Clorox Bleach Ingredients

Clorox Bleach Ingredients. Bleach is the most-wanted cleaner in every home especially for the laundry, room, and surface cleaning. It makesand  every item bright, clean and helps to remove the spot. This budget-friendly product is easy to ,find from the market and it is very easy to use.

Clorox Bleach Ingredients

There are plenty of types of bleach that come in different strengths. Similarly, the chief ingredient in Clorox bleach is sodium hypochlorite and a derivative salt which works actively as household products.

It mostly works with water and salt. Salt helps to make the solution thick, smooth, and stable.

Let’s move one step ahead and explore

Why these are known as Clorox?

The main inspiration behind this product is Clorox wipes which are also used to wipe out things. Clorox Company makes many products and their wipes are of very high-quality and works very well for wiping.

Clorox bleach works amazingly well and gives outstanding results. Let’s have a look at the clorox bleach ingredients:


  • The water of 3 cups.
  • Dawn dishwashing detergent only 2 spoons. (consider NON-concentrated and must-read WHY below surfactant?)
  • 4 tbsp of lemon, which is mixed with alcohol.
  • Baking soda ½ tbs.
  • Lemon oil 20 drops.
  • Plastic jar with lid 32 oz.

Let’s proceed and go through some features of Clorox Bleach as it will help you to understand how magically its ingredients work.

How to use?

Just take the cloth which you want to clean and pull out that part. It is safe for all surfaces and to make it dilute; water is also added to it.

Otherwise, you can also add. After washing that specific stained part, put this cloth in the washing machine.

Heavy duty cleaningClorox Bleach Ingredients

If you want to have a deep cleaning, then increase the amount of bleach and reduce the use of water.

In this way, you can make a mixture according to your requirement and need.


It is not good for glass, that is why it is not recommended. But you can wipe out stovetops to get excellent cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Types of clothWay To Make Clorox Ingredient

This magical bleach works very accurately due to its efficient material. It can be used for microfiber, old T-shirts, wash clothes, or anything that you wash with your hand.

You can use a paper towel to rub the bleach on the clothes. In this way, you won’t use your hands and throw the towel after use.

Way to make Clorox ingredients

The Clorox Company uses its products like sodium hypochlorite to make bleach which efficiently works as a stabilizer, dispersant, and cleaning agent.

Efficiency of Clorox bleach material

The ingredients of Clorox make the bleach very quick in action. It reduces the unpleasant smell of clothes and whitens dingy clothes.

The concentrated and thick bleach solution makes clothes brighter, and it is safe for every cloth. It doesn’t damage the quality of the cloth.

Clorox is a High-Efficiency Bleach that doesn’t only remove ordinary stains but also deep and hard stains. It’s very easy and safe to use as its bottle manufacturing is very well-constructed and safe from splashes and drips.

These ingredients of Clorox make it multi-functioning and help in disinfection, cleaning, and bleaching, a remarkable performance.

Useful Uses & Benefits of Clorox Bleach For Homes

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