CVS heating pad blinking light

CVS heating pad blinking light. The blinking of the heating pad with red light shows that the controller connection that was previously connected to the bad has been terminated.

When the controller disconnects with the heating pad, F or a High heat setting will start flashing on the heating pad.

I was warming myself through my heating pad on high heat and was pretty comfortable until the heating pad started blinking.

There was an F on the heating pad that won’t stop, and the heating pad kept annoying mean with that F. I didn’t know why the heating pad kept blinking or how the heating pad would stop blinking.

I checked the heating pad’s guide, and there was only a reset method only the guide. Resetting the heating pad will get rid of the blinking light, but knowing why the heating ad behaved that way is important.

CVS heating pad blinking light

Having a heating pad assist you in winter makes it better. There are lights on the heating pad which show the heating pad’s functionality.

Among the lights, the pad heating light is very important as it shows the connection and heating of the pad by blinking and smooth running.

The heating pad blinking is mainly because of connection loss between the heating pad and the controller of the heating pad.

The loose wire connection of the heating pad won’t lag in blinking. The cords of the heating pad can be broken as well. Read more below.

General Reasons And Fix

General reasons for pad heating light not stopping from blinking involve different things.

The heating pad blinking fix is the best of the heating pad, but knowing the heating pad blinking reasons is crucial. You may find heating pad blinking reasons useful. Let’s see and fix them.

Power issues

power issues

Starting with the power issues like always, the heating pad works on electricity as well. The power of the heating pad is crucial. Check if the heating pad is actually plugged in and getting enough power.

The heating may be plugged at the outlet to the heating pad may be off. The heating pad outlet may be on, but the breaker on the primary board may have no power.

No power from the main board means no power in the outlet, and no outlet power won’t turn the heating pad. But we are talking about the heating pad blinking.

The power disturbance can affect the heat pad and cause blinking. There may be power to the heating pad, but not enough for it.

This lack of heating pad power will trigger the heating pad light to go on and off like the pad is blinking, but in fact, the power to the heating pad is the culprit here.

Loose connections

The loose connection of the heating pad also resembles the power issue. The lack of power is because of the loose connections as well.

This loose wiring can result in the power loss of the heating pad, and the result is blinking.

The connection isn’t properly tightened in the heating pad sometimes. The problems in the heating pad may arise after the loose connection.

If the heating pad is acting in a blinking light manner, then the blinking won’t be good for the heating pad. Disconnect the cord of the heating pad from the outlet.

Let the pad stay off as you plug the cord of the heating pad back into the outlet.

The pad or blanket should be properly connected without a loose connection in the outlet. The heating flashing of the heating pad may be solved by this.

Twisted cables

twisted cables

Bling pads can be possible because of cables as well. The cables of the heating pad can be twisted, and thus, the twisted cables are causing the blinking.

By twisting, the cables are tangled in the case. The twisted cords can get loose, and the loose cables are explained above.

Having tangled cords are going to be a disadvantage in the blinking field. Twisted cables interfere with the current supply and can blink the lights.

If the cables of the heating pad are twisted or tangled, try rewinding the cables and unraveling them.

Unraveling the cable will smoothen the current again, and the untwisted cables can be restored easily, and the connection will be restored.

If the tangled cord looks hard to unravel, you can replace the tangled cord as well. The tangled cord can be replaced by looking at the manual and being set like the manual.

Internal damages

internal damages

After restoring the twisted cables and getting a proper connection to the heating pad, the blinking should stop, but that isn’t always going to stop the blinking.

The connection and cables may not even need a repair, as the damage to the heat pad can be purely internal.

The persisting blinking can indicate a damaged heating pad. The internal heating pad damage can be because of the internal cable being broken.

There is a heating element in the heating pad that makes the electrical blanket warm and keeps the temperature inside the blanket normal.

The heating element can have some faults, and heating element faults cannot be repaired. If you see the heating element being flat, replace the heating element.

The heating element in some blankets may not be repairable, so the whole heating pad will need a replacement. Get a heating pad that works smoothly with a warranty.

Controller function

controller function

The controller plays an important role in the heating blanket. The heating pad temperature is set by the controller.

The temperature setting of the heating pad depends on the controller.

The heat settings in the pad can be different. The controller being missing will start the blinking of the heating pad.

The loose controller connected to the heating pad will cause the trouble of blinking the heating blanket and won’t stop.

If the controller is the problem, the high setting on the controller or the F will start blinking. This happens when the controller’s connection to the heating blanket gets broken while the heating blanket is functioning.

Re-powering the heating blanket after some time may set the controller back, and the blinking of F will stop. Resetting the heating blanket is another way to get its controller working and stop the Heat on the pad from blinking.



If all the above methods, including the controller functions, have failed, then resetting the heating blanket is a great idea.

The heating blanket can be reset easily depending on the blanket model. Some models have a reset button on them, and directly pressing it starts the reset.

Direct reset isn’t present on all heating pads. Many heating pads require the manual reset of the blanket.

The manual reset is done by unplugging the heating blanket’s power cord and letting the heating pad’s power dissipate. Turn the heating blanket on and power it on and off twice to clear the functions. The blinking will stop.


If reset and the fixing of the heating blanket were useless, then replace the heating pad and get a new one. The new heating pad won’t blink. Getting a replacement for the heating blanket saves the trouble of fixing it.


The problem with the heating blanket not discussed above is its running time. The heat blanket may blink if it has been used over the heating limit.

Fixing the heating blanket means doing everything above. Including the reset, the fixing of the blanket is easy. Replacement of the heating blanket is a free suggestion. Thanks for reading!

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