How does drano work

How does drano work. Drano is a combination of sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, and aluminum. Drano works with water, when you add Drano into the water the sodium gets dissolved and hydroxide functions in warming up the mixture.

When the mixture will get hot, pour it into the pipe. It will incredibly dissolve all the hair, soap, or debris that clogged your pipe.

Pour the Drano into the clogged pipe and let it set for working to about 15 minutes. Then, you can flush it with hot water. So, all the debris gets dissolved and moves to the drain.

If it is severely clogged, then let it sit for 30 minutes to perform its function efficiently.

Let’s see how

How does drano work
how does drano work?

If we talk about the working of the Drano, it completes its function in three steps:


Drano decays all the matter in the pipes.

Aluminum reaction

Aluminum gets reacted with Drano. This reaction lets the mixture reach the boiling level. This boiling temperature helps swiftly decomposition of the physical matter.

Dissolving of clogged material

Now, the only leftover material is grease. Drano works to create a soap-like substance. This soapy substance dissolves all the clogged material.

Drano can be used to unclog the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, and shower or bathtubs.

At present, there are five products of Drano on the market. Every product of Drano comes with incredible specifications and functions.

These products are:

Dual force Foamer clog remover

It comes as a foaming material. Wherever you face a clog, coat the sides of the place with this foam and let it rest for some time.

It will dissolve all the debris that clogged the pipes. Now, flush hot water that will flush all the foam along with debris resulting in unclogging.

Max Gel Clog remover

It is a thick gel material Drano. This gel adheres to the clogged area.

It will clear all the clogged debris and move it to the drain. It is safe to use. You can use it for almost all types of pipes.

Liquid clog removerliquid clog remover

It is an economical product. It has been available on the market for 20 years. It comes in a liquid form.

You will just need to pour it into the clogged drain pipes.

If you are facing trivial clogs in your kitchen or bathroom, it can serve you the best results.

Build up remover

Drano comes with a lot of bathroom and kitchen products.

But Build-up remover is the only product you can use in your toilet. This Drano product can be used as a preventive measure for clogs.

You can use it once in a month as an advanced treatment to your clogged drain pipes. It comes with enzymes and bacteria that do not let your drain pipes get clogged or blocked.

Kitchen crystals clog remover

As the name indicates, it is used as a kitchen product. Your kitchen sink does not have a garbage disposal. No problem at all! This Drano product can perform its function without garbage disposal.

You can use this product with cold water that will abolish all the grease or any kind of debris.

Does Drano Really Work?

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