Best meat cleaver for cutting bone 

Best meat cleaver for cutting bone. Some kitchen delicate tools can be so helpful that you don’t have to rush to the professional every time you want to do something. If you are a meat lover and love making meat dishes.

Then you must need to try meat cleavers because they are sharp enough to cut through the bones and you will prevent yourself from rushing to the butcher’s shop every time you want to cut through the bones because meat cleaver will luckily do the job.

Meat cleavers are mostly used by butchers but these can be used in every kitchen as they are very useful.

If you are planning to buy these meat cleavers then you must have to consider their qualities as cutting meat cleavers should be sharp enough that can easily cut through the bones. and their handle should be strong enough that it doesn’t flow down when you cut through them on heavy meat.

if you are looking to buy meat cleavers that meet your expectations and are of the best quality, then we have researched on your behalf and come up with the top 5 best meat cleavers that are sharp, sturdy, and keen enough to cut through the bones.

5 Best meat cleaver for cutting bone

1. DALSTRONG Meat R – 7CR17MOV Heavy-duty meat Cleaver

best meat cleaver for cutting bone 

We have listed DALSTRONG Meat R – 7CR17MOV, a Heavy-duty Cleaver, at the top of the list because its cutting-edge technology will make its edges sharp.

If you are looking to find the best meat cleaver that is easy to grip and also can multi-task by uniform cutting through the bones as well as chopping motion deeply into almost everything, then you must have to consider heavy-duty cleavers on your list.

These Dalstrong heavy-duty cleavers are trusted by chefs all around the world as they use high-quality material that can cut through stone-like chopping bones, and chopping vegetables.

They are made and hand-polished with high-quality leather stopping blocks.


  • Easy to Hold

if you have recently lost your cleavers handle because you tried to simply cut the dense bones and after applying a little extra force to you meet clearer, its wooden handles come in your hand and cleaver falls then you must have to choose.

These heavy-duty meat cleavers as they are easy to use as its Paka wooden handle is made with a special focus with an easy grip because sometimes cleaver can get out of the hands because of poor grip.

It can cost up to a serious injury. but the DALSTRONGHeavy-duty Cleaver is designed to hold them easily.

  • High-quality Material

If you are scared of buying any good cleaver because of its low quality then you have to remove this thought out of your mind because these DALSTRONG heavy-duty cleavers are made up of high-quality premium steel that is sourced through Japan, Sweeden, America, Germany, and China.

  • Durable and reliable

These meat cleavers are durable and their premium steel and their resistance to rust resistant and corrosion will make this product even last longer. It is better than other knives.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Premium steel is sourced from Japan, Sweden, America, Germany and China.
  • Easy to grip
  • Durable and reliable


  • It may need sharpening over time

Final Verdict

These DALSTRONG Heavy-duty Cleavers are perfect for your meat because they can eventually cut through the stones. Its premium steel is sourced from many developed countries.

They are durable and reliable, and their grip is easy to handle. they are rusty and corrosion-resistant, which means that they will last for longer, and rust-resistant will not take its place on the flat blade tip of the meat kitchen cleaver so that you can use it sharply for a longer time. Its handle has a good grip.

2. Farberware Meat Cleaver Knife

farberware meat cleaver knife

If you are looking for something reasonable then these Farberware Meat Cleaver best Knives are the best to choose from because their sharp edges are made up of serrated stainless steel blades.

Are so strong that they will cut hard stuff, especially meat bones and these meat cleavers come with a sheath that has a sharpener that is specially designed to make searched hardest blades even sharper.

They provide high-quality metal and they are not even pricey, so you don’t have to burden your pocket yet enjoy the best quality meat cleaver as a Chinese cleaver. It is a good knife.


  • Self Sharpening

Its self-sharpening technology is made to sharpen the serrated blades and search works as a sharpener. You just have to simply remove the meat best cleaver knives from the sheath and then simply take a meat bone cleaver knife.

Pull it through the designated slots that are specially made to sharpen the heavy-duty knife. it is good for food preparation.

  • Tight grip and balance

if you have witnessed some problem related to the slippery handle, as if it slips out of your hands, then surely it is going to be a dangerous thing.

So if you are worried about its tight grip then you have to free your head from such pressure because these Farberware Meat Cleaver Butcher’s Knife maintains their grip and handle as they are slip-free.

  • Easy to care for and clean

Some people, mostly get worried before buying such types of meat cleavers for cutting bone because they can get rusted over time.

If you are one of those persons who want to use meat cleavers for longer, but you are scared of rust or collision, then DON’T WORRY because these meat cleavers for fine cutting bone are rust-resistant and corrosion-free.

It is recommended to wash your hands with temperate detergent and then simply rinse them through the water. Check Price on Walmart.


  • The serrated stainless steel sharp blade edge
  • Easy gripping
  • Sharp and sturdy
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Ergonomic design


  • Users complain that the handle starts chipping off after applying a little overpressure

Final Verdict

if you are looking for an easy-to-pocket meat cleaver that should be reliable, durable, and made with high-quality material, then this best Cleaver Knife is made of high-quality material.

The gripping of the handle is way more strong than a lot of models out there in the line. so you can add this pocket-friendly meat cleaver that can cut through handle bones to your list.

3. ZWILLING Pro 6-inch Meat Cleavers

zwilling pro 6 inch meat cleavers

These ZWILLING Pro 6-inch Meat Cleavers are made with high-quality carbon stainless steel that can chop out the bones easily, and this meat cleaver is a multi-tasker as it cuts a thickly layered chicken.

If you hosted a party and you have to prep meals in a large heavy quantity,  then you must have to try out these pro meat cleavers because they are designed to cut through the stone-like bones easily.

If you are wondering about its features, then here we have listed a few features that you can read through and can make on your list.


  • Persian home blade

Their personal phone blades make this meat cleaver even sharper and if you are tired of sharpening the blades of your old meat cleaver then you must have to try ZWILLING  because they have the best quality blades that you can use for a longer period.

  • Easy to clean

These Zwilling meat cleavers are easy to clean. You just have to wash them thoroughly and then pat dry them but make sure that you don’t put them in water and soak them for a long time because this way they will lose their quality and can be worn out easily.

  • Corrosion-resistant

If corrosion and rust make your nerves disturbed and whenever you buy a cleaver it gets rusted then you must have to try ZWILLING because their laser control blunt edge.

Its material is made up of stainless steel, keeps it corrosion and rust-free, and if rust will stay away then you can surely use these meat cleavers for a longer period. Check Price on eBay.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Laser control sharp edge
  • High-quality carbon
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable and durable
  • Compartment to hang the cleaver


  • This cleaver could ask for periodic sharpening

Final Verdict

These ZWILLING Pro 6-inch Meat Cleavers pro cleaners are the best meat cleavers in the town as ZWILLING make its name around the world as it is used by chefs are pros all around the world.

It has the capability to cleave down the cut bones in one shot as its blade heavy is made of sharp stainless steel.

If you are looking for the meat cleaver that stays for a longer period then you have landed on the very right product and you can consider this ZWILLING at the top of your list for sure. Best meat cleaver for cutting bone.

4. HENCKELS 31134-161 Meat Cleaver

henckels 31134 161 meat cleaver

These HENCKELS 31134-161 Meat Cleaver are made up of german stainless steel but manufactured in China, and it gives a high-quality blade so that you can easily cut through the bones that are hard enough to feel like a stone.

If you are not a butcher and want to simply make your meat meals at home and enjoy consuming bones soup.

Then the handle bone chopper is specially made for you because its shape stain-less steel blade will let you easily cut through the bones.


  • Dishwasher Friendly

if you always make mistakes in cleaning your meat cleavers and you end up cleaning it with a dishwasher and that leads to the rust and corrosion on the blade because of the constant use of the dishwasher.

Then you have to land on this product for sure because these HENCKELS  meat cleavers are the best to work out with the dishwasher and use of dishwasher doesn’t make you meat cleaver rusted.

  • Hole to Hang

If you want to hang your meat cleaver after hand washing to let it dry then you must have to consider these HENCKELS meat cleavers at the top of your consideration because they come with the hole blade that you can use to hang it on the hooks of the wall and can grab it when you want to use it.

  • Design

its design is pretty simple, but it is easily made and will work perfectly to cut through the bones. Its ergonomic handle will help you to grip it easily so that you do not will lose the grip while pushing it on the hard bones. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Made with German stainless steel
  • Manufactured in china
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Many users complain about its lightweight

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a meat cleaver that is sharp enough but as well as it should be lightweight, then these HENCKELS meat cleavers are the best choice because they are specially made with an ergonomic handle that is directly made with a german forged stainless steel blade and as manufactured in china.

It gives a lifetime warranty, but you don’t have to use it as it works perfectly for a longer period. Best meat cleaver for cutting bone.

5. Mercer Culinary BPX, 7 Inch, Polypropylene

best meat cleaver for cutting bone

We have found this Mercer Culinary BPX, 7 Inch, Polypropylene Handle Cleaver for cutting through small and thin bones if you mostly make recipes with thinner bones but your regular chef’s knife doesn’t work properly.

Then this blade is designed for your need as it can cut through thinner and smaller bones as well as it does multitasking, this meat cleaver will not only cut bones but also helps in bone cutting and veggies and meat itself and will help you to prep for steak night that you are about to host.


  • Easy to clean

These Mercer Culinary BPX, 7 Inch, Polypropylene Handle Cleaver are easy to clean as you have to hand wash them by using a mild soap cleaner.

If you are done cleaning it then you have to pat dry it with a dried towel and then you can use the hole that is located on the top of its blade to change it with hooks.

  • Warranty

The best part about this cleaver is that it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, which means that if it gets damaged during delivery or something happens from the end of the manufacturer, then you can replace it and can ask for the new one.

  • Size

It is a 7-inch pro-meat cleaver that will be an ideal size to cut the bone and thick meat easily as well. it has a triple-riveted handle and it is durable as well as reliable its size makes it even bigger as its triple-reveated handle is easy to grip. Check Price on eBay.


  • Triple Riveted Handle
  • German High carbon steel
  • Easy to clean


  • Cant cut through extremely stone-like bones

Final Verdict

If you are one of those people who have a passion for making meat recipes and want to use something that cuts through the thin bones, then these Mercer Culinary BPX, 7 Inch, Polypropylene Handle Cleaver are the best choice.

Because they are sturdy enough to cut through the thin bones as their size is 7 inches and they are made up of high carbon German steel and the handle is made up of triple rived.

If you want to hang it after use then you can locate the hole on the top of the blade that you can use to hang it. These cleavers are better than Chinese cleavers and Japanese cleavers.

Use a cleaver


Best meat cleaver for cutting bone. If you found interest in making recipes through meat and you are struggling with cutting bones every time you have to cut them, you have to depend on the butcher to get the bones sliced.

Then we would recommend you to buy this meat cleaver that will cut through the bones and will make your work, even more, easier and convenient.

We have listed five best top-selling meat cleavers that will help in cutting through the bones. These meat cleavers are reliable, durable, made with high-quality material, sturdy, and sharp enough to cut through stone-like bones.

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