How to Clean Honeywell tower fan

How to Clean Honeywell tower fan. Honeywell tower fan is a compact, elegant, and stylish remotely controlled cooling fan. Like any other electrical appliance, the Honeywell tower fan also requires maintenance. If you take good care of your appliances, their working durability increases.

They will work for a longer period. Since tower fans provide cool air and help maintain a comfortable environment in your indoor spaces.

No matter how smart and stylish they look but like any other fan, they tend to accumulate dust. Therefore as a step towards maintenance, the Honeywell tower fan needs to get cleaned from time to time.

Now the question comes of how to clean the Honeywell tower fan since cleaning appliances is a hectic task. There is no need to worry; we are here to ease your stress.

How to Clean Honeywell tower fanHow To Clean A Honeywell Tower Fan

After going through this article, you will probably be cleaning your Honeywell tower fan.

What Parts to Clean

Before moving on to how to clean the Honeywell tower fan, we first need to know what parts of the fan require to get cleaned.

The first and foremost part is the outer body of the fan. The Honeywell tower fan mainly consists of louvers or grills and blades of the fan.

Cleaning of Honeywell tower fanCleaning Of Honeywell Tower Fan

Before starting to clean the Honeywell tower fan, you first need to take precautionary measures for your safety.

  • The first step would be taking off the plug of the Honeywell tower fan.
  • Now take a soft cloth and remove the dry dust from the fan by simply rubbing the cloth.
  • If the stains are hard to remove, wet the cloth in lukewarm water and gently remove the hardcore stains by rubbing.

By following these steps, the outer body of the honey wall tower fan will be cleaned.

A blower or vacuum cleaner

Now they come to the louver or grill of the fan, it might look hard to clean them but there is no need to worry. All you need is a blower or vacuum cleaner.

The step of spraying the compressed air will gently and efficiently clean the grills of your Honeywell tower fan.

To clean the fan blades, the option available is to disassemble the tower fan. Disassembling the fan is not a difficult task; remove the casing by removing the screws.

Fan blades

Fan blades will be exposed; now clean the fan blades using the same soft cloth which you used for the outer body of the fan. If you hear a sound when the fan is running, there is no need to worry while cleaning the fan. You could grease the bearings.

This way, you will not only be able to clean your fan but also get rid of the unnecessary sound.

Here you are all done with maintaining your handsome Honeywell tower fan; now it will certainly live with you for a longer period.

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