How to store comforters without a closet

How to store comforters without a closet. Winters are gone. and all of you might be in a chaotic situation where you have no idea where to store all your blankets and your comforters.

And I’m sure most of you don’t have large linen storing closets or specified places where you can store your comforters and duvets or other blankets.

So, that’s when you use some of your innovative brains and get it all worked up cause you got to store your heirloom blankets and comforters, don’t you?

I’ve managed to get out a list of ways you can get your blankets safely stored and organized properly.

How to store comforters without a closet

how to store comforters without a closet

First off, wash them

Above everything, we have to take care of hygiene first. Washing your comforters and cleaning them properly should be your first and foremost priority.

You don’t wanna sniff your comforters when the next winter comes and find out a distinctively odd smell, yuk! Wash or get them dry-cleaned.

Another piece of advice, sprinkle some of your favorite fragrances on them before packing. You can thank me later.

For bugs, considering the fact that mothballs are a potential source of solving this problem is wrong; they give out a highly unpleasant odor. You can use cedar-lined chests or cedar strips instead. That should do the work.

Say no to attics and garages

Hey, you must have been keeping your comforters and blankets in your attics, stores, and garages. These places are sort of damp and moist, and storing your linen and comforters in these places will most likely cause them to catch mold.

Place them in places where you think the humidity level is low or if you wanna, place them in a store. Just fix a dehumidifier that will help to maintain a low humidity level and keep the moisture away.

Potential ways Of storing

Although it’s a huge bonus if you have a separate closet or a dedicated space for your linen and comforters, not having one isn’t a big deal.

I have collected some of the most amazing ideas where you can store your comforters easily, and organizing them without a closet won’t be a problem for you.

  • Get that dust off your racks

We all have that shelf in our houses that is sitting there uselessly, wanting to be dusted off. It’s time to get that shelf out and utilized in the way it should be.

Place your comforters and linen on these kinds of racks or shelves in a presentable way with the addition of small knick-knacks placed alongside.

  • Be innovative

how to store comforters without a closet 2022

Like me, you can also use some of the innovative ideas. I’m giving my example because I really admire good interior design ideas which also come up with great storage and spacing techniques.

Some of the brilliant ideas I came up with are, making shelves in your room beside your wardrobe, getting wood carved into decorative storage boxes, and putting your comforters or duvets in them.

You can place the boxes and embellish them with beautiful pots and plants

  • Save space with a storage case

Placing your comforters, duvets, or blankets in canvas storage cases is also an ingenious idea. These bags are easily affordable and can occupy less space.

Saving your comforters, bedsheets, or linen in these storage cases can help to keep them dust free and protected till next winter. They come up with a zipper that is easy to operate.

Easily available in the markets, storage boxes are another spot where they can be safely stored, and these baskets also aren’t difficult to place. They can be placed in your laundry, your wardrobes, your rooms, or even next to your couch.

  • Vacuum storage

A plastic bag can also be used to put all your comforters or sheets and vacuum them to avoid any moisture or dust particles.

After being vacuumed, these bags are constricted and can be placed nicely and neatly on shelves over your doors or above the cabinets and on your tables placed under televisions.

Vacuum bags are air-tight, so they won’t let any air pass through your protected comforters.

  • Share your wardrobes

share your wardrobes

Your wardrobes are also a place where you keep the stuff you cannot display in your house.

Dedicating a small area to store your comforters or pillows can be considered, you know? A small shelf or placing baskets with comforters under the shelves.

  • Hidden under your bed

Under the bed, you go. Placing your comforters, packed in canvas or plastic bags, under your bed is an absolutely marvelous idea.

That might be the most convenient place to hide your things, only “IF” you intend to hide them.

Underneath the bed, it’s quite easy to access the things you need on the bed, so placing these things under the bed will make things quite convenient for you, I’m sure.

  • Show-case them, But with style

Hey! I know a lot of you are annoyed by the idea of finding a space for your comforters and pillows. And you literally are unable to get through this complicated situation.

A decorative ladder in your bedroom alongside your dressing or leaning on your wall, or beside your closet. Place your comforters on this ladder. Beautifully showcased.

  • Secret spacing in ottomans/chests

If you have some ottomans in your house, then what’s the delay? Putting your extra comforters and pillows in your ottomans or bed chests is so in fashion and much of a problem solver.

For your ease, the best way to organize them is to roll them.


How to store comforters without a closet. I say, having a closet to put your comforters away to secure them is not necessary.

With the ideas I have described above, there are several ways to organize, showcase, hide or save your comforters for further use.

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