Best spatula for cast iron

Best spatula for cast iron. It’s common knowledge amongst home bakers that cast iron cookware offers serious cooking bang for the buck. The only downside to it is that it requires a little of maintenance.

Use an unappealing spatula, and you could damage this precious tool of yours. In light of this, we’ve weeded through many options to bring you the top 6.

For instance, some are made from metal while others are crafted from wood – everyone comes with their own unique set of pros and cons with regards to price and durability.

Read on to discover which line-up will work well as Best spatula for cast iron pan and cast iron skillet.

6 Best spatula for cast iron

1. Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner

The Sabatier Stainless Steel Wide Turner is great for cooking with cast-iron pans. Not only is it strong enough to deal with cooking in cast iron, but it’s also perfect for grilling, scraping, flipping and serving food on the pan’s spatula for cast iron

The spatula head of this tool is made of stainless steel material that easily latches onto omelets, pancakes or bacon without damaging the non-stick coating on your stovetop.

The Polyoxymethylene (POM) material makes the handle strong, durable, and resilient.

This POM material is thermoplastic and easily returned to its original shape if accidentally bent out of shape that could otherwise compromise the quality of the product.

This Sabatier Triple stainless steel rivets Turner is a good fit for burgers on the grill or veggies in a pan.

The long stainless steelhead on this open handle spatula lets you turn big burgers or brown smaller scallops to perfection.

The heavy-duty construction ensures that nothing will burn out or warp, even when you use this long-handled turner outside on the stove or over an open fire. This Sabatier lightweight kitchen utensil is easy to clean and dishwasher safe for fast and convenient use. Check Price on walmart.

2. Winco TN719 Blade Best spatula for cast iron reddit

The Winco TN719 is an excellent kitchen spatula that comes with a comfortable wooden handle and stainless steel blade. Pairing these materials may seem like an odd choice but it’s one of the best ones out spatula for cast iron skillet

Wooden handles are known to provide a secure comfortable grip which proves especially useful for any chefs who work with their hands for many long hours.

The stainless steel blade is guaranteed not to rust or get scratched, two things that can be troublesome when casually using your spatula.

Furthermore, cast iron cookware lasts longer than most other types of spatula available for purchase. Unlike conventional spatula, it isn’t affected by heat and keeps the joints secure.

The blade doesn’t get rusted easily. Also, due to its beveled edge, it helps to scrape off food from the bottom of the pan and prevents the burning of food.

Winco is an epicurean company structured in such a way that it enables the brand to be associated with providing quality products as well as partnership services. This is made from sturdy stainless steel and Its best for nonstick pans.

In order to fulfill this mission, Winco started off on the right track by offering brands customers will love and trust. Check Price on eBay.

3. HIC Harold Import Best spatula for cast iron

The HIC Harold Import Co. cast iron pancake turner has a strong, durable design that makes it great for flipping pancakes in a metal spatula for cast iron

At the same time, it works on other similar foods like crepes and even meat when you need to get those turkey burgers off of your grill.

This spatula is made of stainless steel and can be used for heavier tasks than flipping pancakes. The handle has been reinforced with three rivets made from walnuts, a sturdy combination that will no doubt last for years.

While it comes in three common sizes, the 13-inch (33 cm) size proved most popular with customers. If your pans are smaller, you can opt for a smaller-sized pancake turner (4 X 5.5 inches).

However, since pancakes are one of the most versatile foods that you can make with a griddle pan (flat and round), we recommend getting the larger-sized spatula if you don’t already have one!

This spatula doesn’t have a beveled edge, so you may end up making scratches occasionally on your pans when turning things over.

But in all other regards, this thin spatula is extremely handy. This stainless steel pancake turner thin and rounded edge allows you to turn pancakes easily without having to worry about scratching the pans. Check Price on walmart.

4. MANNKITCHEN Best spatula for cast iron skillet

MANNKITCHEN’s silicone spatula is ideally shaped to be used with cast iron and other hot cookware spatula for cast iron reddit

Its silicone head won’t damage your cookware, leave scratches or smudges, and its long handle allows you to flip a variety of foods with ease and precision.

It’s constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel blade which reduces any flexing, is rust and corrosion resistant and smoothens out the rough texture in cast iron cookware.

The handle is made of wood – that’s what gives it a long life, making it easy to grip and heat resistant while providing a non-slip surface.

Furthermore, its beveled edges help to smoothen out the cooking surface of cast iron cookware over time. And the best part: its beveled edge can both chop or slice foods while in use.

Additionally, you can slide the MANNKITCHEN MK21680 effortlessly underneath any food – it’s ideal for cooking burgers, steaks and sliding right underneath eggs without breaking. Best spatula for cast iron skillet. Check Price on eBay.

5. Professional Metal Spatula Set for cast iron skillet

This spatula and griddle scraper set is ideal for the house or your commercial kitchen. It’s made from impact-resistant material and can be used by both professionals and amateur chefs alike.professional metal spatula set for cast iron skillet

It has a sleek, shiny black finish, so it looks good against any cookware.

This spatula is non-reactive, hygienic, and durable and offers professional-grade quality. The stainless steel blade thickness is 1/25 inch. Scraper/chopper metal thickness is 1/32 inch.

Perfect heavy duty tool kit for any household recipe that requires a mix of hand tools for the best results. Its best choice for hot pan, cast iron griddles, nonstick coating, and ​cast iron surface,

This is a beautiful and elegant flat spatula with a stainless steel turner. The two pieces are very well balanced, and they can be hung up in your kitchen.

Both pieces are dishwasher safe. This grill spatula is perfect for bbq and grill food, as well as cast iron outdoor stovetop or flat top griddle cooking.

This metal spatula on cast iron Comes with 3 pancake flipper faces, one oversized and extra-thin head to get between muffins or burgers on the grill.

And a scraper/griddle cleaner which is designed not to cause any damage to your griddle pan, no matter how heavy-handed you might be.

Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners or abrasives such as steel wool, as this can scratch the surface. The best way to clean it is with hot water and non-abrasive cleansers.

6. Homi Styles Metal Spatula for cast iron cookware

The Homi Styles Professional Spatula is a great tool for high quality cast iron cookware. This luxurious spatula stands out from the crowd thanks to its professional construction and design.homi styles metal spatula for cast iron cookware

With strong, sturdy rivets and a weighty wooden handle, it is designed to offer superior performance to its users.

The Homi Styles spatula is heavy enough to make smash burgers and strong enough to scrape the bottom of a wok or pan and flexible enough.

The sturdy high quality stainless steel construction comes from the quality material gauge steel that makes up its body.

One of the best things about this spatula is that it is made of hardened stainless steel construction, which makes it perfect for scraping.

Additionally, the reinforced handle will last you a long time before consider getting a new one. The blade’s sharp edge ensures even distribution of force so that food gets flipped more easily and whatever you’re flipping is more evenly cooked.

Although a little on the expensive side, this spatula is perfect for people who have a passion for cast iron cooking. It is made with Durable brushed stainless steel and durable in the sense that it can withstand high heat up to 480 °F.

One thing to note about this product is that should not be put into dishwashers. Apart from that, it’s comfortable to hold and provides a horizontal angle which means you can coat your pans like a pro. Best spatula for cast iron pan.


What kind of spatula do you use for cast iron pan?

Instead, a metal spatula is the best choice for cooking with a cast iron pan. They are durable and won’t melt or bend out of shape when subjected to high temperatures. Metal spatulas can also be used to level out the surface after cooking use by scraping off all of those crispy bits from the bread.

What kind of spatula should be used in a cast iron skillets?

We prefer stainless steel spatulas made of plastic. This kind of material is a good option for cast iron cooking surfaces because the heat won’t cause any damage to the parts.

Do wooden spatula work?

Unlike metal, wooden spatulas are safe for use on non-stick cookware. So if you were worried about scratching your regular stainless steel pots or pans with metal tools like spoons or whisks, then you’re in luck. Wooden utensils are gentle and won’t harm the surface of your precious non-stick pots and pans.

Is plastic spatula safe?

According to a new study by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), using plastic spatulas such as spoons, and whisks when you cook could be poisoning you and damage your liver or thyroid. In fact, according to BfR, it’s best not to use plastic at all when making your meals; avoid it altogether.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the Top 6 Best Cast Iron Spatulas. We’ve included the complete details of each so that you can have a better idea of which product is a good fit for you. Remember that it’s important to be gentle with your spatulas for cast iron so that they last you a long time.

This Guide will help you choose the best spatulas for cast iron. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at. Thanks for reading.

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