Haier air conditioner control panel not working

Haier air conditioner control panel not working. Haier air conditioners are a reliable brand for cooling the room in the hot summer. Still, with other appliances, sometimes its control panel starts malfunctioning, so don’t get frustrated and try to fix it yourself instead of hiring a skillful electrician to fix the trouble.

If you see the air conditioner not making cooling in the room, then are two leading causes of this issue. First, the reason beyond the ac unit not making cooling is the control panel not working, or there is an electrical issue with the hair air conditioner.

Sometimes, the control panel stops working when a button is stuck due to some reason. If you do not clean dust and debris from the air conditioner control panel, then it gathers on the button and makes it difficult for you to press them.

Please read this guide to know various troubleshooting methods to repair the Haier conditioner control panel not working because it is better to try to fix the problem by yourself to save some dollars.

Haier air conditioner control panel not working

The primary purpose of the hair conditioner is to make cooling in the room.

Still, if you feel the cooling is decreasing in the room, then it means the control panel is not working due to a stuck button, or faulty control board. Sometimes an electrical issue stops the control panel from working efficiently.

So, without any delay, let’s locate the leading causes of this problem and different methods to fix it.

Restart the Haier air conditioner

restart the haier air conditioner

If you are sitting in the room and there are extreme hot conditions outside, and suddenly you feel your air conditioner is not making enough cooling, and it is getting hot in the room, then it means the ac unit is not producing enough cooling in the room.

Dont get panic, and just press the power button on the ac remote control panel to turn it off.

Switching off the appliance is not enough, but to give it, a complete power cycle, unplug the cord from the power source or socket for five minutes.

Sometimes, electrical glitches create problems in the electrical appliances, and you need to restart the unit to remove them. Plug in the cable after five minutes and press the power switch to turn on the hair air conditioner.

After restarting the air conditioner, check the cooling in the room. If the air conditioner is making cooling, then the control panel is working now, but if the power cycle does not make any change in the cooling, then it means there is something wrong with the control panel.

Reset the air conditioner

reset the air conditioner

If the air conditioner is not cooling enough, then the next tip to solve the problem is resetting the unit.

Sometimes, a software glitch stuck the control panel button and stopped working. For this purpose, resetting the ac unit is the best bet because it removes the software glitches from the system.

So, if you feel the cooling level is decreasing in the room according to the fixed settings, then reset the ac unit.

Resetting the air conditioner is not a big deal because you can do it easily in a few minutes by reading instructions from the manufacturer’s manual.

All the steps are mentioned in the user manual, so follow each instruction and reset the air conditioner but don’t forget to restart the appliances after resetting.

Electrical issues

electrical issues

If the haier air conditioner control is not working after resetting the unit, then check if the power cord is tightly plugged into the wall socket or if it is loose.

It’s very important to plug in the cable properly in the power source because if you just hang the plug in the socket, then it will not transfer the electric current to the control panel, so simply recheck whether the cord is tightly plugged in or not.

If the cord is plugged in, but still the ac unit is not making cooling, then insert the power cord in some other outlet in the room to confirm the issue with the outlet.

If the control panel starts working after inserting the power cable in the other outlet, it means the previous socket is defective, and there is no electric current in it.

However, if the ac unit is still not working after plugging the cord in the other outlet also, then it means the problem is somewhere else, so check the next point.

Circuit breaker

circuit breaker

The circuit breaker controls the electric system in the home, so your next step is to inspect the circuit breaker of the socket.

Every power source is connected with one circuit breaker so open the main circuit box in the home, which is usually installed in the home garage for easy access.

If the breaker falls, then reset its position.

Find the correct breaker and change it. If the circuit breaker is not tripped, check the fuse because sometimes it is also blown away due to too many appliances being turned on at a time.

Change the fuse if it is faulty. Now, you should turn off the appliance and clean the contacts in the plug.

The circuit breaker is usually tripped in summer due to overload in the circuit, so if you have turned on the ac unit to get cooling in the room, then switch off other appliances to minimize the load in the circuit.

Circuit board is faulty

If there is no issue with the main circuit board, then it may be an issue with the air conditioner circuit board.

The circuit board is the central part of the air conditioner, so if it becomes defective and prevents working, then it stops the other components from working.

It is not easy to replace a faulty circuit board, so always hire a certified professional to repair or replace the faulty components in the unit.


The final thoughts on this troubleshooting guide are if you have installed the haier air conditioner in the home, then it’s important to keep its proper maintenance; otherwise, it stops the cooling in the room.

If the ac unit is not making enough cooling in the room, then check the control panel because a defective control panel is one of the causes of the no cooling in the room.

I am hopeful this article helped you to resolve the air conditioner control panel not working problem but if still you are unable to repair the control panel, then always hire a highly skillfully professional because it is very complex and demands proper skill and experience.

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