GE window air conditioner troubleshooting

GE window air conditioner troubleshooting. If your Ge air conditioner is creating issues and you are looking for accurate instructions for GE window air conditioner troubleshooting, then it must be the right place.

It’s necessary to go through the depth of the problem so that you can fix the problem after diagnosing the filters, thermostat, power-related problems, or other common issues.

You may feel frustrated when your GE window air conditioner stops working efficiently and may cause low airflow in your rooms.

GE air conditioners contain different elements that work together to make efficient working for making your rooms cool and provide a comfortable environment.

But, even a small defective component may disturb the entire performance of the Ge window air conditioner and can give you a headache.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll give you the solutions to why your GE window air conditioner consumes much energy, turns off automatically, and much more.

GE window air conditioner troubleshooting

Most people own Ge window air conditioners in their homes. The Ge air conditioner is well known for its reliability and stability.

But it’s not rare for an electronic appliance to get defective or develop issues. It would be best to diagnose and fix the issue at the time when you suspect it.

For example, if you feel any variation in the proper airflow, smell something burning, or make an unusual sound. Because fixing an issue in its initial state helps avoid more significant losses.

Let’s look at the issues that a Ge air conditioner may develop and the ways of Ge window air conditioner troubleshooting successfully. Here we go.

GE Window Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

ge window air conditioner won't turn on

Suppose you are experiencing the issue of not turning on the GE window air conditioner even if you have a flick on the GE window AC.

There might be some reasons that are creating the issue. But, you can fix the issue by following the accurate instructions mentioned below.

  • Check Any Loose Power Connection

Firstly, ensure the power cord is correctly attached to the power outlet. If you find a loose connection, make a firm connection to the outlet and check the GE air conditioner.

You may check the power cord for any physical damage causing the improper current flow. You may use a multimeter to check the readings.

You may also check the power outlet by plugging another appliance in the socket whether it’s turned on or not.

  • Check Fuse or Circuit Breaker

Another reason that may cause the won’t turning on GE window unit is burnt fuse. Inspect the Circuit breaker box for any burnt fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

If you find any issue like this, it would be better to replace the fuse or circuit breaker and test the GE window air conditioner.

  • Check Power Outage

Another reason that is possible to happen is a power outage. If there is an issue of a power outage, then even a firm connection of the power cord can’t run a GE air conditioner.

So, the only thing you can do is wait for the power; when it comes back, your air conditioner appliance will restart within three minutes.

Ge air conditioner takes three minutes to start cooling to avoid the risk of tripped circuit breaker due to compressor overload.

GE Window Air Conditioner Won’t Cooling

ge window air conditioner won't cooling

If you suspect your GE window air conditioner is not cooling enough, there must be some reasons at the back.

For example, there might be an issue of dirty air filters, restricted or hindered airflow, GE air conditioner unsuitable size,

  • Hindered AirFlow

One thing you may know or not that the air conditioner works effectively when the outer air can find a way in without any interference.

Remove the accessories that you think can block the front of the Ge window air conditioner. It will able the air to spread in the entire area.

  • Set The Temperature Control Accurately

The next thing you must ensure for fixing the issue of GE window air conditioners is temperature control. You must turn the mode to Cool.

You may adjust the temperature settings according to your wish by pushing the Decrease button. Push the Crowded button to save the modification of temperature settings.

  • Check Dirty Air Filter

check dirty air filter

The air filter of the GE air conditioner purifies the air and prevents dirt from entering inside the air conditioner.

So if you are facing the issue of not cooling, you must check the air filters of your GE window air conditioner to see whether you have a clogged air filter.

To inspect the dirty air filter, you must access the front grill of your air conditioner. The procedure for detaching the air filter depends on the model number of your GE window air conditioner.

You may get assistance from the user manual of your air conditioner. Clean the dirty filters build up with warm soapy water. Ensure that you have flicked off the power source of your GE window air conditioner.

  • Iced Cooling Coils

Another reason for insufficient cooling or won’t be cooling is the frozen coils of your GE window air conditioner. Restricted airflow or less external temperature might be the culprit of iced coils.

It might be possible that someone set the less speed of the air conditioner fan and abundance the thermostat after rising the setting.

Most people apply the settings to minimize the sound of the unit but the action results in frozen coils of your GE window air conditioner.

to resolve this issue, you can change the temperature of the air conditioner to the hai state that enables you to defrost the coils.

You may also shut off your GE window AC and wait until the ice dissolves. But get ready when the ice melts; it will create a mess on the floor with water.

  • Unsuitable GE Window air conditioner Size

Another reason that may cause a cooling issue is the larger or shorter size of the GE window unit compared to your area.

If you have a bigger window air conditioner compared to your room, it may cause small cycles due to the immediate interaction of airflow discharge from the air conditioner. Then the reflected air may turn off your GE window air conditioner.

In contrast, if you have a small air conditioner compared to your room results in the running of an air conditioner’s compressor continuously. Ultimately, it generates heat in the air conditioner and the living area. Then the issue urges you to think about a won’t cooling issue.

  • Much Hot Temperature Room

While discussing the cooling issue, here is another reason that you may think is a reason for not efficiently cooling but it is not a problem.

It might be possible that you are living in a high-temperature room, and it is just taking some time to cool the room.

Let your air conditioner keeps running and wait for almost 20 minutes to get any clarification of whether the GE air conditioner is blowing cold air or not.

GE Window Air Conditioner Won’t Heat

ge window air conditioner won't heat

If you are facing the issue of won’t heating your hair conditioner, there might be some reason that you have to check to resolve the issue.

  • You must check the temperature, and if the temperature control uses the minimum number and has the lower heat settings, you may face the won’t heating issue.
  • Inspect the air filters of your GE air conditioner, whether cleaned or clogged.
  • You must check the restriction of airflow. If you find anything, remove it to get efficient heat from the air conditioner.

GE window Air Conditioner Remote Stop Working

ge window air conditioner remote stop working

If your Ge air conditioner is not functioning from the remote control, there must be defective or expired batteries or incorrectly installed batteries.

Firstly, you must inspect the remote batteries installation. You can remove the batteries from the remote compartment and install them back.

It would be best if you remember that when you installed the new batteries last time, you may get an idea of their expiry. You may test the device after inserting the new batteries and pressing the remote control button.

If the problem is constant, you may download the GE smart slot App and try resetting it.

GE Air Conditioners Turns On & Off Automatically

ge air conditioners turns on & off automatically

If you are tackling the automatic switch on and off of your GE air conditioner, there might be an issue with voltage, a defective thermostat, dirty filters, or dirty condenser coils.

  • Check the Voltage

Your GE window AC requires a continuous power supply to work efficiently. If there is an issue in the voltage, it may cause an automatically turning on and off issue.

So, you may use a multimeter to check the readings. In case of discontinuous voltage reading, we suggest contacting a professional to fix the issue.

  • Check Condenser Coils

Another reason that might be a culprit is clogged or dirty condenser coils. Condenser coils are located at the outer side of your GE window AC, and there are high chances of their getting clogged quickly.

So, the clogged condenser coils may generate heat inside the unit, and this process ends up with the issue of turning on and off your GE window AC.

  • Check The Air Filter

A clogged air filter is blamed for consuming high power energy and turning on and off GE air conditioners. Please pay attention to the regular cleaning of the air filter to prevent miss leading.

  • A faulty Thermostat

The thermostat controls the fan and compressor and commands them to start after eight minutes. A defective thermostat may cause malfunction and create wrong signals, and results in switching on and off after a short period.

GE Air Conditioner Blinking All The Lights

ge air conditioner blinking all the lights


Whenever you turn on the Window AC unit, its display appears at 88. After almost two seconds, it gets disappeared.

If you are unaware of this, we want to comfort you by saying it is not a problem.

Appearing double eight in the display is an informing message that your AC unit is working correctly without any flaws.

GE AC unit restarts the previous mode if any power breakage occurs, but after the double eight appears, the light turns on with a beep sound.

  • Issue of All Control Panel Lights Flashing & Beeping

Here is another situation the GE air conditioners turn on all the lights and begin continuously beeping. It is not a usual working indication.

Well, all the lights turning on with beeping is an alarming situation that signals a problem inside the unit.

Suppose you want to fix the issue of the GE air conditioner beeping and all lights turned on. In that case, firstly, you must know that this happens due to a defective electronic control board or an issue with the compressor, the fan’s motor, or another component.

Fixing the beeping and blinking all lights issue is not an easy task, especially when you don’t know the exact defective element. So, we suggest you call a professional to diagnose and fix the issue in a better way.

GE Air Conditioner Red Filter Light Blinking

ge air conditioner red filter light blinking


If your GE Air conditioner Filter light is blinking, then it’s not a sign of a big issue. It’s a signal of two things. The first thing is a reminder to clean the AC filter.

Secondly, it’s a message about completing the 250 hours of your air conditioner’s fan.

So, whenever your GE window air conditioner’s filter light starts blinking, you may shut them off by the following methods.

  • Remove Clog

The first thing you can do to turn off the beeping and blinking light is clean the filter. The lights turn up after a specific time, even if there is no clog.

But one thing that is necessary to mention is that don’t wait for the reminder to clean the filter. It would be best to clean the filter once a month for maintenance.

  • Unable the Reminder

GE window AC turns on the filter light and beeps when the fan completes its 250 hours. But you can get rid of the reminder by disabling it.

But ensure that you do the regular cleaning and don’t require any remembrance. So you can disable the feature by following the guideline.

The easiest way is to get your window unit’s user manual and locate the DIP switches. Figure out the filter reminder switch and turn it off.

  • Push The Reset Filter

The last option is to hit the reset filter button. It will allow you to shut off the blinking light and beeping of the GE air conditioners. After pushing the button, the unit will reset the fan running time and start counting the hours from zero.

GE Window Air Conditioner Won’t Connect To Wifi

ge window air conditioner won't connect to wifi

If you are facing the GE Air Conditioner wifi connection issue, you must check a few things while establishing a connection with the GE window unit.

  • Check Password

The first thing that could be a culprit of failed connection is entering an invalid or old password. Ensure you insert the accurate current wifi password to establish a successful connection.

  • Invalid Home Network

Secondly, you must check that you are using the accurate network name. Try again while entering the correct network name.

  • Reset GE Window AC unit

Here is another solution to fix the failed GE air conditioner wifi connection. You may try resetting your window AC.

Firstly, you must disconnect the power cord and leave them disconnected from the socket for at least 60 seconds. Attach the power cord back and shut off the unit using the power button.

GE Air conditioner Buttons Won’t Work

Another common issue with the GE window air conditioners is the control panel won’t work buttons.

If you are unaware of why your air conditioner buttons stop working, you must go through the thermostat settings, or maybe the air conditioner has a defective control panel.

  • Check Incorrect Thermostat Settings

If you want to resolve the issue, then you must set an accurate temperature setting. Depending on the model air conditioner works on FAN or COOL MODE. Then, ensure that the unit is set on the COOL mode.

What you have to be concerned about is if your conditioner is set on the FAN MODE, then it may be impossible to minimize or maximize the temperature with the help of the temperature adjustment button.

To resolve this issue, you must switch the mode from FAN to COOL.

  • Check the Control Panel

Another reason for the GE air conditioner buttons not working is the faulty control board. Somehow if the control panel of your GE air conditioner gets defective, it isn’t able to operate the buttons over the control panel.

Mostly resetting the Ge air conditioners fix the issue of not working buttons. Follow the steps to reset your GE unit. So, you must shut off your GE AC unit by disconnecting the power cord. You may also turn off the unit from the circuit breaker.

Leave it for 60 seconds, and then turn it on. After tuning on, you must press each button for more than three seconds.

GE Window AC Error Codes

ge window ac error codes

Appearing error codes on the GE window, AC indicated the problem in the unit and enabled an expert to inspect the issue to resolve it.

Here, we are going to discuss a few standard error codes that will surely help you to diagnose the issue as well as fix it.

  • GE Window Air Conditioner E1 Error Code

E1 indicated the problematic electronic control board of the GE window AC. To resolve the issue, you may detach the power cord for almost 2 minutes and then plug it back. If it doesn’t resolve, you must replace the electronic control board.

  • GE Window Air Conditioner E4 Error Code

The error appears in the two conditions. The first is when your GE window AC wants you to empty the water buckets. Secondly, when the bucket float switch gets defective.

  • GE window AC 8 Error Code

It appears in case of an overload malfunction error.


This article discusses most of the issues for GE window air conditioner troubleshooting. You must be able to resolve the issue by following accurate instructions.

If you are nervous or find it hard to diagnose or fix the GE window AC unit issue, we suggest contacting a professional.

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