Best lubricant for electric fan motor

Best lubricant for electric fan motor. When it comes to that horrible squeak or relentless noise coming from a fan, you will want to go for the best lubricants for an electric fan motor.

These are designed to work specifically with these pieces of equipment and will also work with other things too making them great all-around options. The right lubricant will greatly reduce the rubbing or friction that causes wear, tear, and noise.

Also, it will create a thin film that prevents direct contact, reducing heat build-up which may occur if certain things were left open to the elements like moisture or dust. Here we list down some of the Best lubricant for electric fan motor.

8 Best lubricant for electric fan motor

1. 3-IN-ONE – 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ

This 3-IN-ONE – 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil is one of our favorites. We placed this lubricant in the front row because it’s commonly used to heal electric motors that have become inoperative after lubricant for electric fan motor

Besides, it’s considered the best lubrication for industrial use. Due to its maneuverable design, this product comes packaged in a squeeze bottle and has become a favorite among many professionals and DIYers alike.

The product has a unique ability to help reduce squeaking and protect from overheating. It also contains no additives that could discolor the finish on your motor.

With many of its customers making this product their No. 1 choice, it’s become easier to apply thanks to the marksman-style twist spout cap closure. These lubricant bottles are perfect for easy pouring in hard-to-reach locations with no spills often taking place during dose application!

This multi-purpose oil not only extends the life of a motor but also cleans corrosions and resists rust which makes the motor function better.

Using this oil to lubricate electric motors will give them more flexibility. This is a significant factor in improving current performance and reducing future maintenance costs. Check Price on Walmart.

2. CRC – 3045 Power Lube

When it comes to purchasing lubricants for your fans, there are a lot of products out there and sometimes this can become overwhelming. If you are looking for one that’s durable, we recommend CRC Lube 3045.electric motor bushing lubricant

This high performance racing-grade non-detergent oil is ideal for help with stripping off corrosion and rust build-up on components in each part of your automobile to help keep them functioning properly.

One reason to pick this option over some of the others is that it is certified NSF H2 which means it meets uniform meat processing plant standards and has a pH balance that’s compatible with food processing operations.

In addition to 2000 psi load testing, CRC delivers a number of other advantages over other options. It can deliver 2000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure during the falex test but most other products only reach 350 PSI.

That ensures durability and increased efficiency – especially for electric motors such as fan motors! Use it to prolong the life and increase operating efficiency for name brand equipment too. Check Price on eBay.

3. Liberty Oil, Clear Nonstaining Oil

Liberty Oil has a special formula that makes it the best pick for small engine maintenance. If you have a machine with an electric motor (like a fan or a swing) that is frozen, you need to apply it through the lubrication lubricating oil

Its unique packaging and style make it a professional tradesman’s favorite, and not only does it keep your equipment in great shape, but this premium quality oil makes sure your gas-powered machines are kept running smoothly.

Moreover, this oil is not amalgamated with the detergent additive. Furthermore, it’s safe to use the substance anywhere from metal-made tools as it’s devoid of aluminum.

The most interesting part of the bottle of oil is it offers an 18-gauge needle tip for an accurate application.

In addition, when the needle tip dispenser is made of stainless steel and when the bottle is made with quality LDPE, you can assure yourself.

This product will be very durable and even allow for efficient storage over time because of its great reusability in a safe environment free from grease and debris.

You can squeeze this needle-tip syringe without exerting a lot of effort. It has a 1.5 millimeter thick needle which collapses the locking cap so that there’s no spillage problem. Best lubricating oil for electric fan.

However, though it is made from pure paraffin, some reviewers object to the yellowish color and bad odor of this oil. Check Price on Walmart.

4. Supco CE441 Zoom Spout Oiler White

One of the most popular non-detergent metal lubricants around comes to you by Supco, and it’s called CE441 Self-Leveling Zoom Spout Lubricant. It is appreciated by so many professionals for its unique shape and design as well as its totally safe grease for electric motor bearings

As a Supco product, this is one that will be trusted time and time again. We would also like to mention that this product is harmless on plastic surfaces; however, we can’t guarantee that it has no effect on them.

The oil that comes with the Zoom Spout Oiler White is very lightweight and never lets you face the trouble of it gumming up.

Aside from its surprising lightness of weight, this oil also works instantly to repair squeaky noises from electric fans’ motors.

For this particular operation, all you need are 2 to 3 drops of oil and voila. Metal-based tools are all repaired like new. The workmanship of these precision tools are guaranteed to last even after several years.

Another great thing about this excellent spout is that it can be stretched out very far and then pulled back in easily without breaking. This makes dealing with hard to reach parts, like a ninja assassin. Best lubricant for small electric fan motors.

This good quality means the oil will last longer on your shelf, as you won’t need to replace it any time soon.

This good lubricant earns trust from customers with its fast shipping and friendly prices, which makes getting your hands on it quick and easy. Check Price on eBay.

5. Lucas Oil 10393 Penetrant Aerosol

Lucas oil is favored both for home and personal use and one might wonder why Majority of the electricians choose this product over all the others available in the market.lubricating oil for electric fan

This can be explained by the fact that Lucas oil is easy to fix, has a long lasting effect, there are no maintenance issues, little to no mess during use or afterward and can be used by anyone.

Other popular options include: 3in1, WD-40 etc. however you should pick your lubricant wisely – just buying what other people tell you to buy might not get you the best outcome without carrying out proper research beforehand.

One of which is, Lucas oil is recommended by many professional electricians for use in fan motors, burners and other areas of the home that require an electrical motor to function properly.

Lucas oil is specially formulated to provide the right amount of lubricating protection during use to prevent damage or premature wear when switching on and off power throughout a home and doing so frequently as one would during times of peak electricity usage throughout the year.

In addition, Lucas can be used to lubricate chainsaws, skid-steer loaders, and snow throwers to help them run efficiently as well. This lubricant works best with noisy fans, grill, fan motor, and other machinery parts. Best electric motor bushing lubricant.

6. WD-40 Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways

The WD-40 Smart Straw Multi-Use Product is a safe, VOC compliant and 50 state approved lubricant that provides rust protection, removes adhesives, penetrates stuck parts and provides multiple uses.wd 40 smart straw sprays 2 ways

In fact, it’s so versatile you could call it an all in one toolbox.

This new smart straw applicator enables users to stream via the flip-down tube or spray using air pressure from entering up through the straw.

The newly designed nozzle is built for precision usage and accurate application to tight areas, letting you decide how much product to come out for a precise finish that is so important when it comes to bottoms.

It protects against rust on electric fan motors, moving parts, fishing reels, sewing machines, and other tools, in turn providing a non-slip surface to help prevent falls and improve traction when working in the garden or dealing with repairs outside.

Penetrating and lubricating products such as WD-40 receive the most rave reviews from consumers for their ability to inspect, repair, remove and clean almost anything.

Also read out label and safety instructions, owners manuals, before using other materials.

Those who have used WD-40 Penetrating Lubricant say it’s great for loosening rusted bolted nuts and rusted bolts which is one of the most common applications for this product.


Should you grease electric fan motors?

Greasing your electric motor bearing is an important part of electric motor maintenance. If applied incorrectly, the wrong grease may cause damage to the electric motor’s bearings.

The right grease can help protect your bearings against damaging corrosion and reduce friction. Greasing also acts as a seal to prevent harmful contaminants from entering the motor.

When To Oil Electric Fans?

If an electric fan does not work, it is most likely due to a clogged motor. The solution for this is easy and simple – unscrew the motor and blow out the dirt in the air with compressed air or wipe it out if necessary and oil them.

How do liquid bearings work?

Liquid bearings are fluid-filled “shock absorbers” that can work with less pressure than a traditional bearing, which means less friction.

They rely on the quickly spinning journal or shaft of the rotating part to maintain the flow of fluid through a sort of wedge mechanism that forces pressure against the opposite side of the bearing.

How Much Oil Do I Need For A Fan Motor?

Lubricate with a weight 20 oil (SAE). Place 1 to 2 drops in each grease oil port. Be careful not to use too much grease, as it can cause friction and wear on the moving parts.


Thousands of appliances require electric fan motors in order to work properly. Some electric fan motors require lubricant oil or grease if they are going to be used in a particular way.

Using the right lubricant is one of the best things you can do to keep your equipment in good working order and running for a long time.

So if you have a fan that is making noise and you want to get rid of that sound as best as possible, you will want to get the best lubricant for an electric fan motor.

If the fan has a liquid inside, then it is an oil based lubricant. On the other hand if the liquid inside of the fan is solid like silicone, then it is a silicone based lubricant.

Electric fans also use motors that use direct drives as opposed to belt driven engines.

Be very careful not to overheat the motor. Most motors have a rating on their side or top, so make sure you don’t have too much oil.

These oil based lubricants are designed to help you with this task and keep your fan running smoothly for a long time to come.

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