Best innerspring mattress consumer reports

Best innerspring mattress consumer reports. Having a peaceful resting spot on your bed is the best thing ever. Relaxing in your comfy bed as you watch a movie with your partner or getting a good sleep because of the comfort level of your mattress is beyond words.

But, the comfort level of many mattresses isn’t the same as you want. The comfort level can depend on the type of entire mattress and its quality.

If you think all mattresses are going to give you the same level of comfort, then your comfort world is going to get changed.

The foam mattress is traditional, but their comfort level isn’t good. If you want to brag about the comfort of the mattresses, then innerspring mattresses are yours to brag about.

The comfort level with innerspring far exceeds normal foam. Old spring mattresses, because of no or limited layers, weren’t comfortable, but the world has advanced, and so have the innerspring mattresses.

The variety of innerspring best mattresses is never-ending, and you can get premium-level comfort with them.

But not all innerspring mattresses are the same. Some won’t be able to satisfy your comfort because of the stiffness in their springs, while others because of the organic materials or quality materials and other factors.

Keeping that thought, mattresses should be selected after research. The innerspring mattresses that aren’t researched won’t be able to give you a dreamy sleep hot.

To get you the best innerspring mattresses, we did some research and selected 6 top-quality spring mattresses, and wrote their features. So keep reading!

6 Best innerspring mattress consumer reports

1. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring

best innerspring mattress consumer reports

Linenspa innerspring hybrid mattress is our top mattress by ratings. Linenspa has earned this position with the help of its quality.

With this mattress, you get the pressure point of the foam mattress, which gives you extra relief.

This foam also provides support to traditional innerspring mattresses. The comfort of a hybrid mattress is the new revolution.

The soft cotton cover contains memory foam to enhance the softness. The 1.5-inch foam provides you comfort as it is quilted properly.

Your body conforms as all the curves are settled according to your body, and the pressure points aren’t tough either. They are minimized by it.

The 6inch steel coils are present under the foam to provide support and keep it strong. The design allows the pressure on the body to be equal by distributing your body weight equally.

The traditional box is provided through it. The Boz enhances the mattress’s durability and makes you breathe air better. The whole mattress is rolled before delivery, and it is stored in a box for easy and safe delivery.

But the rolling and box storage doesn’t affect the shape of the mattress. The original shape of the mattress is restored as the mattress opens and expands.

This happens when it comes out of the box. The mattress has 10 years of warranty by the US company, and if any manufacturing defect appears, you can just return it. It’s very nice. Read the features.


The product dimensions are 75 “L x 39 “W x 8 “T inches. The hypoallergenic memory foam is combined with the traditional foam to make it a hybrid.

Your guests will be satisfied, and your children will sleep well. The plush memory foam is perfect for the spine and aligns the points of pressure.

The points of pressure don’t get pressurized, and the body relaces a lot. The cover is knitted and cozy.

The mattress can be compressed, just like when delivered in the box. It’s available in three different size variations, and that makes the mattress variety a lot better.

The edge support gives it a safer look. The mattress is wrapped in carbon and will contain it when it’s delivered to the needed user. Its sleep quality is actually rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, and that proves that the comfort is great. Check Price on walmart.


  • Memory foam
  • Minimizes points of pressure
  • Compressed
  • Edge support
  • 10-year warranty


  • Bed bugs

2. Zinus 8 Inch Foam and Spring Mattress

zinus 8 inch foam and spring mattress

The second on innerspring is the Zinus spring mattress by ratings. If you deep cushioning fancy strikes that are soft and even, then Zinus is your brand to choose.

This is a spring mattress with both foam and innerspring to give you the most peaceful and well-rested mornings you dreamt of.

There is a quilted fiber cover, or rather the cover is fiber quilted. It is a high-density foam, and it is certified by CertiPUR-US.

The foam is also violated, and as certified by CertiPUR-US, it is safe. The quality innerspring is heavy-duty, and that makes the steel base very strong support.

The blend makes the mattress a premium choice, as the equipment is just right for the joints and provides the joints the comfort they need.

The Viscolatex foam is backed by a traditional style reliable innerspring. The softness of Zinus envelopes the user and lets him enjoy it fully.

It’s ideal for people that enjoy a reactive feel and is suitable for people who side sleepers. It has a 10-year warranty.

The mattress is rolled and then inserted in a box and delivered to your doorstep as well. Enjoy smooth snoozing with all things you want. Read the features.


Its dimensions are 75 “L x 39 “W x 8 “T. These dimensions can vary with the queen size you purchase, and there are different sizes available in this mattress, which makes it even more wanted.

It takes the mattress 73 hours to regain its original shape so remember to wait and try not to worry if you see the shape messed up when taken out.

The steel spring combo is pretty effective when combined with the all-foam mattress.

It contains an inch of ViscoLatex foam. The six heavy-duty steel coils support the ViscoLatex foam. The durable foam of 5 inches is also very effective.

This is great for stomach sleepers, combination sleepers and back sleepers. CertiPUR US Certified foam is a top-quality foam than adaptive foam. The content and performance are great.

The package is compressed with a special technique for safety and returns to its original shape ASAP. It also has a 10-year warranty. Best innerspring mattress consumer reports. Check Price on eBay.


  • Expertly packged
  • Certipur US Certified
  • Durable Comfort
  • 10-year warranty
  • ViscoLatex foam


  • Deformed
  • Broken springs

3. Signature Sleep Contour 8″ Reversible Mattress

signature sleep contour 8 reversible mattress

Signature sleep’s reversible mattress takes 3rd place by ratings. The quality of the signature sleep mattress isn’t inferior to the above two.

In fact, the reversible mattress is on par with the other. You can sleep tight with this mattress. Long gone are sleepless nights because of a lack of comfort.

The coils that make the core are all independent and strong. The independent casing makes the motioning of the mattress soundless.

As the motion disturbance is eliminated by this mattress, you can sleep more soundly than you imagined. The distribution is also unmatchable. It is good for every sleep positions.

All the layers are covered in high-density foam, and this makes sure that all surfaces get an even amount. The weight distribution, as evenly placed, affects the body and relieves your body from head to toe.

The federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 is met at an equal standard with its quality. The shipping is done as above mattresses and is rolled into the box.

The seal is vacuumed for better delivery and safety from dust. With this mattress, you can surround yourself with comfort and live your dreams. It is compressed while shipping as well. It’s very soft. Read the features.


Its dimensions are 75″L x 39″W x 8″T inches. The high-density foam isn’t only at the top but also at the bottom, so the feeling you get is entirely comfortable and easygoing.

The coils of this mattress are engaged separately. This delivers the weight equally, causing all the pain in the body to get relieved. You see, the mattress is reversible. You get extra versatility because of this.

You can flip and rotate the mattress as you want, and it won’t harm the mattress. It’s made in Italy, and that makes it export quality.

Thus, the mattress isn’t going to get harmed at all. No phthalates are present in the mattress, and that means it’s under the approval of the Consumer Safety Product Commission.

The covers aren’t removable and nonwashable. They are sealed when sent for safety. Check Price on Walmart.


  • No phthalates
  • Extra versatile
  • Independently encased coils
  • Equal weight distribution
  • High-density foam


  • Not soft enough

4. Modway Jenna 8″ Innerspring Mattresses

modway jenna 8 innerspring mattresses

The number 4 on the list is Modway’s Jenna 8 by ratings. It’s a good mattress that provides exciting comfort and eases the user.

You get to enjoy rejuvenating sleep when you have this mattress. It revives all the strength that you used all day by giving you a good night’s sleep.

The individually pocketed coils in this mattress are individually wrapped, and that makes them strong also, there aren’t any disturbances as the motion is completely isolated between the sleeping partners.

It’s suitable for all sleeping sides. Be it sideways or back; you can enjoy it.

It’s an optimum choice for people with a stomach sleeping style as well. There are 7 tall coils in it. These 7 coils are padded with 2 different foam layers. These two layers of foam provide maximum comfort.

The right-top surface is quilted with polyester. The pressure on the back and hips is released, and the pressure on joints is eased. The deliverance of comfort is even and it’s long-lasting.

You will feel smooth and comfortable. The innerspring in the mattress is a firmer mattress, and this avoids sag from coming. All foam mattresses don’t get sunk, and the delivery is like above. Read the features.


Its dimensions are 75″L x 30″W x 8″T inches. The pressure on the hips and back is greatly reduced by this. The individually wrapped coils are responsible for reducing the pressure and bringing you comfort.

It’s ideal for singles and couples for comfort. The motion disturbances are absorbed by the mattress. The individually encased springs are effective to this point.

There is a fire-resistant polyester barrier between them. The innerspring mattress and the narrow twin memory foam are the things holding it. There are 7 tall coils present on this mattress.

There is also convoluted foam padding that makes it softer. The top is quilted and is kept tight to make the mattress top smoother. The mattress, after opening, returns to its original shape in only 24 hours. Check Price on eBay.


  • Convoluted foam padding
  • Easy set-up
  • Mattress for couples
  • Fire resistant
  • 10-year warranty


  • Less weight bearing

5. Vibe 12-Inch Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

vibe 12 inch quilted gel memory foam and innerspring mattress

The vibe, by providing good vibes to its users, comes in 5th place by ratings. Vibe provides top mattresses to the users as well.

No compromise in mattress quality. If you have Vibe, you don’t need to look for further mattresses as you have found an elite-class mattress.

Your restless nights and day sleep are over with this. The quilted foam of the mattress won’t disappoint you. The innerspring Hybrid mattress is proven by using.

The memory foam mattresses used don’t let anyone look down on them. It’s not all about softness; its tenderness is just right.

You get orthopedic support from the mattress as the weight is distributed along it evenly, and that provides your pressure points with a lot of ease.

You can be a stomach or a back person and still enjoy the mattress. The coils are traditionally wrapped inside the mattress. The comfort of Vibe is unparalleled.

The stretch knit and quilted pillow matches the design and gives it beauty as well. The panel is of blue sapphire color that gives a total look. The luxury of and with this mattress is the best. Read the features.


The product dimensions are 54″ W x 75″ L x 12″ H inches. The top is in the gorgeous color of blue sapphire. The quilted cover is stretched and beautifully detailed.

The stretch is great for optimizing comfort and increasing it. Your body is contoured for a comfortable, softer feel when presented with High-quality memory foam.

The body experiences the comfort you have never imagined ever having.

You get very good orthopedic support as you get immersed in it. The separately wrapped springs or covered springs are wholesome and give the pain you have instant release.

It’s not a medicine, but comfort is a great cure. You don’t have motion disturbances either, so you and your partner can sleep without disturbance.

The durability and emission are also great. CertiPUR-US program merits are met by it. You get a medium plush soft feel. The 10 warranty is great.


  • Sapphire blue euro pillow top
  • High-quality foam
  • CertiPUR-US program standard
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Medium-Plush Feel


  • Firmness level high
  • Stiff

6. LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

best innerspring mattress consumer report

Last but not least, the spring mattress is on the list by rating id Lucid. Being 6th on the list doesn’t disclose Lucid because its quality deals with all the other mattresses on its own.

You get to enjoy pressure relief and a sleep cooler together with the hybrid mattress.

YOu get a combination of plush memory foam, supportive coils, and responsive latex that makes the mattress a luxury dream team for many people.

It’s a 100% memory foam pure mattress, and that makes the best choice for people who choose to hesitate before buying. The natural latex is really layered.

You not only get memory and latex foam with it, but the transition foam on the top makes it distinct from all the mattresses. The steel coils are placed individually and provide tremendous comfort after a whole day of work.

It provides motion isolation and support so you won’t disturb your partner’s sleep cool while getting up. It’s two-toned on top of all things.

The knit fabric cover on the top is circular. You don’t have to worry about protection as you get 10 years of warranty. Manufacturers provide the features.


The product dimensions are 80 “L x 39 “W x 12 “T inches. It’s pretty adaptable. It can be sued with a metal spring and a grid. The base of the bed is very adjustable.

Temperature-regulating memory gel makes the temperature suitable for your body and makes it comfortable for you.

The foam dissipates the heat retention produced by the body heat, and the temperature doesn’t get out of control.

It provides relief of pressure points to the whole body and eases the stiffness in the body. The muscle of the body gets relaxed when exposed to a comfortable mattress.

You get a comfortable sleep preferences environment. It supports a reasonable amount of body weight and is supportive of the weight. You get conforming comfort by purchasing it.

It has dual transition layers as well. The edge support is also present in this mattress. It is better than an old mattress.


  • Temperature-regulating memory
  • Metal grid
  • Hybrid Mattresses
  • Comfortable sleep environment
  • 10-year warranty


  • Firmer mattresses


Buying Guide (Best innerspring mattress consumer reports)

Mattresses, even of good quality, may lack some features that should be necessary. The features actually make the mattress the best choice. The features include softness, length, and basic qualities like that. Read them below.

  • Comfort layers

The comfort layers make the mattress softer and better, so the more layers the mattress has, the more comfortable the level will be.

Many of the customers could not be satisfied with their mattress types in a comfortable top layer.

  • Coils

The stronger the coils and their style is, the more the mattress will last, but the thicker coils, sturdy coils, and metal coils shouldn’t be stiff because that will make the leave of softness decrease.

Eight hundred coils is a good coil number.

  • Thickness

A good mattress is 10-inch thick, and that makes it comfortable. The layers actually affect the thickness, but a less thick mattress won’t be comfortable.


Best innerspring mattress consumer reports. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium-Firm feel Mattress is our top-rated mattress and is great for use.

The buying guide of the mattresses will help you get the best mattress, and the list provides you with the best innerspring mattresses of this time.

Purchasing these online mattresses on Amazon is easy, but you can decide on the mattress by yourself. Read all the above.

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