How to weigh something without a scale

How to weigh something without a scale. This article will provide you with all-purpose information on how you can weigh something without a scale.

In this article, you will know the general methods for weighing materials accurately, even if you do not have a weighing scale.

Your weighing scale is out of order? Do you believe in the second opinion? To make rough weight measurements, you can use household methods for weighing as the best replacement for a professional digital scale.

Following are the common steps to follow if you

How to weigh something without a scale

Step 1

You can use some items from your house that are in your knowledge regarding weight.

You can weigh them by having them in your hands, or you can say that they are hand weights. It will be better if you have packed snacks and dry food ingredients at your home.

Because these packets come with printed weight measurements, if you have water gallons at home, you can use them for measuring too.

For example, if you have a water container, then it is understood that a gallon weighs about 8.35 pounds.

Step 2

You can create a swivel for the plank. It is used by sitting upon. You can use anything round, like a bottle. It is important to have a sturdy so it can bear the weight of the plank.

Step 3

Go to your kitchen. Take 2 same-sized pie tins or two same plastic bottles. Cut the top of the bottles.

Now, place the pan on the end of the plank and the other on the other end. Make sure it does not move.

Step 4

For balancing, attach the pans to the fulcrum. Make sure that it should be in a flying position means it should be above the floor.

Step 5

Now, your plank is ready. Take the object you want to weigh and place it on one measuring pan.

Make sure that plank does not get slide with a fulcrum. The placed object will sink to the ground, getting your result.

Step 6

Now, on the second side of the plank, place the object whose weight you know. Gain equilibrium, and you will know the weight of your object.

How to weigh something without a scale but through the volume?

You can find the weight of your object if you know its volume of it. By using the formula, Mass equals density times volume.

But the important point is that you are required to know the density of the object.

For example, we can say that if the object is milk and its density is 1 gram per cubic centimeter.

So it is clear that for 1000 cc of milk, the weight will be 1000 grams. Following is presented a list of the density of some common items, have a look at it.

Iron = 7.4 to 7.7

Glass = 2.4 to 2.8

Ice = 0.9

Gold = 19.32

Sea-water = 1.03

Mercury = 13.543

Petrol = 0.85

Water = 1.0

Steel = 7.9

By and large, you can easily weigh something without a scale even when you do not have a measuring or weighing scale; you can make your plank.

There is no rocket science in its construction. Just do follow the steps and enjoy DIY like a pro.

How to weigh food without a scale?

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