Dehumidifier Icing Up

Is there anything troublesome that the dehumidifier starts icing up?

Exactly, this is the most irritating thing that any of your home appliances stop working. What if your dehumidifier stops working? It will over-damp and moisturize your home.

Dehumidifier Icing Up

This humidity can cause damage to the furnishings of your home. Not materialistic damages, but it can cause health issues to the homeowners and especially the children.

Always keep an eye on the working of your dehumidifier and make sure it performs its function ably.

Let’s discuss the reasons why you face the dehumidifier icing up the problem:


Room TemperatureDehumidifier Icing Up

The first and common reason for it may be the room temperature. Thanks to the operating units of dehumidifiers get icing up.

Frequently, all the dehumidifiers come in temperatures bearing below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidifier consists of metal coils, a collecting bucket, and a hose.

When air comes in, it goes through the metal coils. The water present in the air is condensed, and the remaining drops are collected in the collecting bucket.

The drops may be pumped out via the hose of the dehumidifier. If the temperature gets too low or below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, your dehumidifier may get disabled and stop working.

Air Flow

If the airflow is not normal, then there are possibilities that your dehumidifier may get non-functional. The abnormal airflow may be due to two main problems.

The first is the fan if it is not turning fine. The second issue may be with the condenser unit. If the condenser unit of the dehumidifier gets blocked, your dehumidifier will no more able to eliminate humidity.

Dirty DehumidifierDehumidifier Troubleshooting

If your dehumidifier is not clean enough, its performance of it may be disabled.
Moving to the ways and methods to stop the icing up of your dehumidifier. Following are the basic steps to get rid of this problem:

Placing of Dehumidifier

Firstly, the most important thing is to set the position of your dehumidifier at the place where the air gets easily circulated.

You should close all the windows, doors, or any other thing that lets the dehumidifier start, excluding the moisture, rather than your room.

Checking room temperature

Always check the temperature of your room with a thermometer or thermostat. Most of the dehumidifiers work above 41 degrees.

So, before turning on the dehumidifier, check the temperature and let it off until the temperature gets normal.

Cleaning of dehumidifier

Keep your dehumidifier clean. A dehumidifier may refuse to perform its functions if the coils are not clean and may get blocked.

To clean it, unplug it from the switch and clean the filter compartment. You can use a vacuum to remove the dirt and dust from the filter.

If it is dirty enough that the vacuum is unable to clean it, then washing is recommended. The filter can be washed using warm water.

Now, when the cleaning and washing are done, let the dehumidifier melt the ice and put it in the plug again.

Replacing the tank

Unplug your dehumidifier from an electric source. Remove all the water from the tank. Now, put it on a table or floor. Let the ice melt and dry up in the tank. Replace the tank and connect again.

Summing up, clean your dehumidifier often, check room temperatures, and all the points discussed above to keep your dehumidifier working properly.

All being well, these steps may solve all the problems of icing up of the dehumidifier.

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