Hoopla not working on android

Hoopla not working on android. Hoopla is an application and a web portal that provides the user with magazines, books, novels, music, and other things that are for entertainment purposes.

It is pretty popular as it can be used on your devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and even PCs. The variety it provides is actually the reason for its fame.

This app is available on both Appstore and the play store. You can easily install it with one click. But sometimes your android device does not install this app or, even when it is installed, it is still not working.

Let us discuss this problem in detail in this article.

Hoopla not working on android

hoopla not working on android

Hoopla, as an app, is available on the play store for androids. It is mostly compatible with all the devices that have an android operating system.

But sometimes, because of a disturbance or any other issue, it does not work on android. This might be because the app is not compatible with your Android device.

It is possible that the software version of your phone is old. The update is not for your device. The app is installed but gives no response even when opened. When we try to open it, the app closes itself.

Installation error

Sometimes you might not be able to install the app on your device. It can be that you might not be able to find the app on your play store.

You might find it on the play store but there is no download option there. And even if there is an install option, the app is not installing in your operating system.


  • Open your play store and search for the Hoopla app.
  • If you cannot find the app, you might need to update your play store.
  • Update your play store and search again.
  • The app will probably appear.
  • If there is no installation option, then that means your device is not compatible with the app.
  • You can download the old and compatible version from google.
  • Try installing the file from google.
  • If it does not install, then you might have to upgrade your phone.
  • Try another device if the error keeps coming.

Installed but not working

Sometimes your app is installed, but it does not open and even if it opens, it says not working. It might also close itself with a dialogue box saying the app is not responding.


  • If the app is not opening, that might indicate that the app is not properly installed.
  • Delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Try opening the app to see if it is opening.
  • The error might be the app is not working.
  • This is usually because the app is not compatible with your software.
  • Delete the app and install an older version or upgrade the app.
  • Sometimes the app closes while you are using it, saying not responding.
  • If that happens, clear your phone’s memory.
  • Delete all the unnecessary apps.
  • Try opening it again. It will probably work.

Wi-Fi being offline

Sometimes it happens that your app, even though it is connected to Wi-Fi, says that you are offline and does not work. Because of this, you cannot access your account.

The basic reason for this is that you are using an older version of the app. The app doesn’t allow you to access your account or even say that you are offline.

You can either upgrade the app or download the new version after deleting the older version. The Wi-Fi may not have internet access, so be sure to check that before you uninstall the app.

Audio not playing

Sometimes when you want to enjoy your music and the music doesn’t work, it gets really irritating. You just wanted to enjoy your time, but that didn’t happen.

This is usually caused if your RAM is low or does not have sufficient space to run the music. Cleaning the RAM and getting rid of unwanted apps. Or just reboot the system and try it again.

Video not playing

video not playing

Audio being a problem is already a pain, but if the video is not Woking, that’s harsh.

Sometimes the audio plays, but you cannot see the video.

This is caused if your android version is old. You just need to update your phone to the latest version and try again.


Hoopla not working on android. The app is quite useful if you want to enjoy your time. You can even learn from it by reading books. But if the app is not working properly, that is a bit of a problem.

You should know how to deal with these app problems so that they do not become a cause of displeasure to you.

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