Food processor not working

Food processor not working. A food processor is a useful electrical appliance that mixes different food ingredients and blends them to liquefy.

If your food processor is not working accurately, then there are various issues that can happen to it as a failure of the motor or motor fuse, broken switch, etc.

Now the main question is how can you identify the main issue of the food processor which is not working. Firstly, if the machine is not starting, then make sure that it is properly plugged into the outlet.

Suppose it is plugged inaccurately, then plugin properly. Check the circuit breaker of the outlet. If it is tripped, then change its position or replace it.

If your food processor is working periodically, then check its motor because maybe it is overheated due to continuous working.

You are advised to check it with some professional if there is a mechanical issue who can easily sort out the fault and fix it easily.

Keep reading my thoughts in this article to get information about different reasons for malfunctioning of the food processor.

Food processor not working

food processor not working

It is a very frustrating condition when friends are gathered in your home on the weekend to eat some delicious dishes, but suddenly your food processor has stopped working.

Everyone knows it is it very important part of the kitchen to chop the onions and blend other food items saving a lot of time and effort.

There are several possible reasons behind this issue. You can fix them after reading my research so keep reading…

Outlet is faulty

Sometimes you are not aware of the fault in the outlet and keep trying to switch on the unit in that outlet. So whenever the machine is not even started then check that it is properly plugged into the outlet.

If it is, then maybe some issue with the outlet. For confirming it open the main circuit box in the home which is mostly installed on the porch or basement.

If the circuit breaker of the outlet is tripped, then it is the culprit behind the not working of the machine. To replace the circuit breaker.

You may also confirm the fault in the switch by switching on the food processor in some other outlet in the kitchen.

The power cord is spoiled

If there is no issue with the outlet, then move your focus to the power cord. It is responsible for turning out most of the electrical appliances in the home and kitchen.

It is spoiled because of two things, firstly due to forcibly pressed into the outlet in the wall. Always plug-in the cable or power cord slowly to the outlet.

Secondly, make it a habit to pull out the power cord from the outlet when you are not using the machine because it is damaged by continuously tangled into the socket.

So if the power cord is the culprit then you may have extra cable in the home or you can buy it from the shop and fix the issue.

Container is overfillled

container is overfillled

As you know that the food processor is used to blend the different food items with the help of blades.

If you will pul an extra amount of food in the container to blend, then the blades will not spin due to no space.

So always ensure that the food entered in it is not overfilled. There should be some pace in the container so that the blades can spin easily to chop the items.

Less amount of water

There is not a fixed amount of water needed in the unit to blend the things, but if you will enter very dry food items in the container, then it will make it difficult and hard for blades to chop them into small pieces.

So take care of this point that if the food item is dry and hard then add some water to the container to make it easy for the blades to spin.

A mechanical error in the machine

If you have checked that there is no issue which is explained above, then there might be a mechanical problem with the food processor.

Any part of the machine is damaged or broken, so you will have to check it with a professional to inspect it in detail and repair or replace the broken component of the unit.

The motor of the appliance is overheated

It is a reality that your motor will overheat when you use it for a longer period of time to blend the food items.

It also heats up when you will chop the hard food items in it. So take it easy and do not continuously use the food processor for a long time. Stop your work after some time to let the motor cool down and then start again.


Food processor not working. The end of the discussion is that if the food processor is not working, then there is not necessary if it has some mechanical error.

So before checking it with some professional confirm the all above-mentioned steps to find out the reason behind the troubleshooting.

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