Electric blanket not working after washing

Electric blanket not working after washing. Electric blankets are the latest gadgets to survive in cold winter because if there are extreme cold conditions outside, you can heat yourself in the electric blankets.

However, it’s also necessary to take extra care of your electric blankets, especially during washing sessions, because you can not wash them in the electric washing machine.

You have to be very careful to manage these blankets. If you wash them in the wrong way, the blanket will prevent doing its job.

There is a specific method to wash the electric blanket; if you clean it incorrectly, then wire connections inside the blanket become loose when they touch water and soap lather.

If your electric blanket has stopped working after washing it, you need to reset it.

It’s not a difficult task to reset the electric blanket so read this guide because I am explaining all the steps in detail for you that how you can reset your electric blanket if it is not heating after washing.

Electric blanket not working after washing

No one denies the importance of electric blankets in the cold winter, but it’s also essential to manage them properly.

If you are facing trouble with your electric blanket after washing, then leave the blanket to air dry for one day at least completely, plug its power cord after completely drying, switch it on and fix its highest setting for 5 to 10 minutes.

The blanket will start heating up if there is no broken wire inside the blanket.

Dont get panicky and frustrated because of these problems too often; read these points to troubleshoot your problem.

Air dry the blanket

air dry the blanket

If you see your electric blanket is getting dirty and it’s time to wash it, then carefully wash it according to the user manual.

You can easily wash the electric blankets in washing machines and dryers. But, it is essential to detach the control code and all wire connections carefully before you put the blanket in the washing machine.

You can take help from the manufacturer’s manual on disconnecting the control code from the electric blanket. It’s better to soak the blanket for 20 minutes before you wash it in the machine.

Always ensure to wash the blanket with a mild washing detergent, and don’t try any other soap or detergent for washing these gadgets.

Do not wash any other fabric when you are washing the blanket in the machine because it can damage and lose the wire connections fixed inside the blanket.

You must be very gentle and careful washing these kinds of blankets because a slight mistake can damage them. After cleaning the blanket properly, air dries it thoroughly to remove all the dampness from it.

Your best bet is to hang the blanket outside the home on the lawn or roof so that it retains its original shape.

Plug in the blanket

plug in the blanket

When you see the electric blanket is completely dried up and there are no signs of dampness in it, then attach the control code carefully to the blanket and plug it into the electric socket.

When you restart the blanket after the washing session, always insert the power cord in the outlet that works well, and there is a proper flow of electric current in the socket from the main control box.

I am explaining this point because once it happened to me that I washed my blanket in the machine, and after completely air drying the blanket, the blanket did not start up after plugging in the wall outlet.

It was a very frustrating situation for me; I thought my electric blanket was malfunctioning, but actually, it was not. The main culprit was the socket because its circuit breaker was tripped due to overload in the socket.

Then I changed the socket and plugged in the cord in another outlet in the home, and the blanket started getting temperature without any issue.

So, always connect the blanket control code carefully and connect in that socket with no external issue like overload in the circuit, tripped breaker, or a fuse being blown away.

Looks for damage

looks for damage

If the electric blanket does not start heating up, there is something wrong with the blanket.

Check if the control cord is perfectly connected with the blanket or if it is loose because sometimes you do not connect it tightly, and it remains loose, due to which electric current is not flowing to fire on all blanket cylinders.

If there is a loose wire connection, it can happen due to washing the blanket in the machine.

During the spin cycle, some wires get loose or broken, so check them, and if you find any loose wires, then repair them.

You can easily check if the current is working or damaged using a multimeter; the multimeter must give a zero reading; otherwise, you need to change the cord replacement if it gives the reading high.

If you don’t know to repair or replace the broken wire, then don’t attempt it because it can increase further damage. Hire a local electrician to tighten the loose wire connection.

Set the electric blanket at the highest settings

When you plug the electric blanket into the electric outsource, do not begin it at low-temperature settings because some people make mistakes when they restart the blanket at low-temperature settings, so always reset the blanket to the highest temperature settings.

If you start the blanket at low heat settings, then it doesn’t produce a sufficient spark in the blanket to begin heating.

So, always set the electric blanket to the highest settings for five minutes and wait for at least five minutes to provide electric current to all cylinders fixed in the blanket.

Reset the blanket

reset the blanket

If there is no damage to the electric blanket and it is turned on after plugging in the socket, then it’s important to reset it before you use it.

There are different methods to reset different electric blankets, but all electric blankets have the same steps to follow to reset them.

  • First of all, pull out the power cord from the socket for five minutes to reset the code controller.
  • Separate the wire connected between the code controller and the blanket for two minutes and tighten it again.
  • Please switch off the controller and then switch it on to reset the automatic timer on the device.
  • Plug in the power cord and set the highest temperature settings to warm the blanket.



The bottom line of the article is that if you have a modern electric blanket to warm yourself in the winter, you must take care of your blanket because if you do not maintain it, its wire connections become loose or damaged.

Ensure to wash separately in the washing machine and completely air dry it before you plug in gain in the electric source. Always set the highest settings when you start the outlet to turn on all cylinders.

If the blanket does not heat up, reset it, but if the blanket is still not working after washing, you can repair it from a local repair shop.

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