ports. If the video cable is loose, then tighten it to get the picture on the tv screen.

Frayed wires

frayed wires

The tv screen also does not display teh picture when video cables are frayed or burnt out. Overheating, twisting, tangling, and power surges can burn the cables.

So check all the cables connected to the device from an external source like a cable box or DVD, then check cables and if any wire is damaged or broken, then purchase a new cable to connect the external device to your tv.

Insignia tv won’t turn on

Another source

The tv screen also goes black when you use a different source. If you connect the media device to HDMI 1 port and try to use HDMI 2, then it will not show a picture.

Similarly, if you have connected a USB device to your device, then you have to open the USB source in the Insignia tv using the remote control. If you want to watch the USB media, then you need to play the media from the right source.

Out-of-date software

Out-of-date software is also another main cause of the Insignia tv showing a black screen or no picture. If you want your tv functions properly, then it’s important to update your insignia tv software regularly.

In this situation, when the tv is not displaying any picture and the screen is already black, then you can not update your tv software through the tv menu settings.

You have teh option to hard reset the tv because it will bring the tv to the default settings.

Locate the reset button on the back side of your tv and long-press it for a few seconds. If the tv is successfully hard to reset and updated your tv software, then the tv screen will surely display the picture.

Backlight issue

The backlight is fixed in the tv to display the picture on the screen. If this backlight is burnt out due to overheating or a power surge, then the tv will not be able to display the picture.

You can not change the backlight in the Insignia tv until you are a skillful professional to replace the backlight in your tv because replacing any faulty component inside the tv is a tough ask to do, and you can only do it when you are an expert and professional.

Contact the professional

contact the professional

If the insignia tv screen is still black and not displaying pictures after applying the above tips, then it may be a hardware failure inside the tv.

It might be a power board, capacitor, backlight, or any other damaged component that stops the picture from displaying on the screen.

If any hardware problem occurs with the tv, then the best option is to contact the local professional or tv repair shop to repair the tv.


The last thoughts on this guide are if the insignia tv is not displaying a picture, then unplug it for some hours to check if it brings the picture or not.

Check cable connections in the ports, and if you locate any frayed cable, immediately replace it with a new cable.

Check the input source because the wrong input source also shows a black tv screen. Your last option if there is a hardware issue then contact a skillful professional.