How to light a candle without a lighter

How to light a candle without a lighter. There are countless times when one needs to light a candle, and there are plenty of occasions when you might be missing your lights, so what to do when you are faced with such a troublesome scenario.

Well, there are certainly other ways of lighting your candle without having a lighter, but the problems are to sort out the best and the safest one.

How to light a candle without a lighter

Here we are to do that hard part of sorting out the ways and brought for you this Guide about three topmost ways of lightening a candle without a lighter are given.

Method 1: MatchboxesMatchboxes

Using a matchbox to light up your candle is by far the easiest, quickest, and safest method, particularly when you are short on a lighter, provided that you have a matchbox with you when you require that.

Matchbox is the most common item that is found all the time in almost all homes, but if you are, by any means, short of that, you can simply buy it from your nearest grocery or mart, and thus you can easily have it wherever you are.

The biggest obstacle to using a matchbox for the replacement of a lighter is when the candle is burnt out, and a little of it is left.

In this case, the match flame might not reach the little candle that is left, and for that, you can choose any of the following methods.

Method 2: Stove

If for any reason, you are missing out on both the lighter and the matchbox, then you certainly have to think about the stove as your aid, and this could help you a lot in lightening up your candles (mostly the skinny and longer ones).

You have to light up a single candle using the stove, and the rest of the candles can be turned on by using that lit ones.

This case is not specific to the stove as the actual hero here is the heating element that can be either a part of a stove, electrical heater, oven, or toaster.

All you need to do here is to turn on that heating element, and when it has reached a specific temperature, touch it to the candle wick by drawing the candle up to the heating base.

Soon after the wick has touched the hot surface, it will be lit up, and you can turn the other ones on by using it.

Method 3: Batteries

The stovetop might melt the skinny candle wax, which is not the ideal scenario, and to get yourself saved from that, you can use the batteries to lighten up your candle in the absence of a lighter and matchbox.

This is a kind of troublesome method, and you need to put the utmost care into using either the triple-A, double-A, B, or C batteries.

This method requires tin foil in addition to the battery, and you have to fold it into two parts and connect them with the battery terminals to heat it.

After having reached a specific temperature, you can touch the candle wick with it, and it will catch fire.

How to light a candle without a lighter or matches?

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