How to Reset a Furnace

How to Reset a Furnace? Keeping your house warm and cozy in winter is important. For that, you need to have a reliable furnace, either an electric or a gas furnace.

But what if this furnace stops working properly due to any reason, such as high volts of electricity or a circuit break? Or it might stop due to any gas supply problem. Resetting a furnace is the first step that might solve this problem.

Before calling the technician to start your furnace again, try to reset the furnace by yourself. Resetting your furnace is an easy way to fix simple problems.

To save your money, it is important to know how to reset a furnace by yourself. This article explains the easy and quick way to help you reset the electrical or gas furnace at home.

How to Reset a Furnace

Almost all the furnaces use electricity as a power source, so in case of overload, the reset button is used to turn it off to avoid any major damage.

The location of the reset button is dependent on the model of the furnace.

Many furnaces have a reset button present on the blower motor. But in some models, this button is given at the bottom of the back of the blower motor. It is mostly painted either red or yellow for convenience.

How to reset a gas furnace?How To Reset A Gas Furnace

Any gas furnace can be reset with the help of easy steps. First, you have to make sure that the pilot light of the furnace is out.

When the pilot light is out, turn the thermostat down as low as it can get.

After that, cut the power supply of the furnace to avoid any current shock.

Leave only the pilot gas supply on and cut any other gas supply to the furnace.

In the next step, to relight the pilot, light the match and hold this to the opening of the pilot flame jet inside the furnace. Now turn the power source back on and put the gas supply on as well.

Press the reset button and hold it for 30 seconds. Now raise the thermostat level. This will reset and start the furnace again to work properly.

How to reset an electric furnace?How To Reset An Electric Furnace

To reset an electric furnace, first, turn the power source off at the circuit breaker, which is quite clear to observe as it is marked.

Or there might be a power switch given on the side; turn the switch of the furnace off to ensure that there is no power supply.

Remove the cover of the blower compartment with a screwdriver.

Now try to reach the red or yellow button on the blower motor, or this button might be given at the bottom or back of the blower motor. Press this reset button if it has popped due to an overload of electricity.

Now put the cover back on and turn the power source on. This will reset your furnace and make it start working properly again.

How to Troubleshoot and Reset a Furnace?

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