Best can opener for seniors

To find the best can opener for seniors, our Kitchen experts test how effective each model is cutting through a can’s lid based on size and material, how easy it is to remove leftover pieces of metal, and if any slices of metal could be pulled out for later cleaning.

If you’re wondering about the best can opener for those with wrist pain and other common pains associated with the elderly, you have come to the right place.

Also, if you want to take the stress and difficulty out of opening cans this food-related post will point you toward can openers that work perfectly on those days when your hand is not as steady as usual.

Our testers also looked at how easily each model was to clean following use and how effective the lever mechanism was at keeping hold of the can.

When shopping for a can opener to replace your old-fashioned kind, it’s best to keep an eye out for features like handles with ergonomic design, non-slip options, and tongs that offer comfort rather than more pain.

We understand how frustrating this experience can be, but fear not we have found several excellent can openers that will help you eat all the canned foods in your cupboard without having to struggle with a faulty can opener as most people do.

6 Best can opener for seniors

1. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

The Kitchen Mama automatic can opener is the best hands-free can-opening solution for you. With just two taps to open any cans with our electric can opener.6 best can opener for seniors

Just press the button to turn it on. It cuts cans 360⁰ across the lid and presses the button again to stop.

The blade cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside.

Helpful for people with challenges gripping, best friend for the elderly suffering from arthritis problems.

This battery-operated can opener comes with the best smooth edge. One important point to note is that carbonated bottles will not function due to the fact they are too hard but other than that it’s very smooth.

If you have poor grip or pain in your hands this is a great tool to have around the kitchen.

This opener kitchen mama electric conveniently opens any material/shape of a can, but only if the lid does not slope down on the sides at an angle. Best electric can opener.

It is the best handheld electric can opener on the market. Check Price on Walmart.

2. Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener, Red

While gripping a can of tomato soup with tiny, fragile hands can lead to lots of pain, the electric can opener is like an angel sent from handheld electric can opener

It removes the manual labor from the process, allowing seniors and others suffering from arthritis to handle a tough tube that holds chicken noodle or winter squash soup with ease.

This particular device is both compact and durable, so you can use it on a broad variety of contents. You see, the lid comes off once you lower the powerful stainless steel cutting blade onto the top of any can and start to turn.

It automatically begins to smoothly open your cans while the magnetic lid holder lifts up to remove the lid altogether with ease. Furthermore, don’t worry if your containers have some dents (but not in an odd shape).

This best budget will still be able to undergo this function by cutting away all the packaging and popping open a standard or larger-sized circular container with ease.

The lid on this can opener can be removed in an odd way, instead of having its normal straight line. This will help with your grip when taking the lid off. This is also great for older people because some can openers come off in a way that might hurt them if they trip and fall on it!

3. Cuisinart CCO-50N Best can opener for seniors

Made with sturdy, durable materials and backed by the stellar reputation of Cuisinart, our reliable can opener is a tool that will last for years to electric can opener consumer reports

Its grip-friendly handles and sharp stainless steel blade make for fast and easy openers every time.

The product is very simple to use. Just place the item in the can slot and lower the lever, and an electric blade will do all of the cutting for you.

Even if you have limited range of motion in one area or another, this tool takes all of that into consideration so as to make your life easier.

A magnet quickly removes the cover from the can once it has been cut, allowing you to dispose of it immediately, without having to worry about touching it yourself.

When considering your beverage options, it’s important to remember that not all cans are the same size.

Some are much wider than others and will take up a lot of space in your fridge, but this other can is pretty slim and minimalistic, making it more space-efficient. Comes with removable activation lever for easy cleaning.

It also won’t tip over like some other cans would because of its extra wide base. And because it has such a simple lid, you’ll never struggle with opening it when you want to use it.

It won’t even clutter up your counter when you’re done prying open the easy access tab. Check Price on eBay.

4. OXO Good Grips Best manual can opener for seniors

OXO’s signature, easy-to-grip handles are an award-winning feature that performs extremely well across the board for kitchen tools, such as peelers and can manual can opener for seniors

OXO’s can opener is no exception. In fact, this is where OXO really shines.

In terms of the best MVP Can Opener, we’re looking at OXO’s Good Grips Soft-Handle Can Opener.

Not only does it have everything that a can opener should have, including large and cushioned handles to make turning easy on your hands but you also get a secret built-in bottle opener.

This model is currently available to order as either a gift or an addition to your own kitchen. As much as this is an affordable product, bear in mind that there are no additional discounts available.

The Oxo can opener may be best in its class for the way it makes opening cans so effortless and easy, just as one reviewer puts it.

The Oxo can opener is a workhorse. It is strong, well-made, and plows through whatever you give it with ease. It easily opens bottle caps with no time-consuming. Best manual can opener for seniors. Check Price on Walmart.

5. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

Electric can openers are exceptionally easier to use if you have limited strength in your hands or just prefer the effortlessness of being afforded by this appliance.hamilton beach smooth touch can opener

And while some might cringe at the cost, it’s also hands down the product with the fewest compromises or complaints.

You don’t have to hold a can up to your old-school can opener and then crank away when it’s done.

This appliance uses a lever, which is easily accessible for those who might have mobility challenges in their hands or upper extremities, as well as for those who are stronger than others.

The best part about this top-performing opener is that once the lever has been pushed down all the way around, the can will sit upright on your countertop without falling to the floor making cleanup effortless.

This device is the most modern and sleek can-opener around, comes with a removable cutting unit. It’s great for those looking to open cans in an aesthetically pleasing way. Best handheld electric can opener.

The device comes with a retractable cord for easy storage, it has a wider base so as to not tip over, and it can easily be cleaned.

Also, its sleek black-and-chrome look means that you won’t have to worry about ruining the aesthetics of your beautiful kitchen countertop because this can opener will easily complement any other appliances there. Check price on eBay.

6. Zyliss – 20362 ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift 7″

The manual can opener is great because it’s so affordable. The manual opener features key components that can be recognized by the senses in a no-fuss design for a lower price.manual can opener is great

This product includes a duo-sense handle which allows you to generate more force with each hand movement and thus open stubborn packaging faster and easier so that you don’t have to sit around waiting for the kitchen staff to come over and help you open something.

The “lock” part of the name comes from a mechanism that locks the cutting wheel in place, leaving less strain on your hand.

And the “lift” part comes from a built-in magnet that lifts the lid off, making it easier to dispose of. No Sharp Edge and ergonomically designed with non-slip grips for easy grasping.

Its opens cans without leaving sharp edges.

Probably the only downsides are that hand-washing is required and extraction and squeezing may be involved, so it’s not a good idea if you’ve got more severe arthritis.

7. Roslë Stainless Steel Can Opener With Pliers Grip

When you’re shopping for a can opener to use in your craft bakery, keep these tips and tricks in mind: look for ones that advertise being made from stainless steel.roslë stainless steel can opener with pliers grip

Keep in mind though that not all can openers that claim to be stainless steel are actually the material in their entirety.

All of the gears used to turn the blade may very well be made from stainless steel, but if something other than that is used to make the handle of the can opener such as plastic.

This means germs will be able to stay trapped inside once they spread and are opened during use; something that we definitely don’t want happening.

We 100% recommend the stainless steel Roslë manual Can Opener for any kitchen that takes its hygiene seriously.

The Roslë is 100% stainless steel, dishwasher safe including both handles and the crank, so you can rest assured you’ll never come into contact with nasty bits of food again once the lid is unscrewed from your jar or tin. Best manual can opener that cut without leaving jagged edges.

The ROSLE Can Opener combines high functionality and functionality for your kitchen appliances. It is made of durable stainless steel which is hygienic and easy to clean.

The cutting wheel is designed and positioned so I left no sharp edges from the lid behind, making it safe to store food in the can afterward.


How a smooth edge can opener works?

The Smooth Edges Can Opener is unlike any conventional can opener. The blade itself makes small incisions along the side of the can below the edge and then pulls back to remove the bottom completely. This type of system leaves no sharp edges on any part of the can; even its lid comes off clean with a simple flip from its pliers-like removal tool.

How long do can openers last?

The average lifespan of a can opener depends on how often it’s being used and if it’s being repaired properly. If treated with care, an electric can opener may last even longer because those are designed to be durable.

What are the pull tab cans called?

Pull-tabs, or the discarded tabs from them, were colloquially called “pop top cans”. They were very popular in the 1970s but by the 1980s consumers began to experience problems like losing credit cards in soda machines and the cans getting more difficult to open.

How do you open a jar without Jar Opener?

While firm pressure can help loosen stubborn lids, a rubber dishwashing glove is also a great way to add another barrier of protection between your hand and the surface of the can. If hot water is near your workspace, give it a try. Even just a few seconds under some hot water will increase the warmth and softness of metal so that any resistance you’re feeling from twisting off the lid will decrease.

Are electric can openers worth it?

Unlike a manual can opener, an electric can openers does all the work for you. It holds the can steady, turning it and cutting the lid off in one swift motion. If you have mobility issues, need a safer alternative to a sharp blade, or are simply someone who opens more cans than anyone else, an electric can opener is worth every penny.


There are many different options for can openers available these days. Some people prefer manual openers, while others prefer electric openers.

It’s also easy to find an opener that is easy to use and reliable. You can use this information to purchase a good quality can opener that works well for you.

We list down some of the best can openers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime at ___. Thank you for reading.

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