Best trolling motor for pontoon boat

Best trolling motor for pontoon boat. Different boaters use a pontoon boat for different purposes such as for fishing, relaxing, or enjoying the water with friends.

To easily handle the pontoon boat, boaters mount a trolling motor on a pontoon boat. There are two types of trolling motors regarding the mounted place.

The stern-mounted trolling motor, usually installed on the stern of the boat and offers enough control. The bow-mounted trolling motor, which offers better control and allows you can also maneuver your pontoon boat easily with this type of trolling motor.

8 Best Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boat

1. Minn Kota Endura 3005.6987 Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota is one of the familiar brands for trolling motors, they offer reliable and consistent models.  3005.6987 is a transom mount trolling motor for pontoon boats, that comes with a lever lock trolling motor for pontoon boat

The lever lock feature offers a strong and solid mount. This trolling motor is an inexpensive model and works efficiently. This motor has the ability to run for a long time with no delay.

Its battery life is so good, these electric trolling motors supports pontoon boats.

The tiller of this model allows you calm control, with a minor effort you can rotate the boat about 180 degrees. This trolling motor also offers 5 forward speed settings and three reverse speeds settings.

The 12-volt efficient motor provides more power to push bulky vegetation. If the battery gets wet, it doesn’t matter because 12 volts is not enough voltage to hurt you. Its six-inch telescope also providing anglers with maximum control. how much power?

Comes with a durable and efficient power prop, can chop anything with no power supply these minn kota trolling motors are versatile motors

This trolling motor is a strong composite 33” shaft, it is an indestructible shaft with rust resistance. This model not only provides quiet operation but also dissipates heat and cools down the motor.

Unlike other models, this unit uses a bearing system to reduce friction. You can easily reset this motor and can protect your motor from hazards. Moreover, you can raise and lower the trolling motor by pushing a button on this Minn Kota trolling motor. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Comes with a solid 10-position bracket.
  • Convenient handle.
  • 36 inch shaft length.


  • Makes vibration under load.

2. Newport 23M1000201 Best trolling motor for pontoon boat

Newport 23M1000201 is an efficient and powerful trolling motor. This trolling motor also comes with an adjustable 36″ fiberglass composite shaft. This model is also ideal for bass boats, Jon boats, and for any size of boat.electric motor for pontoon boat

This motor is also made of high-quality material, it doesn’t require much effort to set up this trolling motor because trolling motor for pontoon boat trolling motor system is the electric motor system and electric engine.

This is a deep cycle battery-powered trolling motor, that requires 24-volt batteries or you can use two 12-volt batteries. These batteries should be deep cycle batteries or marine batteries, lithium batteries are not recommended with this model.

It has an indestructible composite trolling motor shaft used as an electric motor.

23M1000201 model also offers 8 speeds for easy handle the boat, the speeds include 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Moreover, this motor is an 86lb, that offers a power of about 1.5 HP.

The speed of this trolling motor also depends on the shape of the boat, if the trolling motor thrust boat is designed in such a way that reduces friction then the speed may increase in this case.

This model has 3 blade propeller with a diameter of 10 inches. This 3-blade propeller will do well by offering low-end torque and made up of composite fiberglass with good motor size and high-quality materials been used.

These trolling motors for pontoons are the best trolling motors.

Trolling motors

This trolling motor is compact and comes with the right weight of 25lbs and a height of 48”. Its high-grade constructions enhanced the lifespan of this trolling motor.

Moreover, you can easily control the pontoon boat with its 6 inches telescope handle and height adust colar. 23M1000201 model comes with 4 ft battery cables, tilt-adjustable features, mounting screws, and 5 points LED battery meter.

23M1000201 trolling motor is also available with a 2-year warranty for customer satisfaction, pontoon boat trolling motors have speed control. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Comes with a durable fiber-glass propeller.
  • Offers 8 speeds.
  • 86lb thrust power.
  • Perfect shaft length
  • longer battery life


  • Malleable housing for the nuts.
  • fish finder not available to use as fishing boats
  • control speed not available

3. Watersnake 9089960 Saltwater Trolling Motor

This 9089960 saltwater trolling motor is a durable model. This trolling motor is ideal for fishing, it can also control the toughest fishing situation. This model has lightweight and also it is portable, its weight approximately equals 2.2 electric motor for pontoon boat

The most interesting thing about this trolling motor is that it can be mounted on different types of boats. If you have kayaks or inflatable boats, you can perfectly enjoy fishing on these boats with this trolling motor.

These trolling motors have a 34lb thrust power, It offers this power when you will use a two-blade propeller. To run your trolling motor for more output power you can use a 3-blade propeller.

The propeller shaft is also made of high-quality stainless steel. Like other trolling motors, this model also uses a 12-volt battery and offers 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds.

Moreover, you can mount this trolling motor with high-grade patches to make it solid and trouble-free.

This trolling motors adjustable shaft length which made it a perfect trolling motor has five forward speeds to help in boat forward, basic features are discussed here.

Its tiller handle can be adjusted by moving the shaft up and down. The important feature of this model is that it has a digital voltage meter display that shows all the battery details on the screen.

You can also use a fast and multi-tilt positioning bracket. 9089960 trolling motor comes with kayak bracket mount system that is an easy mounting system. Water-snake also offers a customer satisfaction warranty with this model. Check Price on eBay.


  • The motor has 18lb thrust power
  • Adjustable 24-inch shaft
  • Portable and lightweight motor
  • Stainless steel hardware


  • Battery should be included.
  • fish finder not included

4. MinnKota 3005.7277 Bowmount Foot Control Trolling Motor

Minnkota 3005.7277 is a foot control model, you can mount this model on the bow of your boat. This trolling motor is designed to perfectly fighting the waves.electric pontoon boat

The screws were also included mounting this motor solidly. This powerful trolling motor is the best option for heavily weeded lakes and heavy stumps rivers.

You can use 12 & 24-volt batteries with this trolling motor, it depends on your need. Moreover, is easy to mount and you can also pull a boat into and out of the water easily.

These trolling motors can push a boat of even 16 feet, offers 5 forward speeds. In which 5th speed works for a fast trolling while the first four are almost similar speeds.

You can enjoy fishing with a hassle-free operation, and this motor will also save your time. Its cable-steer foot pedal is equipped with various features for your comfort, including constant on, momentary on, speed controller, and heel blocker.

This trolling motor has an indestructible composite shaft and latch & door bracket to set the handle height where you want. Its propeller is durable and sturdy that is MKP-2 Prop, this propeller has two blades offers weedless operation.

This prop is also able to push the thick stuff without chopping and hacking. Uses thick and high-quality wires that are lead to the pedal and to avoid scratches on the cable steer foot pedal put a pad under the pedal. Check Price on eBay.


  • It has an MKP-2 propeller.
  • Foot pedal control motor.
  • Simple installation process.


  • The shaft cradle clip needs improvement in quality.
  • marine battery should be added

5. MotorGuide 940700210 Wireless Bow Mount Trolling Motor

940700210 is wireless remote control trolling motor, you can handle your trolling motor for pontoon boat via a remote that is in the palm of your hand.sun tracker electric pontoon boat

This model is ideal for kayak fishing and it offers smooth, quiet, and simple operation. This trolling motor is the best option for a wide range of fishermen and fishing styles.

Despite using the wireless remote control you can also use an optional wireless foot pedal. Moreover, 940700210 is a bow-mounted motor and offers the right power, shaft length, and steering.

This model offers an easy-to-read LED dashboard, that let you know about speed, prop, and battery status. This trolling motor is powerful enough to allow you every style of fishing with 40 percent quieter than the other models.

This motor also uses the SecureStep technology to make stowing and deploying 50% easier than other motors. Its advanced precision Pinpoint GPS technology provides you great comfort while trolling the water for fishing.

The best thing about this model is that it offers an additional 10lbs thrust in trouble situations. Comes with a 48-inch adjustable shaft with a durable 3-blade stainless steel prop.

This motor will deliver 54lbs thrust power for accurate water trolling. Moreover, this trolling motor is compatible with hand-operated, foot-controlled cable steer, and electric steer. It depends on you which steering type you like according to your requirements.


  • Offers easy stowing and deploying.
  • 3-blade Machete propeller.
  • LED dashboard.


  • Need to resolve some sofware problems.

6. Watersnake Tracer Transom Mount Trolling Freshwater Motor

This water-snake model is simply designed, a type of transom mount trolling motor. It is easy to operate via a foot control pedal that provides reliability and accuracy in fishing.watersnake universal electric motor mount

This mount trolling motor also offers a variety of speeds that is 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds. This motor is designed in such a way that provides saltwater anglers. This model can be mountable on various boats such as kayaks, canoes, inflatables, Jon boats, etc.

This watersnake model provides 34lbs thrust power and comes with a two-blade prop for weedless trolling. The prop and shaft are constructed with high-quality material that offers longevity in their lifespan. Similar to other models this motor also runs on a 12-volt battery and offers enough power.

Comes with an extendable handle, which provides reliability and comfort when you move. You can vary the speed by turning this extendable handle, the speed setting includes 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds.

The best thing about this model is that its adjustable nylon transom bracket will keep everything secure while on the move.

This motor is also smooth and quiet at every speed and offers vibrationless operation. Moreover, WaterSnake offers excellent customer services with a customer satisfaction warranty with this model.


  • Compatible with various boats.
  • Durable alloy shaft.
  • Offers satisfaction guarantee.


  • Produce little noise at a high speed.

7. AQUOS Haswing Trolling Motor for Saltwater & Fishing

AQUOS 50744 is a compact and lightweight size trolling motor. This trolling motor offers 65lbs thrust power for an efficient operation. This is brushless motor offers less noise, consumes less energy, and offers high output.aquos haswing trolling motor for saltwater & fishing

This motor is suitable for a wide range of boats and waterways weighing up to 3500lbs. It has an extendable handle of 15.8 inches, that can extend up to 40 cm.

This ergonomic telescoping handle provides great comfort to handle your pontoon boat and is good to use if the boat weighs low as most pontoon boats have.

Pontoon boats

The speed of this size trolling motor can be easily controlled by turning the handle. For forwarding, speed turns the handle in a clockwise direction and for reverse speed turn it in an anti-clockwise direction.

Compatible with both handheld controller and foot pedal controller. most trolling motors will perfectly work on pontoon boats, Intex inflatables, 12 feet Jon boats, and other small watercraft.

To provide flexibility in handling your boat this trolling motor model comes with a 180° folding handle. You can control your boat comfortably whether you are sitting or standing on the boat.

It has ten levels of tilting and can be easily tilted according to depth and fishing environment. This trolling motor has a power reader, where you can detect the battery status with the help of LED indicators.

Comes with a durable aluminum head shaft, which is 3.5 inches long and adjustable.


  • Multi-directional handle.
  • LED battery level indicators.
  • 2 years warranty for its components.
  • spot lock


  • A little loud in operation.

8. Haswing Black Shaft Bow Mount Trolling Motor

This trolling machine offers plenty of power, you can use it on your pontoon boat and use it on the kayak. Comes with an extendable handle, that can extend up to 13.7 inches.haswing black shaft bow mount trolling motor

This convenient and ergonomic handle provides flexibility in controlling your boat in any environment. This model is super easy to mount, the bow mounting is recommended for this model. You can turn the boat from 0 to 110 degrees by using the foldable handle.

This motor will push the boat in the water with 5 forward speeds and 3-reverse speeds settings. With these speed settings, you can accurately enjoy fishing in very little time.

It is ideal for both fresh & saltwater, its component is also made of high-quality material to prevent corrosion and rustiness. You can also use this motor on Dinghies, Tenders, and on any type of Fishing boat.

It will also provide you a perfect seating during operation, and it is also a compact and lightweight motor.

This model offers 55lbs thrust output power and can easily be tilted by using the 10 positions tilting bracket. The shaft length is also adjustable by using a quick-lock, the shaft is also attached to a 3 blade propeller.

This motor also uses the 12-volt battery as an input power source. Moreover, the battery power stats can be easily detected by LED indicators. these motors for pontoon boats are user friendly.


  • It has a quick lock with shaft
  • Ideal for different height of boat transom
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Spot lock


  • Expensive

Buying Guide Best trolling motor for pontoon boat

If you want to choose the best trolling motor for your pontoon boat, then you have to look for some important features that we will discuss below.

Mount Options

Different trolling motors have different mounted systems, usually, there are three famous mounted systems including stern, bow, and transom-mounted systems. These mounted systems offer solid and secure installation of best trolling motors on the boats. Bow mounted motors offer you to control your boat in any trouble condition.

Shaft Length

Before buying a pontoon trolling motors make sure that the shaft has the right length otherwise, it will create fish-spooking noise. Choose the shaft boat length in such a way that it should be submerged into water. For bow-mounted and transom-mounted motors, the distance is measured from the top of the bow and transom to the waterline, respectively, and add 18 inches for a perfect operation.

Propellers Type

This is another important feature because a good propeller offers smooth movements and weedless operation into the water. The trolling motors come with different types of props including 2-blade prop, 3-blade prop, even 4-blade prop.


Usually, the speed of trolling motors can be controlled by a foot pedal control and wireless remote system. Some trolling motors are also compatible with both of these systems. Commonly trolling motors offer 8 levels of speed setting including reverse and forward speeds. Some models also come with 5 forward speed setting a 2 reverse speed settings.

Thrust Power

Thrust power depends upon the boat weight and length, if the boat is heavy and long enough then you should look for a high thrust power motor. You can easily measure the thrust power, divide the weight of your boat by 100, and then multiply 2 with its answer you will get the thrust power for your motor.


After a lot of research, we conclude that our top-rated products from the above list are Minn Kota Endura 3005.6987 Transom Mount Trolling Motor & Newport 23M1000201 Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor. Pontoon boat owners have good reviews about pontoon trolling motor machines.

These two models are the best trolling motor to buy, these have the right shaft length, offer much thrust power, and offer quiet and weedless operation.

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