How to clean blackstone griddle after cooking

How to clean blackstone griddle after cooking. After cooking, there comes a difficult task which is to clean the Blackstone griddle carefully. This article includes simple but efficient steps to help you in the cleaning process.

Items required to clean the griddle

Essentials you need to clean the griddle in an efficient way are,

  • A spatula of premium quality with a flat edge made up of metal.
  • You will also need to arrange paper towels to rinse and dry the Blackstone griddle.
  • Dish soap in case your griddle is very dirty.
  • An important tip to help you clean the griddle briskly

How to clean blackstone griddle after cookinghow to clean blackstone griddle after cooking 2022

Always try to start the cleaning process while your griddle is still hot after cooking. It will prevent the grease and food particles from cooling and getting baked on the surface of the griddle.

Otherwise, you will face difficulty in removing residues, and you might harm the metal surface of the griddle.

Keeping the griddle hot while cleaning will make your process a lot easier.

Ten easy steps to remove soft and hard food residues

If the residue left on the surface of the griddle after using is either soft or hard, make sure to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Turn off the burner immediately after the griddle has done its job. It will not only help you save energy but also prevent any possible harm to the coating on the griddle.

The griddle should be seasoned well before use, or pre-seasoned griddles are also available for the convenience of consumers.

Step 2: Use the flat-edged spatula but make sure that the griddle is hot. This will help you remove excess debris from the surface without scratching the surface.

The griddle surface made up of stainless steel can also be cleaned by using girdle brushes. These are abrasive as they are specially designed for this purpose.

Step 3: Move your metal spatula back and forth while getting rid of food particles on the surface as a result of cooking.

Keep in mind that you do not perform this step briskly; otherwise, due to excess friction and rubbing will damage the surface. Always be gentle while moving the spatula or griddle brush.

Step 4: After it is scrapped off, collect it with the help of a towel and put it in the catch-tray.

This tray is available with a Blackstone griddle, or you might like to buy it separately from a supermarket. It is well designed to collect such kinds of residues.

Step 5: Pour some water mixed with dish soap or without the dish soap onto the surface, and keep in mind that you have to make sure that the griddle is hot.

This will ease the process of cleaning to a greater extent as hot water mixed with soap acts as the best absorber for excess oil, grease, or residues.

Water mixed with soap also keeps the griddle surface last long by preventing rust.

Step 6: Let the water boil completely on the surface. It will make the grease leave the griddle surface quite easily. This step is best for hard food residues as they sometimes cannot even be detached with the help of a spatula from the surface.

Step 7: Then, use a folded paper towel and put it on the wet surface of the griddle. Make sure that towel is neat and not filled with impurities. You have to maintain hygiene while cleaning Blackstone griddle.

Step 8: Move or scrub the towel with the help of a spatula or hand so that it wipes away all food particles along with the grease.

Step 9: Finally, place all this in the catch-tray and wash it in the sink. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes maximum.

How to remove rust from Blackstone griddle?

There’s nothing worse than a dirty and rusty Blackstone griddle. Luckily, they don’t (usually) rust through and ruin the griddle completely; most times, they only need a simple cleaning.

To clean, fill your pot or skillet with water and white vinegar to create a 50/50 solution.

Place the griddle in this solution to soak overnight.

The vinegar will break down any of the rust that has accumulated (that’s right – it dissolves rust!)

So it can be scrubbed off.

When finished soaking, scrub off all of the grime with a nylon bristle brush – one designed specifically for use on non-stick surfaces if you have one.

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