How to connect a porch roof to house

How to connect a porch roof to house. When we build houses, we try to construct them in a way that we feel comfortable in every part of the home. We make bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, washrooms, garages, porches, lawns, etc.

People who have money try to make more beautiful-looking homes according to their choice. The outside of a house includes a garage, porch, lawn, nursery, etc.

We know that the porch and garage are two different things. A Porch is a place that is directly attached to some part of the home or building.

A porch is a place where all family members sit together and enjoy themselves on special occasions. If the design of the porch is good, then it gives more pleasant moments for the family.

Normally, a porch is a covered place and has opened sides that are attached to the insides and rooms of the house.

Porches are of different types on the base of their construction and use. Front porch, Covered patio, Sunroom, and Screened porch are some types of porches.

How to connect a porch roof to house
connect a porch roof to a house

The porch is that place that is constructed at last in homes because this is the outside part of the home. It is important to attach such a new porch that matches the home.

Then you can get enjoy yourself and protect yourself from rain, wind, snow and sun heat, etc.

It is not a normal task to do. That’s why we hire labor who know proper framing and basic ways and techniques of attaching porch roofs to houses.

Before constructing a porch, make sure what type of porch you want to construct and do you have enough space and material for that porch.

Local building code

Nowadays, there are local building codes for the construction of houses and new parts in the house. So it is better to approve your design and framework from the local office so that you can construct easily without any problem.

Connect the sill plateconnect the sill plate

Now it’s time to attach the sill plate to both support columns of the porch.

This plate or piece of wood holding up the roof must sit flush with the top corners of the support columns.

Construct support column

Supporting columns are the most important parts of new construction. If you are constructing a square porch, then you need two columns.

These columns stand floor to top of the roof of the porch. After building its complete frame with concrete nails and an L bracket, fill these frames with materials like bricks, siding, or which matches your house.

Attaching the timber or beamattaching the timber or beam

Now wooden beams or rafters are attached to the roof of the porch to the top place.

The setting of these beams depends upon the pitch of the roof of the porch.

Rafters are attached by birds’ mouth joints way or by using metal brackets.

Wrapping the roof  with plywood

After attaching all the beams and rafters to the roof of the porch, cover all beams with sheets of plywood on all with the roof with the help of a hammer and nails until the roof becomes safe and secure.

Addition of Shingles

When sheathing of plywood etc., is completed, now install the roofing material or shingles to the sheathing. Make sure that the roofing material and its color match the actual roof of your roof so that it looks good to see.


What is the main purpose of the porch in the house?

The main purpose of the porch is that family members to sit here and enjoy themselves together by sharing good times.

Is it possible to attach a porch after some time of the construction of the house?

As we know, the porch is the outside part of a house, so the porch can be connected after some time of the construction of the house or building.


We can summarize our discussion on this note that it is up to us how we can build our house more beautiful and attractive by adding different portions and parts to it.

The porch is a very important part of a home, and it can be connected to our roof directly through proper construction by hiring expert labor.

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