How to hook up dvd player to vizio smart tv

How to hook up dvd player to vizio smart tv. Work is essential for living. But, it’s human nature that having a lot of pressure from work can make you tired.

So, we find different ways that can refresh our minds. Playing a DVD player with a Vizio smart TV also increases your level of entertainment.

Hooking up a DVD player to a smart Tv is not very difficult. You just require the essential gadgets or devices and the way of connecting them together to make successful streaming.

You can use different methods to create a link between your DVD player and your smart Vizio Tv. Follow us for trustable methods to hook up your devices.

How to hook up dvd player to vizio smart tv

how to hook up dvd player to vizio smart tv

Connection through HDMI Cable:

As we know that technology is progressing day by day. Having different types of ports for contacting cables, USBs, and DVD players became normal.

We are going to create a link between a DVD player and a smart TV by using an HDMI cable.

HDMI cable provides a high-quality audio and video feature. If you want to make a connection between your smart TV and DVD player, then you may follow these steps to enjoy stable streaming.

Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is switch OFF the power buttons of both your devices, which are the DVD player and your Vizio smart TV.

This is because you are going to do a job with electricity so you need to be careful.

Step 2:

Make sure that you have enough length of the cable that can easily approach both devices. Don’t let it be too tight or too free to get a better-quality picture.

Secondly, attach one end of the HDMI cable to the DVD player and insert the second one into the port of your smart TV. You must determine the exact port that works with the HDMI cable.

Step 3:

Now, you need to do is switch ON your Venzi smart TV first because Tv is being used as a display unit.

Step 4:

After turning ON your TV, turn ON your DVD player too. Then, you can insert any DVD into the DVD player that you want to play.

Step 5:

At last, you need to do the final thing, that is, set up the setting for input by choosing your connection type, e.g., HDMI.

  • TIP

Here is a suggestion when you attach the HDMI cable to the port, check the label behind your TV. If there is no label mentioned there, then you may check the ports by inserting the cables one by one.

Connection through Components Cable

connection through components cable

It is the second method that you may use for the connection between your TV and DVD player.

In this way, you need to have a component cable. But keep in mind that all the TVs don’t have any port for a component cable.

You can follow this method in case when you don’t have an HDMI cable, or the HDMI port is not working because of any reason, or there is no empty available port to attach an HDMI cable.

Follow the method step by step to create a workable hook-up:

Step 1:

Before doing anything else, you need to turn off your TV and DVD player electric connections. Of course, safety can’t be avoided. Instead of removing power cables, you can just turn their power buttons OFF. That will be enough.

Step 2:

If you have some information about the component cable or you have ever seen it before, then you must know that these component cables have five different colors coded.

Red and white color-coded of cable works for audio, and the other red, green and blue cables are used for visuals. So, when you insert them into their ports, insert them according to their categories.

Step 3:

how to hook up dvd player to vizio smart tv 2022

The third step is that you need to turn your Tv ON and then turn the DVD player ON. Because after turning on both devices, you may be able to check whether your connection is working or not.

Step 4:

If the connection fails, then you need to check that cables are connected fully or properly in their ports. One more thing is that there are 2 red color cables one is for audio and the second red is for video.

While attaching them to their ports, concern the labels of “V” and “A.” As the name shows that “V” stands for “video,” and “A” stands for “audio.”

Step 5:

After attaching the cables with the Tv and DVD player correctly, here, you are required to change the setting and convert the regular programming to the current Input device. e.g., Component.

Step 6:

Now, play your DV player and enjoy watching your favorite content.

Hook Up through AV Cables

hook up through av cables

Here is another way to hook up your DVD player to Vizio smart TV. In this method, you require a composite AV cable. You can determine the ports of the cable on the back of your television.

AV cables are commonly used to transmit audio and video in high quality. If you notice, you can see the three different colors coded on the cable.

These color-coded cables help you to attach them easily without any hesitation.

Stay with us to make a connection using AV(Audio/Video) cable:

Step 1:

Make sure that both your devices are switched OFF. The flow of electricity in the devices can lead to a circuit shortage. So, for safety measures, don’t forget to turn OFF your devices before making a connection between them.

Step 2:

You will notice that the AV cable has three different color sockets. The purpose of the red and white socket is to transmit audio signals. On the other hand, the yellow socket transmits video signals.

Step 3:

Here, you need to insert cable sockets into the jacks that you can find behind your Tv screen. Attach them attentively, as if you misplaced them, they may not work.

Step 4:

Now, you can turn them ON in order first Tv and then DVD player, after attaching the cables accurately.

Step 5:

After turning both devices ON, you need to change the input source from the TV. You can change it to a recently linked connection. e.g Composite.

Step 6:

Fit the DVD into the DVD player and start watching whatever you want.

Final Words

How to hook up dvd player to vizio smart tv. Reading this content may help you to hook up your DVD player to Vizio smart tv. You can buy these cables from your near hardware store.

If you feel that the connection is not strong, then check the cables attached exactly. You can repeat a method for a flawless connection.

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