Emergency heat not working

Emergency heat not working. EM stands for the word emergency. This symbol is placed on almost every thermostat at home. It is actually labeled completely as “EM Heat.” It is actually a backup heating system in our homes.

Turning it on manually is not a very efficient way. As if you were to switch the EM switch on by yourself, even when the primary source was working, you won’t have any advantage.

As the heat will only be drawn from only secondary sources and warming will slow down.

Emergency heat not working

emergency heat not working

Emergency heat might not be working because the power switch has been cut off. This could be caused if the MCBs have tried or the fuse has melted.

It can be that the secondary source might not be attached properly. Let us discuss and present our views a little more.

Batteries present in thermostat

The old version of thermostats mostly runs on a battery. And batteries have a limited lifetime.

The batteries, after a certain amount of time, can stop working completely.

They won’t store the required amount of energy or any amount of energy. Thus rendering the thermostat useless. Replacing the batteries is the only way to get through this problem.

Dirty Filter

All the thermostats use a filter to work properly. If you do not clean it regularly, dirt will gather in it. The dirt will cause the filter not to work. It can cause the system to overheat and malfunction. Causing the system to shut down.

The way to solve this problem is to maintain the thermostat and clean the filter regularly. This will also help you in enlarging the lifetime of your EM.

Tripped breakers

Sometimes due to excessive use of energy the breakers in our houses trip. This is caused due to the breakers reaching the limits.

The tripped breakers do not allow the flow of current, and as the current cannot flow and reach the thermostat, The emergency heat will not be able to work.

So to solve this problem, you need to get some load off the breaker and switch it back on so the current can reach the Thermostat.

Water causing clogging

The Ems with high-efficiency product water that may enter the pump or drain outside.

When the pump becomes clogged, or the pump seems to stop working, a signal is sent to the system, which causes itself to shut down so that no more problems occur.

Cleaning the pipes and marinating them is the best and only way to deal with or prevent this problem.

Off Furnace switch

off furnace switch

All the furnaces consist of a power button that supplies electricity to the system. It is to make sure that the furnace and your mainboard remain safe.

The switch sometimes turns off, causing the switch to turn off and cutting the power supply.

This results in not working of the furnace, thus causing the whole system to shut down. You can just switch the flip on, and your thermostat will start working again.

Fuses in the disconnect box

This problem is quite common. All the thermostats usually consist of an electrical box small in size. It can be both indoor and outdoor.

Both or only of the boxes might have a cylinder-like fuse in them. Sometimes these fuses melt and result in the not working of the EM.

This is caused by the fuse’s supply power. And the cut-off of power results in the not working of the Em. The fuses in the boxes are not expensive. They can also be bought easily from almost any electrical store.

We can just replace the old fuses with new ones. Sometimes you don’t even need to buy the fuses as there might be just or something not letting the fuses work. Just cleaning can even result in the working of fuses.

Checking the outdoor fan

checking the outdoor fan

The fan is to supply or cool the furnace down. The fan plays a vital role and stops the EM from overheating.

If the fan is turned off, you will see that the furnace will stop working. There will be a buzzing sound indicating that the fan is off and it needs to be started for the working of EM.

We can turn the fan on manually by giving it some force with the help of a stick. If it starts, don’t be too happy.

Call the professional because that is just a temporary fix, and it can fail anytime.


The problems that may have caused your EM heat nit work and their solutions are discussed. You can just call the professionals in all, but the above methods might save you some money.

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