How to reset samsung washing machine program

How to reset samsung washing machine program. When it comes to home electronics, Samsung is a name you can trust. A wide range of sensors and programs are included in their washing machines, making them cutting-edge.

So their washing machines stand out from those of other companies.

In addition to cleaning, they also take good care of the clothes. Don’t let yourself get too stressed out. If you have a lot of clothes in the washtub and your machine beeps and displays an error code.

There appears to be a problem. All you need to know is how to reset the Samsung washing machine program to fix this issue.

How to reset samsung washing machine programhow to reset samsung washing machine program

It’s easy to execute a factory reset on a Samsung washing machine. It’s as simple as unplugging the washer or flipping the circuit breaker.

Then;, you must wait for some time till the washing machine regains its electrical charge to clear the washer.

Most of the time, this takes no more than five minutes. After that, you’ll be able to restart your machine. It only takes a few seconds to reset your washing machine.

Simply follow these steps to make your washer work again.

Resetting the Samsung Error Codesresetting the samsung error codes

There are more than ten error codes on Samsung washing machines. These error codes are not interchangeable.

1. Error code DC

If a function is blocking the spins of your washing machine, this error number will display because loading the washing machine beyond capacity reduces its efficiency.

To reset, simply open the washer door, distribute the load inside the washtub, and reset Error Code dc by pressing Cycle Selector.

2. Error code DL

The only way to fix this error is to restart the program and try again. Close your door before turning off your washing machine; all you need to do is press the power button.

Turn the device back on and wait 15 to 30 seconds after proceeding. This has been done, and your washer is now ready for use.

3. Error code DS

Firstly, double-check that your door is completely shut, then restart the program by pressing the power button, and the washing machine is ready to use.

4. Error code FL

This problem code is also linked to the door of your washer. The FL error code appears when your washing machine’s entry does not lock.

Check if anything obstructs the door, then push the door and reset the washing machine by pressing the power button.

5. Error code Hr

The temperature-related functions are the cause of this error code. But don’t be worried; to begin, make sure the washer’s hoses are connected.

The hot water connection must attach to hot water hoses. Lastly, make sure the cold water hoses are linked to the cold water supply.

Check to see if the water heater in the room is working correctly, as well.

6. Error code LE

Code of error Le is a number that refers to how much water is in your washer. Insufficient water in the washing machine causes this error code to appear.

To reactivate the program, make sure your water pressure is at least 20 psi. You should also check that the washer’s water inlet valve is functioning correctly.

7. Error code LO

You will have a problem locking the door if you receive this error because when your washing machine gets too hot, the machine’s internal fan runs until it is cool enough to remove the laundry.

This procedure prevents damage to the internal heater. You can remove the laundry after a few minutes of waiting for the washer to cool down.

8. Error code E3

This error code indicates that the washing machine’s motor is not working correctly. However, there is a straightforward solution to the problem.

You only need to press the Cycle Selector once to reset and your washer will be set to go.

9. Error code nD

Having this error code indicates that your washing machine is not properly draining the dirty water. But do not be afraid; the remedy is simple.

The drain hose must be appropriately attached, and the cycle can then be restarted. This error code will not go away until you regularly clean the lint filter. 

10. Error code nF

You’ll see this error code when your washing machine isn’t filling with water correctly. Not a big deal and easy to fix. To begin, turn on the washer’s faucets and make sure they are all open.

After that, see if the inlet hose is functioning correctly by testing it out yourself. You should also double-check your water supply line.


The information we have provided so far on how to reset a Samsung washing machine program should be sufficient for you at this point, right?

There is no need to ask for help if you encounter any of the errors mentioned above codes. This program is easy, but you need to have a plan before starting. Please contact the Samsung support team if you require any additional assistance.

Reset Samsung washing machine program

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