How to build built in bookshelves

How To Build Built In Bookshelves. You can build built-in shelves easily if you have a plan and design for your shelves. You’ll need basic tools and attention to make the shelf by yourself. You can look for shelves idea on the internet. There are different ways and styles to build shelves.

I wanted to build my own shelf for books as I am a bookworm. You need as many as you can get. I actually have a library, but the library was filled, and I needed a new shelf to place the books that had arrived at that time.

I spent most of the money on my books and had a low budget. I learned that making your own shelf is cheaper than buying a new shelf. I looked for different bookshelf designs on the internet and selected my design. I successfully built my own shelf.

How To Build Built In Bookshelvesbuild built in bookshelves

There are a lot of advantages of having bookshelves, and the more bookshelves you have, the better. This is especially for book lovers as too much space is required for books sometimes. Even for beginners, having at least one bookshelf is a plus point.

The budget can be a little low, or you may be a DIY lover, so you want to build a bookshelf. The bookshelf can be built very easily. You need to know the style of the bookshelf you want so you can actually start building the bookshelf. Ideas are available on the internet. Read more below.

Steps for building

There are several bookshelf creation steps that need to be followed to make a good quality bookshelf. The bookshelf won’t get built on its own. You need to know the thing you need to make the bookshelf. You also need to know how much to cut and what design to make.

The tools needed to make the shelf should also be known. The measurements of the material and construction of the shelf require a plan too. You need to have a concept of what to build and how to build it as well. Read the steps below!

Gather the idea

The most important part of making the shelf is not cutting and others, but gathering the idea or thinking of the idea is the most important step. You need to know what to build to gather the materials required to build that thing.

You may already have an idea in your mind about the design and shape you want to build. You may not have an idea about the size of the bookshelf at all. The first step to making your own shelf requires you to know what to build and gain ideas.

The ideas of the bookshelf and the shape can depend on the style of your house and your preference. You may have a large space, so you need o build a large shelf, or you may have a small book collection, so only a single small shelf is needed.

The next is the design of the bookshelf. You can check the design to gather ideas by surfing the internet and searching about styles of shelves.

You can look for a shelf trend that is popular, or you can go for a unique shelf design. Just gather some bookshelf ideas from there.

Selecting the designselecting the design

If you have gathered a lot of ideas, you need to select the idea now. You need a single bookshelf, so you need a single idea.

You can merge two designs too. Buts selecting the design depends on your budget and the space. You may have selected a bookshelf that is too big.

Selecting the bookshelf requires you to pass all the problems and reasons with the bookshelf. You need to make sure that the design is good and is suitable for your house as well. Keeping the budget and your DIY skills in mind is something that is important.

Gathering the tools

After selecting the design, you will know what tools you may need to make that design. The tools needed to make a shelf are usually the most basic tools. You will need a hammer as you are going to be nailing the wood.

You may need to use screwdrivers, as there can be screws that you may want to use. You will need a saw to cut the wood if the wood is long and you need to change the shape or design.

You may also need a plier to take the nails that break or bend when you hammer them into the wood. You will also need a measuring tape to make the measurement for cutting and to know where the screws and nails should be placed. You need a marker or something like a marker to make points for measuring and cutting.

Getting the material

The material you need is wood. At the basic, you are going to make the shelf with wood. Get the required size pieces or cut pieces so you don’t need to use the saw to cut them to size manually. The next thing on the material list is nails.

You need nails to hold the wood together. You will also need glue for this. If you don’t want to use too many ails, then use screws instead of some nails. However, nails will do a better job of keeping the material intact with each other. Read the steps below.

Taking measurements

Ok, now begin the process of creating the shelf. You need to start making the measurements as you are making a built-in shelf. Measure the wall and then the size of the wood. You need to know where to cut the wood and how much to cut.

Use the measuring tape to measure the shelf and the wall and mark the wood from where to cut and how much. Use simple dots to do so. You can also make a line at the points that need cutting and follow the line for convenience in the next step.

Cutting the woodcutting the wood

You have already made the necessary measurements on the wood, and in the previous step, you have also marked the points that you need to cut.

Now comes the cutting of the wood. Place the wood on the edge of somewhere where you think it’s easy to cut.

You need to have force on one side of the wood. The place where the wood needs cutting should be solid and not moving. Put the saw on the mark and start cutting it. Cut slowly, and don’t let the piece fall on you. Get someone to hold the other side.


Now that all wood has been cut in proper size. You can start making a vague structure of your design. Use glue that is for wood to attach the pieces and make a structure of the shelf.

Use a normal amount of glue. You don’t want to use too much glue as it will start dripping and coming out while you attach the woof using the nails and the screws. Now that you have a rough structure put the nails where you want and start hammering them.

Keep the distance of the nails in check and use firm force so that the nails go straight and don’t bend. If any ail bends, remove it with a pier and use a new nail.

Place the screws where you want them and use a lot of force to screw them into the wood. The wood screwing will work and will hold the wood. Your shell will be ready after that. Let the glue dry and place the books later.

The last word

If you have a lot of books in your hand and want to store them in order, then building a bookshelf is a great idea. A bookshelf will help you keep your books in order. The way to build the bookshelf is in the steps above. Thanks for reading!

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