How To Drill Plexiglass Without Cracking

How To Drill Plexiglass Without Cracking? Plexiglass is more like transparent plastics, so it can be an alternative to glass. Unlike glass, Plexiglass thermoplastics are lighter in weight and resistant to breakage, so you can use them for construction projects that require durability.

Plexiglas is also called acrylic and it could come in handy for various purposes in your homes such as window glass, secure enclosures, furniture, landscaping, or craft projects and most of the time when you have to use them; you may have to poke a hole or two through it.

How To Drill Plexiglass Without Cracking

As brittle as Plexiglas maybe, you would need a drill to do this, but for this article, we will discuss how you can effectively use your drill to make holes in them without breaking it.

Select the right toolHow Do You Make Holes In A Plexiglass Without Breaking It

Using the normal drill bits you use for metal and wood would chip the edges and break the Plexiglass while drilling, but there are specific drills designed for Plexiglass, you should get one.

Security First!

You should wear safety gloves while drilling, and you should also have sufficient knowledge  & then focus on the tools you are using before trying anything with them.

Plan your drill

When you are drilling into wood or metal, it may be appropriate to mark your points and continue the drilling process after your safety has been resolved, but for Plexiglas, there are some preparations you need to make.

We mentioned earlier that you would need a piece of wood, you need to lay the plexiglass on the wood. For this, use a piece of wood that you wouldn’t mind drilling into, but make sure the wood is hard enough so that your Plexiglass doesn’t crack.

Do the drill

Now is the time to power up your tool! Depending on the type of drill you are using, plug it in, or put in the charged battery and turn it on. To drill a Plexiglass, unlike how you drill a hole through metal or stone, you don’t need to drill the Plexiglass, start drilling the marked points slowly. Don’t push too hard; it can aim at a speed of 3.5 inches per minute.

As you pierce the Plexiglass sheet, the friction will produce intense heat and the bits will cause a lot of plastic chips around the hole, especially if the sheet is thick. Therefore, you can often take a break to clean the plastic shavings from the hole, so that you can have a clearer view of the work.

Once you are done with your drill, let it cool down and clean the surface of the Plexiglass, and you will get a good result.


In this article “How To Drill Plexiglass Without Cracking“, we have described how you can successfully poke holes through your Plexiglass without breaking it, so if you have solved all the safety issues, you can move on with the project.

So if you are inexperienced in drilling Plexiglass, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice your drill on smaller pieces before moving on to the larger sheet you want to work on.

Thank you!

Perfectly drilled holes in just a few steps

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