Cold water not working but hot is

Cold water not working but hot is. We all have a different type of choice regarding water temperature. For any reason, if your water stops working then it is surely going to disturb you.

Think that in the summer season you came from a tiring day and you want to take a shower to relax and then you come to know that the cold water of your shower is not working and you end up bursting hot water on you.

Well, we know how scary it is to even think about it and you are sadly going through this problem of converting your cold water into hot and not leaving water with cooler temperatures behind.

If you are looking to call a professional for help, then stop because we are here to tell you the causes of this problem and also some solutions that you can follow up on and save the money that you were about to invest in the plumber,

Cold water not working but hot is

cold water not working but hot is

There are a lot of reasons that can convert your cold water into hot and cold water doesn’t come back after turning the sink handle multiple times. The most common reasons are listed down below.

Cause 1: Blockage in pipelines

Pipelines can get blocked because of mineral deposits. Calcium buildup, food chunks, and sometimes dirt debris can block the pipelines and when they disturb the flow of water then cold water ends up getting hot.


You can use the most useful technique of baking soda and vinegar.

Make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar and pour it down the pipeline and then wait for few minutes so that mixture can show its magic and then rinse the pipelines with the hot water.

Cause 2: Effects of heating

The heating effect is a very common cause of turning your cold water into hot because near our sink’s faucet, there are copper wires attached and they get heated up with the flow of water.

When they heat up, then they start converting cold water into hot water.


It can get automatically set overtime when cold water will flow continuously through these wires.

Cause 3: Recirculated Plumbing

If your home has a plumbing system for recirculating then it can become a reason for the problem in water temperature.

If the tap of the hot and cold water valve will keep on making connections with the recirculated plumbing, then your hot water tap will keep on dropping hot water.


Try making distance between them, but it is recommended to call a professional for this purpose.

Cause 4: Water Pressure

water pressure

Everything that goes above the consistency and flow can cause a severe problem; same goes with the water pressure if water pressure gets abnormally high then it will cause many problems.

It will not only disturb water temperature but also will make severe problems all-around your home.


You can fix the problem of low water pressure by checking up on plumbing water valves.

Cause 5: Shower Cartridge

shower cartridge

With time, shower cartridges get rusted because of calcium buildup or because of mineral water buildup. Sometimes dirt debris can make the shower cartridges stuck in the place.

Most of the time this problem happens in old cartridges that are not usually used and they can disturb the water temperature.


You have to replace the cartridge so that your water can flow properly and doesn’t cause any problems.

Replacement of cartridge

You have to collect a few supplies and tools that you can use to change the cartridge.

Things you’ll need

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Pair of pliers (Locking plier and Needle Plier )
  • Plumber’s Greece
  • Cartridge replacement piece

Replacement Process

  • Shut off the water supply valve of the shower and then cover your drain with a piece of cloth so that you can remove any parts that can fall apart down the drain.
  •   Now remove the screws and then remove the handle of the cover to lift it out from the stem by tapping on the handle so that it can get easy to pull out.
  • Remove the remaining parts of the faucet until you reach up to the cartridge, then use the cartridge puller to pull out the cartridges.
  • Use a plumber in Greece to install the cartridge and simply reverse the process to put everything back on the spot.

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