Crock pot troubleshooting

Crock pot troubleshooting. Dear readers, if you are one of those who love to make different dishes to enjoy your daily meal and for this purpose, you use a crockpot in your kitchen.

But if you have to face some issues with a crockpot, then it will also become your headache. If you go out to make some dish, but your crockpot won’t work, it will irritate you.

Just like other appliances we use in our kitchen, we face complexities with them; similarly to crockpot, we can also face many issues.

In this article, we will go to discuss the main cause of why your crockpot does not work with suggestions. So let’s get started with our main topic, crockpot troubleshooting.

Crock pot troubleshooting

crock pot troubleshooting

A broiled power cord

If you notice the cause of your crockpot won’t turn is the power cord, then try to plug in a different more than outlet rather than that outlet which you commonly use.

If it is plugged into the right outlet, then the interference light turns on, and if it does not, it mean it proves that your power cord washed out. At this stage, you can replace it.

A damaged knob

A damaged knob might be another reason for the failure of your crockpot. A knob is typically designed to function its switch on and off.

So when it gets damaged, it becomes fails to operate its function or does not rotate, which ultimately leads to causing your crockpot not to turn on.

The only solution to troubleshoot is to change it with a new knob. Just pull out the used knob and put forward the new knob to fix it.

Broken internal pot

Not always, but sometimes cracked pots inside crock pots will cause your crackpot won’t work. The inner pot is made up of porcelain and ceramic. Sometimes inner pot gets cracked when they get a knock.

If you find out that issue in your crockpot, you should go to replace not try to troubleshoot these cracks with glue, as when it gets heated, it melts the glue, which can mix with food.

After examining the issue of the cracked inner pot, you simply remove the cracked pot and put a new pot in it to fix this problem.

Damaged heating element

crock pot troubleshooting 2022

As the heating element of the crockpot is responsible for its heating so, obviously, when it gets damaged, it will lead to the failure of your crockpot won’t work. To find out this issue either your heating elements get damaged, you need to follow the following steps;

  • Switch off your crockpot.
  • To check its heating element, checks the backs of your crockpot and unscrew the screw, bolts as well as bolts to locate the heating element.
  • Thirdly, disconnect the wire connector. It makes elements free from lead, making them easy to remove.
  • After this process, you should need to check the current in the heating element. Use a multimeter to check the current in the heating element.

Damaged fuse

damaged fuse

A fuse is an essential component of any appliances you use in your kitchen. It plays an important role in electricity rise and fall.

It prevents your device from harm when a sudden flow of electricity occurs. It prevents your device in that manner that your device gets switched off due to an electrical deluge.

A damaged fuse might be offended behind your crockpot. Do not on. Bad wiring is a big reason for the failure of a check out if you have to carefully detect the whole wire. After checking that, make sure it connects properly.

Disparate outlets

If your crockpot does not work, then maybe there is a failure outlet is the reason behind it. You can check this by plugging your crockpot into different outlets.

After checking, plug your crockpot in all outlets. Suppose it does not still on then make sure that there is no failure in your power outlet.

A power outlet is a time to time, may get damaged in the home. If you have any damaged outlet in your home, don’t try to fix it by yourself. This proves to be very harmful and risky. It is better to call an electrician to fix it.


Crock pot troubleshooting. Here is to be some major cause of your crockpot won’t turn on. Hopefully dear readers this article proves to be helpful to you when you have faced any of the above problems with your crockpot.

I give one’s all to mention all problems regarding crockpot. I make every effort to tell you a solution to troubleshoot a crockpot. I am ambitious after reading this article you will be able to fix all above mention problems by yourself.

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