How to season pampered chef stoneware

How to season pampered chef stoneware. Pampered Chef Stoneware is designed to make baking easy and convenient.

But you don’t want your pizza to get stuck in the pan. Almost every chef-stoneware is non-sticky but in new stoneware, food might get stuck to it.

To avoid a non-stick baking experience, you have to season the stoneware first.

This seasoning will help in easy sliding a pizza out of the pan. This article will explain how to season Pampered Chef stoneware and have easy baking.

What is seasoning?

Seasoning means putting some coat on the stoneware so products do not stick to it.

After its frequent use with baking fatty foods, stoneware might get covered with a non-sticky and dark layer which is also known as seasoning.

A statement is frequently used for stoneware as “darker it looks, better it cooks”.

This seasoning can be done intentionally by following some easy steps or it can be done as a byproduct of baking. Both are very important to have an easy cooking experience.

How to season pampered chef stoneware
how to season pampered chef stoneware

To season the Pampered Chef stoneware, first, wash the stoneware with warm water.

To clean the stoneware try to use a scrub or sponge without soap as soap is not good for the material.

Once this stoneware is washed dry it with a towel. Now set the oven temperature to 400 F degrees.

Then add some vegetable oil to the stoneware. You can add avocado or olive oil for seasoning.

Stoneware in the preheated oven

Put this stoneware in the preheated oven. After about 20 to 30 minutes, take the stoneware out of the oven, with the help of oven mitts.

Put the stoneware on the sturdy surface for about 2 hours, until it gets to room temperature completely.

Stoneware will absorb some oil during this time. Now remove the excessive oil from the pan and put that in a bowl for future use. Take a paper towel and tap it into the stoneware.

Now your chef stoneware is ready to be used for baking your cakes and pizzas. It will stay seasoned for the next two to three uses.

When you will bake some products, it might also release byproduct grease which will also keep it seasoned for the next use. After two to three uses you will have to season the stoneware again by this process.

Baking Tip

If you are baking some food having wet batter such as cupcakes, or quick bread, first coat the stoneware with a layer of oil first and then sprinkle some flour on this oil.

Then add the batter. And if you are baking any pizza or food having dry dough layer the stoneware with oil first, then put some flour and cornmeal on it before putting the dough in the stoneware for a better baking experience.

How to Season your Stoneware with The Pampered Chef Wizard?

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