How to remove old window screen without tabs

How to remove old window screen without tabs? Window screens are a dire need of every house.

They not only protect the houses from scorching sun lights or from entering flies or bugs into the house, but it also increases the beauty of the house and makes it more attractive, attention-catching, and eye captivating.

But on the other hand, some people face a lot of difficulties in installing or removing the old window screens that come without tabs.

How to remove old window screen without tabs
Remove Old Window Screen Without Tabs

As we know, tabs or pin screws holding windows are easy to remove.

All you need is to remove the screws with a screwdriver, and your window screen is lifted off easily.

But those windows screens that come without having any tabs need some technique to pull it off.

Till the end of this article, you will be well informed of the techniques and procedures that are used in pulling the windows. So, keep reading.

If your windows get dirty or they now become outdated, and you want to remove your old windows to install a new updated one so first you have information about the type of windows already installed.

If these are without tabs windows, then don’t be panic here; we bestow you with the best technique of how to remove old window screens without tabs.


All you need is to have a knife without sharp edges, the butter knife would be preferable, or a screw drive or anything that have a firm holding handle such as the prying tool or flat head driver.

Now there is a time to know the technique to remove the window. So, read it with full concern so that your windows won’t get any scratches or won’t get broken while removing.

Firstly, pry up the tool you have. Suppose you have the flat butter knife; you just have to put the tool in the center of one side of the screen and slowly get it in between the track and the window.

Then again, steadily put some effort into lifting the window screen once your window screen is lifted to 1 or 2 inches.

Pull the window screen inward

Then put some effort into pulling the window screen inward. After this, you just need to remove the lifted-up window’s screen with your hands.

Your old window screen without tabs comes off. Now you can easily replace it with the new one and then do an installation process.

But before doing the above described old window screen removal procedure, make sure that no one is standing outside the window.

Sometimes the tool gets pandered more between the window that will cause injury to the outside standing person, and sometimes the windows get throws of and in-turns the screen gets broken.

So precautionary measures must take when removing the window screen.

How To Remove A Window Screen?

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