How to get burn marks off ceramic stove top

How to get burn marks off ceramic stove top. Burn stains are common things when you cook food on stoves. These burn strains come from the food, pots, wet clothes, etc. As you know that the surface of ceramic stoves is plane, flush and sleek which gives an extra good look to your kitchen.

Ceramic stove tops have very flat and smooth surfaces yet burn marks come on their surface when you cook in the kitchen. If there are burn marks on your glassy stove top then it will not give a good look to see and you will have to clean it immediately.

Glass and ceramic stovetops are becoming very popular nowadays as their big advantage is that you can easily wipe all the burns and stain marks from them easily with the help of soda. But keep in mind if you will leave these burn marks on the ceramic stovetop then they might become permanent stains and this is also dangerous for the health.

How to get burn marks off ceramic stove top
get burn marks off the ceramic stovetop

Ceramic or glass stovetops need immediate cleaning after cooking because if the burn marks stick on it smooth surface then they are difficult to remove and also they do not give a pleasant view. It is clean with ceramic cleaners although if you do not have it then you can also use simple baking soda paste and water.

Switch off the stove

First of all, let the hot stove cool down for some time because it is dangerous to clean the hot stove.

You may harm your hands with a hot stove. You may be eager to wash the burn marks but don’t try to burn your hand.

Drag all stains off

After the stove is cool down then, you will see that there is a layer of burn marks near the stove area. Take a scraper or small butter knife and slowly try to scrap the layer of burn marks. Due to this, you can easily remove the remaining stains from the surface easily.

One thing to notice here is that if you will leave the sains for a long time then they will not be easily removed from stovetops. For this spread some white vinegar on the surface then try to remove stains with a butter knife

Wipe the removed stains with a towelwipe the removed stains with a towel

Wipe all the removed stains from the ceramic stovetop with a paper towel from all the area.

Do not throw the stains on the floor as they will stick there. You can use another paper towel if the first one becomes dirtier.

Pour the baking soda on the surface

Baking soda paste is best to remove the burn marks from the stovetops. It is also a very easy way, just pour the paste of baking soda on the surface of all the areas which you want to clean.

Roll out all the baking soda on all the surfaces so that all the burn marks should be clean off. Remember one thing that does not use low-quality detergent or side to wash the glass or ceramic stovetops it will leave marks on the surface.

Wash the baking sodawash the baking soda

After some time when the soda is let down completely on the surface, take a sponge and wipe all the soda paste with water.

When you are washing the stovetop then do it slowly otherwise scratches will come on the glassy surface which looks bad.

Keep cleaning the surface until all the burn marks and stains are removed. After this take a soft cloth and clean the stovetops gently.

Leave it for some time to dry out

It is suggested to you that do not cook the food immediately after cleaning the stovetop because it is still wet. Let it leave to dry out completely so that no chance of hazard remains.

Applying other techniques

If your burn marks are not cleaning perfectly then you can mix lemon paste and vinegar with the baking soda also for good results.


Is it possible to remove heat marks from a stove?

Yes, they can be removed by pasting with baking soda and then sponging it completely with water.

How can you give your glass stovetops a gentle new look?

A glass stovetop is completely cleaned off with the help of vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar are the best things to give your glass stovetop a new look.


It is better to remove all the burn marks and stains from the glass-ceramic stovetops after the cooking because they stick on the surface if you will not clean them. Always use baking soda to remove the stains and burn marks from the surface as it gives a good shining and new look to the stovetop.

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