GE profile oven control panel reset

GE profile oven control panel reset. GE Profile oven is an electric device. It has a large oven capacity. This GE Profile oven comes in a porcelain cooktop, standard burners, electronic clock, control pad, and square grates.

The ignition system comes in a pilotless system as it is an electric device, so it may get some errors too. These errors can be eradicated by resetting the oven control panel.

GE profile oven control panel reset

The resetting procedure of profile GE is the same as all the other GE appliances. It is easy as the crow flies. The resetting of the GE profile oven is just as you reset your computer and reboot it.

The following are the simple steps to reset your profile oven.

Unplugging the applianceHow To Reset The Ge Profile Oven Control Panel

The first thing you have to do is to check the plug. If it is plugged in, then unplug the appliance. The built-in plug of the profile oven is inaccessible.

Switching off the breaker

If you do not unplug the oven, then simply switch off the breaker. This breaker is present on the main panel.

There will display a selection on the control pad of the oven, and then press the Start button. Now, reset the clock. Select the time. Now, press the Start/On button to save the changes.


Now, when you have switched off the breaker, wait for one minute. Make sure that you turn off the power of the stove. This oven comes in a double switch.

These two switches are joined together by a bonding plate in them. The one switch you turn off, the other gets off automatically. Now, press the Clock button when the display shows the Off option.

Now, press the Start or On button to save the changes you made.

F9 Error CodeGe Profile Oven Control Panel Not Working

It sometimes happens that the main power supply of your home gets heavy thanks to any lightning foray.

Whenever this happens, the control panel displays the F9 or E0 error code. You can avoid the error by not pressing keys in a 10-second sequence.

In this case, you have to reset the control panel of the profile oven. To remove the display error, simply turn off the breaker. Now, leave it for one minute. After a minute, switch it on.

What if the GE oven won’t turn on?

If your GE profile oven gets troubled, then have a look at the following factors:

Control Lock

If your control panel won’t turn, then you should check the Control Lock feature. If it is locked then simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

Delay Start

The delay start is affianced. This delayed start is the program present in many ovens. You can check the manual according to your GE model.

Resetting of breaker

Sometimes breakers may get tripped thanks to the electricity sources. Reset the breaker that is tripped. If it gets tripped often, then you should call the appliance plumber to set it up for you.

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