How to clean a burnt copper bottom pan

How to clean a burnt copper bottom pan. We use pans a lot in our kitchens, even in the smallest of things. They are heated fast and are helpful. And especially the ones with the copper bottom, as they heat five times faster than the normal ones.

But when nasty stuff gets stuck on them. They are not to your liking. Another case is the copper o getting burned. This happens when you put them to use constantly. It is not a pleasant sight, so we need to know how to remove the burns.

We can use baking powder, as it is the most common material for this purpose. We can use other chemicals as well as they are proven to clean and perform such tasks. Let us see more in the article and learn.

How to clean a burnt copper bottom pan

how to clean a burnt copper bottom pan

Cleaning the marks of fire from the utensil is not very difficult. Your time is saved if you know the best ways. The most used method of all is the baking soda method.

It is very handy for removing. You can use carbonated drinks as an unnatural way to remove them.

The natural ways include the use of vinegar. The acids in this natural remedy work their magic against stains and fire marks and expunge them. Citrus acid in the lemon is also a brilliant agent against them.

Let us see more ways through which the removal is possible.


The lemon is the most natural way and is easily available in our homes and can be found in any season. The lemons contain citrus acid. We need to cut the lemon in half. Then we need to dip the cut lemon in a bowl filled with salt.

The compound made from both the salt and the lemon will form a powerful solution. The method to apply is simple as you just need to rub the salted lemon on the fire marks of the pan.

Do this until the stains are obliterated, and then, with damped cloth, clean it. Use boiled water on it, so the lemon and the salt is also removed. This is done so that no corrosion occurs on it.


Another natural remedy for cleaning burnt marks is vinegar. It is completely natural. The acids present in vinegar are quite strong. It doesn’t just enhance the flavor of the food we are eating, but also helps in cleaning.

You need to pour some vinegar into a cup and then heat it in the microwave for at least 30 seconds. Then take it out. Then add salt and flour to the vinegar.

Mix it such that you gain a solution. Spread the paste on the area where you need it and let it dry. Later, you can use a sponge with hot water to remove the layer.

Baking soda

baking soda

Baking soda also has multiple uses, and the use in this is as a cleaning agent. It is only needed in a small quantity. It is mostly available in homes as it is used in cooking as well. We just have to take about 2 tablespoons.

Put it in the area and add some water. Then spread the solution. We can then let it heat on low fire such that it takes only about 30 minutes.

Wait for it to cool down, then. After that is done, you can just wash it normally such that it is completely clean.


BKF is an abbreviation of a Bar keeper’s friend. It is actually a special cleaner that is used for cleaning stains from your utensils. It can also remove the marks that were worrying us.

One thing that we need to keep in mind while using this is that we need to check the box of the BKF. This is to see if the BKF is compatible with copper material. Sometimes it is not, so you need the one that is compatible.

After you have made sure, you just need to apply it on the surface and then wash it such that the cleaning is done and no stains or marks remain.


The amount of copper that has been burned mattes a lot. This so so you can use the suitable method for it. Some burn marks are permanent and cannot be removed. But those which can be removed are discussed above.

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