Furnace can’t keep up with cold

Furnace can’t keep up with cold. The furnace is a system used in the cold winters to keep the environment warm, but if it can’t keep up with the cold, then it is due to a fault in the HVAC fan.

The HVAC system of the furnace is not used for a long time in the summer, due to which dust, dirt, and other debris of bugs and wastes gather on it.

All these things clog up the heating system and decrease its working efficiency because the warm air is not circulated properly in the whole environment. As a result, the room keeps up with the coldness.

Another thing to ensure is that either your room is accurately insulated or not. Because if your room is not insulted in a decent way and there are openings and holes in it, then how can you think that furnace will warm the room?

All the heat will go out from the gaps, and the room will stay cold. For the more probable causes of this issue, continue reading the article.

Furnace can’t keep up with cold

furnace can't keep up with cold

It is very problematic if the heating system, like the furnace, is not working properly in the cold, extreme weather. Sometimes it happens due to the not accurately seizing and fixing of the furnace.

Let’s heat generated in the room which cant warm the room and as a result, you can not enjoy your favorite Tv show on a cold night.

Let’s discuss in detail all the possible reasons and their solutions to keep the room warm in winter.

Proper insulation of the room

The most important thing to keep in mind in the winters is whether you have properly insulated the room or not.

If there are wide gaps and holes in the roof or windows in the room, then it is almost impossible that the environment of the room will get warm.

All the warmth will escape from the holes, and the room will remain cold. If all the cracks are properly sealed, then the hot air produced by the furnace will remain in the room.

Cleanliness of HVAC system

As you know that the furnace is used only in the winter and remains off in the summer season. During that time period, dust and dirt gathered on it and decreased its efficiency of working.

So before using it in the winter, clean it properly and remove all the dust from all sides.

You can also hire a technician for the ductwork of the furnace. During the cleaning, you can also repair the damaged parts of the furnace.

The filters of the furnace are dirty

the filters of the furnace are dirty

If the furnace is not warming the room up to the required temperature, then check its filters. If the filters are dirty, then the working efficiency will also decrease.

If the filters are full of dust and debris, then you are inhaling bad quality air.

You can check the manual and change out the filters if they are dirty and also try to keep fewer pets in the home because germs are gathered on the filters.

Wrong size of the furnace

The size of the furnace is very important whenever you install it in a room. If your room is big and the size of the furnace is small, then you can not get the required temperature. As a result, there will be an overload on the furnace also.

On the other hand, if the size of the room is small and the furnace size is large, then the room will get too hot. Hence, the size of the furnace matters a lot to keep the required temperature in the room.

Moreover, always hire a professional technician to install the furnace in the right place and right way.

Blower belt is damaged

The blower motor will not work start if its belt is damaged or split. The fan will not circulate the hot air in the room.

In this case, replacing the broken blower belt is the only solution.

Issue of thermostat

As you are familiar with the importance of the thermostat because it controls the room temperature. It sends the signal to the furnace if the room temperature is too low or too hot to set the required temperature.

If the furnace is not switching on or less hot air is producing, then inspect the thermostat and batteries, fuse, and wiring also to find the main issue. It will make it easier for you to troubleshoot.


Furnace can’t keep up with cold. It is very disgusting if your furnace is not warming the room properly in the cold weather.

I have discussed almost all the possible causes and their possible solutions behind the issue of furnaces that can’t keep up with the cold.

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