Best grill covers consumer reports

Best grill covers consumer reports. As any true griller knows, a grill takes a good amount of maintenance to keep it clean and working its best every time you light it. Grills come in all different shapes and sizes but they still need to be cleaned after every use, especially wood built or natural gas ones.

This can be done simply by washing down the grates with warm water and soap followed by an inspection to see if any additional cleaning may be needed.

Some of the best grill covers are made with polyester and vinyl. These materials will not carry any harmful pollutants that can be found in animals, plants, and water, which will prevent your grill from getting rusty or becoming infested by harmful bugs.

Grill covers also protect your grill when it rains or when the sun is out highly. The majority of the grill covers in our large selection are given 4.5-star ratings or higher, while some are rated 5 stars.

Some are designed for specific grill styles or sizes, but many colors and price points will be available to choose from depending on your budget.

7 Best grill covers consumer reports

1. Veranda Grill Cover Best grill covers consumer reports

If you’re shopping for a new grill cover, the Classic Accessories Vinyl Grill Cover might be one of the best options on Amazon. With over 3,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 grill covers consumer reports

It’s one of the most popular grill covers on Amazon with several smart features to make sure the cover is both durable and functional.

The classic accessories veranda grill Cover comes in eight different sizes that are designed to fit nearly any brand or model of outdoor grills with dimensions between 38x22x44 inches (the smallest size) and 80x26x51 inches (the largest).

Customers also love how easy it is to not only install but also remove this grill cover if necessary. It goes back on just as easily as it goes off.

Padded handles on both sides will ensure it’s easy to take off when it’s time to get dinner cooking. Also, while your grill is cooling after the meal, you have the option of storing it in a storage bag that keeps pesky dust or dirt off your appliance until you’re ready to fire up the coals again. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Material feels pretty strong
  • Quite easy to put on
  • Thick material
  • High density stitching


  • Light color showed dirt

2. Char-Broil The Big Easy Turkey

The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer Custom Cover is designed for use with The Big Easy Oil Less Turkey grill cover 2020

The cover brings long-lasting protection from Boston’s occasional downpours, New York’s aggravated snow storms, and Florida’s unbearable summer heat waves.

Made especially for the Modified Large Big Easy Oil-less Fryer, this Bright Red cover will fit around your big easy perfectly.

Constructed Out of heavy duty PVC, this specialty cover will defend against nature’s weather elements – not just rain & snow but also spiders, pests & other things that might infiltrate barbecues and cause fires.

Tough on the outside, this fryer has a brushed knit lining to protect its innards from damage. A built-in vent on top prevents any steam or hot air from escaping through it and allows for condensation to slide off the covers’ smooth surface when it gets too cold.

An easy grip handle placed on top makes your french fryer easy to remove and slide into place! Don’t worry if you need to clean it: just wipe down and you’re golden. Check Price on eBay.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Keep the dust off
  • Highly recommend Grill cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover


  • None

3. Weber Spirit II 300 Series Best grill cover for weber

This is one of Weber’s most popular gas grills on the market, and this cover is made for the Weber’s 300 series grills along with 200 series grills that have side-mount control waterproof grill cover

It might be pricey, but it buys you an assured customized fit – plus 95% of reviewers give it at least four out of five stars.

This high-quality BBQ cover is waterproof and has a super-strong yet lightweight design.

Made from a special synthetic polymer, it is resistant to stretching, tearing, or blistering even in cold conditions which means it will last for a long time.

The heavy duty straps ensure a secure fit and there are eyelets on both sides of the patio bbq cover that allow you to tie down the cover in windy conditions.

The weber genesis cover is compatible with all types of weber grills barbecues including gas grills, charcoal grills, and smokers. Best grill covers consumer reports. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Heavy duty grill Cover
  • Worth the money
  • Keeps the grill clean
  • Rip resistant


  • None

4. Grillman premium bbq grill Cover

Grillman is a popular outdoor grill cover brand. They have an extremely high customer satisfaction rate and can be found on almost any patio furniture site.grillman premium (58 inch) bbq grill cover

Their grill covers come in six different sizes so there’s definitely one that will fit your outdoor arm candy. This cover provides ample and comfortable protection for your grill during harsh weather.

While offering peace of mind that it won’t get damaged or ruined by rain or extreme winds.

They made the materials of polyester with a waterproof lining to ensure protection against anything Mother Nature tries to throw at it such as rain or snow.

So no matter what time of year the grill is being used.

It’ll always look brand new with minimal effort. These accessories aren’t just limited to securing your grill and they’re also great for use of fruits and veggies indoors too.Check Price os eBay.


  • Fit of the cover is great
  • Well holding
  • ALL Weather Resistant
  • Adjustable side straps


  • lifetime warranty complains

5. Char-Broil 2 Burner Best waterproof grill cover

Protect your investment with the char broil grill Grill Cover. This cover is designed to protect your grill from sun damage, extend its life and maintain its appearance over time.char broil 2 burner medium basic grill cover

The 14 Mil vinyl prevents fading, extends the life of your grill, and protects against mildew. Its self-sealing seams help it remain water-resistant.

It fits all Char Broil 2 burner grills, medium charcoal grills, and smokers up to 52 inches wide. The same material as a tent and able to withstand the same elements, we guarantee this cover for about two years.

The drawstring comes with is too thick to be called thread and too thin to be a cord. It’s basically just twine that keeps loosening up.

Even during a 40 mph windstorm the cover now lives at the top of an oak tree half a mile away. Best waterproof grill cover. This grill cover fits several of the most popular outdoor grill brands.


  • Cheap Budget friendly
  • Adjustable straps
  • Water resistant material
  • Perfect grill cover


  • Moderate use of gill

6. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

If you’re looking for a grill cover that really stands the test of time, you’re in luck. We found this heavy-duty grill cover from Unicook with an almost perfect rating which is why we recommend it so highly.heavy duty waterproof barbecue gas grill cover

Hundreds of customers love the brand and say that the products they offer are durable and well-made.

You can guarantee your new cover will be equally protective and long-lasting because of its fade-resistant material and a waterproof vinyl layer on the back.

This cover fits grills with at least three or four burners (ranging from 47 to 53 inches in width), but the brand also makes similar covers in other sizes; please refer to their website for further details.

The uv coating grill cover also has mesh vents on the sides for airflow, but it’s designed to be durable which means water leakage isn’t likely to happen through these sides of your grill either.

Durable fabric handles at two sides for easy fitting and removal effortlessly in seconds. Handles can also be used for hanging and storage.

Heavy-duty 1.5″ wide fastening straps keep the cover securely fastened and prevent the cover from slipping or blowing off in high winds.


  • Covered Air Vents
  • Fade resistant fabric
  • Waterproof  universal grill cover
  • Covered Air Vents
  • Cold cracking


  • Not very thick material

7. Traeger Grills BAC503 Pro 575/22 Best heavy duty grill covers

Traeger’s pellet grill/smoker combos feature a protruding hopper box and chimney, meaning they demand special covers for the perfect grill covers for gas grills

Form-fitted full-length options are compatible with Traeger’s popular Texas and Pro 34 grill models, meaning you can expect top-notch protection for harsh natural elements like rain, sun, or snow.

This new wood pellet grill cover will protect your grill from sun and rain damage, making it easy for you to store your grill over the winter or just during the off-season.

It will also allow you to protect your grill equipment from outside elements such as dirt and dust on a daily basis.

This way, not only does it make preparing meals easier on you but it also helps strengthen the longevity of your grilling gear and prevent potential damage due to wear and tear or rust.


  • Avoid Water Damage
  • Premium Quality
  • Looks nice
  • Full length grill cover


  • None

Buying Guide (Best grill covers consumer reports)

Most grill covers are made either of polyester (such as the 600 denier polyester) with waterproof PVC lining, or cotton canvas with waterproof vinyl lining.

Velcro straps and drawstrings are typical for securing them over the grill. The majority have rain gutters to protect against precipitation or snow accumulation, as well as handles so they can be easily removed from the grill.

A range of brands offers custom fit options for a perfect fit using a special measuring process required by these manufacturers who want to ensure that there’s no light leakage from their BBQ grills because of anything that isn’t properly fitted.

To keep your stainless steel grill protected, use an oil scraper. If there is any persistent caked-on food residue you need to remove, consider using a specialized grill cleaner.

Get a grill brush that’s easy to use with tongs just right for adding and removing foods from the grill. After in-depth research and reading grill covers reviews, we list down some of the best grill covers.


Sizing is very important when it comes to picking out a cover. You want your cover to fit snugly on the trailer, but not enough that you have to physically stretch it too much in order for it to get on.

If the cover is difficult to remove or if it doesn’t fit snug enough, then there’s a chance you could get stuck without the right protection if a storm suddenly kicks up. We also don’t want customers damaging any side shelves by mistake while trying to put on their cover.


High-quality grills covers for further protection so it doesn’t get damaged or blown away in any strong winds. Keep in mind depending on the quality of the material used in producing your grill cover, how much it’s likely to cost.

Most covers are made from polyester – but there are varying thicknesses. The measure of numbers most commonly used is Denier which can be seen as the letter ‘D’. A grill cover protects the grill from intense heat and cold.

The higher the number before the D denotes how thick this material is. We suggest at least 600 deniers for your cover. The air circulation around your tent can also help keep it from blowing away during windstorms


Depending on what type of grill you have, you can get a new grill cover for anywhere from $10 to upwards of $100. This price should be influenced by the area and climate your grill is subjected to as well as the quality of your grill.

If your grill is an investment, it’s best to also invest in the cover to prolong the life of your beloved grill. If all you need is something simple and affordable to keep your outdoor kitchen protected, you can find what you need at a great price.

UV Features

When shopping for grill covers, make sure you understand whether the materials are UV protected. If your grill is left in a shaded area.

It’s able to stay partially covered by trees or a porch overhang, this isn’t as much of an issue as if it were to be placed in an area that is directly exposed to the sun.

Certain grill covers even offer treatments with UV resistant coatings that will lengthen their lifetime and quality of use.

Preventative covers also reduce instances of shading and discoloration on the cover itself which helps the cover last longer and perform at its peak without fading out of its color prematurely.

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