How to raise an air mattress off the floor

How to raise an air mattress off the floor. To avoid rutted grounds or threats, you would need to raise your air mattress off the ground.

  • Do you know what exactly it takes to raise it above?
  • If not! Then this article might help you.

Follow the procedures, methods, and materials required to raise your mattress off the floor.

Raising a mattress is not that difficult but requires some practical methods and tricks. Most people have queries regarding it, so we have made it easy.

Now you can solve the issues just on your own.

How to raise an air mattress off the floorraise an air mattress off the floor

People need to raise mattresses off the ground in these two situations.

  1. For Outdoor events or camping to avoid thorns and bumpy grounds
  2. For Indoor, to get comfort and safety of the mattress

In both situations, safety is on top priority.

Each condition has a different value of height.

  • For outdoor events, raise the mattress at such a point that it’s lower than 12 inches (30.48cm)
  • For indoor, raise the air mattress using a bed frame of 20 inches (50.8 cm).

Air Mattress Frame

A mattress riser or air mattress frame complies with the same thing.

Provide safety and comfort and avoid rutted floor issues.


  • Simple
  • Easy to fold
  • Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


Many different types are available based on the material used in the frame and the capacity to hold the weight.

The prices of these beds are according to the types of frames you are purchasing.

  1. Wood frames
  2. Steel frames

We suggest metal frames as they have tensile strength with high durability.

Remember to purchase the frame according to the air mattress size you are currently using.

Attached air mattress to the frames

Nowadays, some air mattresses go along frames. Are you dreaming of purchasing a new air mattress?

Try the combo.

Economical as compared to separately purchasing both.

Plywood Method

  • If an air mattress occupies a permanent place in the home, placing it on plywood is beneficial. This method will help you raise your air mattress to a good height from the ground.
  • Usually, 2-3 inches depending on plywood thickness.
  • But if the air mattress is meant for outdoor activities, that plywood is not a good option due to its portability issue.
  • In these situations, a carpet might be a great choice to purchase and place beneath your air mattress to give it height.

Use of Thick Carpetuse of thick carpet

  • Go to your nearby carpet store and purchase a brand new thick carpet.
  • Place it on the area where your air mattress might get harmed, destroyed, or get messy.
  • After that, place the air mattress above the thick carpet.
  • You have lifted your air mattress off the ground.
  • It will not only protect the mattress but give a pretty good look to the room.
  • Remember to purchase the carpet according to the air mattress dimensions.

Metal sheetsmetal sheets

The use of metal sheets is highly protective.

One of the alternatives to plywood is metal sheets for raising the mattress off the air.


  • In terms of safety, the best option is a spring box.
  • If the plywood is unavailable in your nearby store, you can go for a spring box.
  • The only issue that arises is spring boxes are a bit costly.
  • The best thing about the spring box is it’s even better than the plywood, so investing won’t go to waste.
  • It’s flexible and held for any variety of mattresses.


Raising the air mattress is not a difficult task. Select the method according to your situation and preference. Remember to consider the height and conditions before raising a mattress.

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