How to keep outdoor curtains from blowing

How to keep outdoor curtains from blowing. Seeing your curtains blowing all the time feels less like a snug and more like a sailing boat.

Do you have to abide by this all the time?

How to keep outdoor curtains from blowing
keep outdoor curtains from blowing

Go for some handy tips to avoid the blowing of outdoor curtains. All you need is to mitigate the issue with some practical use gadgets and hacks.

Purchase Heavier Curtains

  • If you live in a windy area, try buying heavy curtains. They will defy the wind so that the curtain won’t blow like a flag.
  • The heavier the curtain, the more they are secured from the wind.

Utility Chain for the Win

  • The utility chain weighs 500 pounds (226kg) and is safe for all kinds of workloads.
  • The utility chain consists of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion.
  • Take the curtain and unstitch it from the bottom part to the sides.
  • Take the chain and place it through the opening. After augmenting it, stitch the curtain back to its original.
  • Now your curtains won’t bother you flapping like flags in the air.

Fishing Weightsfishing weights

  • These gadgets weight your outdoor curtains from blowing.
  • These are resistant to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Fishing weighs act as shock absorbers.
  • They have the tensile strength to weigh the curtain.
  • Well an organized and easy-to-use product.

Let’s see how it works.

  • Purchase it from your nearby store. Try the heavy ones.
  • Take the curtain and sew the fishing weights in the bottom hem.
  • Remember to Stitch a separate pocket for each weight.
  • If you can’t stitch, hang them at the curtain’s bottom hem.
  • The reason for stitching is when you slide the curtain; the weight won’t move from its place.
  • Pockets avoid the bunching of fishing weights.
  • You are finally down with weighting your curtain using the simple fishing weights gadgets.


  • Alternatively, you can also use the sinkers to drop down the curtain weight.
  • Just attach them at the end of the curtain. It will banish the need for pockets and sewing problems.

Try Washers

  • Place washers at the bottom of the curtain to make them secure.
  • Which size washers are to be purchased?
  • Always use M12 TO M20 size washers.
  • The bigger the washer, the more it secures the curtain against high-speed winds.
  • It defies the winds because of its heavy nature.

Teeing Curtains to the Railings

  • If your curtains are lightweight, the easiest method to employ is tiring them to the railings.
  • Railings secure them against harsh winds, and no blowing issue ever happens.
  • Some solutions are at your fingertips, and the results will make you astonished.
  • The use of deck railings and porch railings will help you
  •  secure your curtains.
  • Find a rope, space, and cable.
  • Take the rope and tie one end to the curtain and the other to the railing.
  • And you are done with securing the curtain.
  • Remember this method is only employed if the railing is close enough to the outdoor curtains.

Drape Clippers

  • Purchase a drip clip. Take the curtain and clip the drapes with the clipper.
  • Clipping the drapes creates a heavier surface.
  • The wind can’t blow it up.

Use Wind Slits

  • Another option you need to consider is the use of wind slits.
  • Take the curtain, and make vertical cuts on it.
  •  Advertisement agencies make use of this method.


Blowing curtains are now not an issue by using some gadgets like fishing weights, drape clippers, washers, sinkers, and many more. Just purchase it.

All you need is stitching, hanging, or placing on the curtain bottom hem. Your curtains are now weighted.

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