Frigidaire Dryer Code e64

Frigidaire Dryer Code e64. Frigidaire is a well-known name for investing in dryers or washing machines due to their high-end features. The faster drying of the clothes due to their dryers is one of the most attractive features, a part of what people pay the most.

You will be getting five drying levels with this brand’s dryers; ultra-low, medium, low, high, and air dry alongside anti-wrinkle formula that helps to let your clothes look smoother for a long time.

But no matter what, electric-operated devices can always lead you to a spot where you think it can be a death sentence for your device.

Panicking at this point and calling professional services isn’t a wise step or decision to take. Calm yourself down if your Frigidaire dryer is beeping, and look for which code it is popping out. The dryers and washing machines always let us know the problem by indicating a legend with the help.

Frigidaire electric dryer code e64 is visible whenever there is an issue with the heating element, cycling thermostat, thermal fuse, or even your control board can also be corrupted.

Reaching the real cause is as important as putting the water in a washing machine to wash clothes. Without knowing the actual cause, one can waste the money and the device only.

Frigidaire Dryer Code e64 fix frigidaire dryer code e64

Following mentioned are some possible reasons of Frigidaire affinity dryer code e64 that can cause the problem mentioned above.

Failed Cycling Thermostat

Frigidaire Affinity dryer error codes E64 and E63 can potentially be caused by a malfunctioning bicycle thermostat. It is common for dryers to have a thermostat that cycles through a range of temperatures.

The bicycle thermostat may fail if your dryer doesn’t have heat. To execute this repair, you will need a customs key.

Blown Thermal Fuseblown thermal fuse

When it comes to protecting your home from flames, thermal fuses play a vital role. Formed in the 1980s, the federal government has mandated the use of these devices in all dryers.

Whenever the tumble dryer outlet temperature rises too high, the thermal fuse trips, blows a fuse, and the dryer will continue to run until it is repaired.

How to Fix Frigidaire Dryer Code e64?how to fix frigidaire dryer code e64

Replacing the heating element and inserting the new one can quickly solve the problem.

  • Start by unplugging your dryer and shutting off the water supply source.
  • Disconnect the vent hose and the water supply, and you’re done. As a precaution, make sure to turn off the tap before using it.
  • After that, you’ll need to remove the cover, the back cover, and the bracket holding the body in place. Disconnect all screws and pull straight back to release. It may be a little hesitant at first. Then simply flip it a little to loosen it.
  • Remove all screws holding the back section in place. Also, don’t forget to take note of the access door in the middle.
  • Following is a list of the mounting screws that are used. Once the bracket has been unscrewed, simply pull it up and out of the way.
  • Remove the top screws from the tripod mounting if you have one. You should note that these screw heads are slightly different. Therefore, keep them apart.
  • Remove the screw holding the vent pipe. A slight angle should be used when screwing it in. Once you’ve removed the tube, press it in so you can easily remove the back cover.
  • Remove the dryer from the socket and remove the back cover before removing the power plug. Cleaning the pipe, brackets, and water connection may need considerable effort. I usually pull it out at an angle and work it back and forth to loosen the top.
  • With the backoff in place, you can remove the ventilation hose and push it to the side. If you want to loosen up the heating unit, you’ll need to remove three screws and various wire connections.
  • Please rotate the device so that you may pull it out when it’s no longer locked in its place. Even if it takes a while, it shouldn’t take too much effort to get it done.

If you have a multimeter, you can test the coils when you have some free time. Set the ohmmeter to the lowest setting and test each ring using the meter. Also, you can perform a visual inspection, although this may not be clear at first glance.

A multimeter or visual inspection will reveal if the item needs replacing or reassembling.


Many users who only rely on a dryer for their cloth cleaning can face problems, but that doesn’t mean you have to call professional or expert help.

Before you move ahead to this step and waste hundreds of your bucks, look for easy troubleshooting.

Frigidaire Dryer Code e64

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