How to drill plexiglass without cracking

How to drill plexiglass without cracking. To drill plexiglass, the first step is selecting the appropriate tools that cut smoothly through the Plexiglass.

Then pinpoint the spots that you are going to drill. After that, drill the holes of the plexiglass in the selected location and with selected tools.

Due to the lightweight and durability of plexiglass, I chose to use it instead of normal glass. But I didn’t know how to cut the plexiglass.

I was worried that I would ruin the glass and waste my money. But I wanted to drill myself. I then asked the store worker and others the way to poke holes in plexiglass.

I completed the holes quickly after they told me. Ways to drill in plexiglass are below.

How to drill plexiglass without cracking

Drilling the plexiglass is not difficult, and you can drill the holes on your own. The drilling steps are simple.

First, we select the appropriate tools that won’t harm the plexiglass, and then we mark the points that we want to drill.

Lastly, we drill the holes at those points and use the plexiglass where we want to.

Detailed steps of drilling are below. Read and do as the steps say.

Tool selection
How Do You Make Holes In A Plexiglass Without Breaking It

Regular bits and drills aren’t appropriate for drilling plexiglass. The edges get chipped when regular bits and drills are used on the plexiglass surface.

Special dills are available in the market that doesn’t harm plexiglass.

You can use normal drills but with plexiglass bits if you dint have a special drill. 500 and 100 RMP is safe with a normal drill.

Other speeds will chip the plexiglass.

The geometric structure of the special bits moves smoothly through the acrylic, and the holes are perfect. Other required tools are.

  • Grease or oil
  • Permanent markers
  • Spray lubricant
  • Masking tape
  • A piece of wood
  • Googles
  • Gloves
  • Spring clamps

Making for holes

Start by wearing goggles and gloves for safety. Wear a mask if you have one. You cannot just mark the plexiglass with markers as you do in metal. The steps differ.

To not let the plexiglass break, it is to be placed on the wood mentioned above. Use spring clamps to attach the plexiglass to the hardwood so that it doesn’t move.

The edges of the plexiglass are fragile. Being made of acrylic, they break when the edges are drilled. Usually, they chip.

Mark the spots you want to drill after using the woof and spring clamps. Use markers or oil to do it. Use masking tape near the holes to not allow chipping of the glass.


Now that you have to take safety precautions for yourself and the plexiglass, you are good to drill. Take your drill machine out.

Plug the battery or the cord to turn the drill on. Now just put the drill on the plexiglass and marked points and start it. Do not push the drill to make holes in the plexiglass.

3.5 inches in a minute is a suitable speed for drilling in plexiglass. You won’t have to drill forcefully, and drilling will go smoothly.

The tape will grip the edges and not let the plexiglass chip. Make the drill wet with lubricant to drill smoothly. The glass can break, so be careful.


The drilling of plexiglass is a simple task, but it requires concentration. The tools should be used according to the plexiglass, like the bits that are designed for plexiglass and won’t harm it.

You can even use the special drill. It sets the pressure automatically, and the speed is safe. The taping secures the chipping edges, and the marks help you cut on the exact location.

Safety measures are important in drilling the plexiglass. Learn the drilling steps of plexiglass by reading the article.

Perfectly drilled holes in just a few steps

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