Best drones under $200 consumer reports

Best drones under $200 consumer reports. Drones have earned a lot of fame. You see a drone, and immediately your attention diverts to the drone. It’s not just you, but the drone takes the attention of everyone.

A desire to acquire such a drone arises in your heart. But thinking the price isn’t low, you leave it. Your budget is like $200, and you see the price of a drone is $500.

This turns you dejected. I know it. I’ve felt it. Then I researched under my budget. I had $200 but was able to buy a great drone. I still don’t believe I have a drone.

You can too. But when you search to buy a $200 drone. You usually see specials that are fake. Most drones don’t have any specifications.

They are usually drones designed for children and fool us. But fortunately, they aren’t all fake. In all that junk of drones, you can find the gold. I meant a drone.

I researched the drones and came up with six drones that are worth under $200 and are plentiful. You don’t need to look at other people flying drones.

Make them look at your drone. So let’s see the top 6 drones under $200 and a buying guide.

6 Best drones under $200 consumer reports

1. Ryze Tech Tello – Drone

best drones under $200 consumer reports

Ryze Tech Tello by DJI is the best and under $200 drone in the market by rating. It is only $99 on Amazon. If you are a beginner, you won’t have difficulty flying Tello.

You can use your phone to fly the drone anytime. Office or home, you can fly Tello and give yourself a distraction.

The antennas connected make the connection more stable, and video quality isn’t disrupted.

The highly impressive battery keeps the drone flying for hours. DJI offers a flight controller with the device to make it fly better.

The recording is of pro level. The photos and videos come on the phone, and you can share drone images on social media.

Not knowing the way to fly the drone isn’t a problem. DJI provides an easy-flying interface for new users. You can set the flying settings by coding.

The software teaches you to add new controls to the drone and helps you learn basic coding. The drone teaches you and lets you have fun while you have drone flying skills.


It has a high-quality video processor. Tello drone shoots great photos. Videos by Telo aren’t an exception. You can share its photographs easily with the drone app.

The decent camera quality is 5MP, and the video quality is 720p. The two extra antennas on Tello allow better transmission and provide better stability to the video transmission.

The battery has a high capacity, making the drone fly for a long time. The intelligent flight modes controller provider better controls the drone.

You can move the drone in the air however you want with its remote controller. The EZ shot function makes taking pictures and videos a piece of cake.

The durable design protects it. Its dimension are 3.86 x 3.66 x 1.61 inches. It’s lightweight at only 2.82 ounces. The Lithium polymer battery needed to work comes with the drone.

It’s available in white and has a remote controller for easy functioning. The remote is also included with the phone packing.

You can order the pro version and get extra blades and all other parts that help you change old ones and fly the drone without a problem.Check Price on Walmart.


  • Wonderful performance
  • Easy or beginners
  • Good picture quality
  • Decent camera
  • Durable


  • Bad video quality
  • Single battery

2. Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera – Compact

yuneec breeze flying camera compact 

Yuneec Breeze has a special design with its users in mind. It is $190 on Amazon. You can capture pictures from the drone and make videos with no effort.

The picture quality is 4k, and you can see the 13mp camera adds charms to the drone. It’s compatible, and Yuneec’s software allows it to connect to iOS and Android.

Breeze camp app is a full program that is just for controlling the Breeze drone. Outdoor and indoor location doesn’t affect Breeze as it can hold still while night flying everywhere.

Yuneec visualized the drone for beginners, and they successfully put functions for beginners.

You can use the Breeze App to download pictures from the drone, and the drone pictures can be shared on social media with high graphics.

The fun part of Breeze is that you don’t have to close the drone app while sharing pics. The versatile modes the drone offers are a piece of cake for drone flying beginners. And it’s also under $200. Check Price on Walmart.


The videos are in 4K, and the pictures it takes are 13 MP. This takes the picture quality to the extreme and makes the drone more unique. There isn’t any difficulty in taking group photos with it.

You can set the drone to automatic mode and get the pictures easily. You can take selfies. Set the device in orbit to make it move around.

You can set the journey and let the device follow you with follow mode. There is an indoor posting system in Breeze, and that helps in holding the drain both outdoors and saves damage indoors.

It has an adjustable wide camera angle as compared to holy stone.

There is a propeller that doesn’t allow it to collide with other objects. Its dimensions are 11.02 x 8.66 x 3.1 inches, and it weighs 3.3 pounds. You can tap and make it return home quickly.

The Breeze app running on both Android and iOS, allows simple control of the drone.

You can navigate the drone with the Breeze app and be social by sharing the shots of the drone on media. It provides a year warranty. It works on two batteries and provides an even longer flying time.


  • Pilot mode
  • Selfie mode
  • Orbit mode
  • Follow me mode


  • Bad battery
  • Bad customer service

3. Sky Viper Journey GPS Drone White/Black

sky viper journey gps drone whiteblack

Sky Viper Journey is our third best drone with a rating. It costs about $99.99 on Amazon. It comes with an Ardu-pilot and is graded at a professional level.

The class outperforms various drones with its pro video technology. It has a GPS that helps locate the drone and fly it from different areas.

This allows you to find the drone when the battery is low. It’s a hobby-grade drone and matches with the most expensive drones.

It uses a network satellite to know its location. Sky Viper can hover in the air without losing its balance.

The drone can return to you by itself if you press the return button. It returns to the location it started from. The drone is durable and the drone is lightweight.

The drone offers easy to use for beginners, and its other function is listed in the features section with all the specifications of the drone. It has the feature of one key takeoff safely. Best drones under $200 consumer reports.


The firmware is graded to be hobby level, and thus it provides a very simple flight remote control system. The stable flight controls are more accessible that way.

The flight is stable, so don’t worry about being a noob. A holder option holds the position. This stops the drone from drifting away and allows it to hover around without moving from its spot.

It has a summoning function. This function makes the drone return home from anywhere in the range of functions. The home to it’s the launch point, and it will land at the launch point.

The HD camera of the drone is completely adjustable. This allows you to set the drone and its superb camera to a wide decent range and get better and wider images.

The wide flight range allows better video streaming while covering more areas. The limited feature of a memory card allows it to store data directly in the drone.

You can also directly record it from the drone on the phone. You can do both to keep the data safe. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Micro SD available
  • Hands-Free position
  • Return to home
  • Follow me mode
  • Fly away prevention


  • Flawed prop shaft
  • Bad App performance

4. Protocol Drone – Dura HD Drone

protocol drone dura hd drone

Dura provides you with a Live streaming drone. It is also under $200 and offers live streaming on social media with the drone software.

With its  2.4GHz remote, you can control the drone at fast two-speed modes and from a long range.

While live streaming, the drone allows you to record video, and the drone app allows you to take pics at all times.

The Dura drone app is available free online. You just need Wi-Fi on the drone and phone to do all of this. You also get a 3D VR headset with the device.

This allows you to experience the drone video and audio at a calm level. The programming is advanced but still easy for everyone. You can use auto-launch.

This function is only in advanced drones and shows Dura drone is an advanced drone with programming.

You can draw your flight path and set it, so the drone returns to you from that path and will inform you in case the drone has a problem. Check Price on eBay.


The drone provides basic expert control and has three different speed levels for beginners and veterans. You can perform banked and dynamic ticks pretty easily.

There is a stabilizer with a 6-axis motion auto sensor. The sensor keeps drone movement very swift. It gives a 720p video. Connect with Wi-Fi. You can share your experience of Dura on social media.

There are four engines with wonderful power that help the drone auto stabilize. YOu can control all side functions easily.

You can create your pattern and set a path with the app on your phone and make the drone move on that. The drone has a 3D VR set that allows you to experience everything 3D.

There is also a headset to fit with the VR set and experience even the sound. You can download the Dura app and connect immediately and enjoy the beginner drone control and interface.


  • Flight sharing
  • 3D view available
  • Easy use headset
  • Battery life duration
  • Beginner level interface


  • App error
  • Battery usage

5. Air Selfie AIR PIX Portable Pocket-Size

You can take stunning aerial selfies and photos with Aerial Selfie PIX. It was only $186, but it is a fantastic drone. The features of Air selfie are on par with expensive drones.

But the price of Air Selfie is low and affordable for users. The drone by Air Selfie is a pocket-size drone.

With PIX, you can get a group or single selfies with ease. It provides a good height, so you don’t have to worry about excluding your friend from the screen.

You can connect to Mac, and the app also allows Android for both pictures and even videos.


It’s pocket-sized, which makes it easy to take the drone anywhere. It has an ultra-light function that allows magnificent pictures.

The 12 MP camera makes the picture even better, and the 1080p video quality gives all the videos a great touch. It gives a frame rate of 30fps.

It also allows an onboard 8GB memory card and phone recording setting. The one-touch setting allows the drone to automatically return to its launch spot. You can use manual gesture control.

You can do manual photography by connecting so many drones with a smartphone.

You do not need to control it as there are functions that allow you to carry out your activities while the camera drones take videos and pictures on its own.

Its dimensions are 11 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches. Control is easier with it. This Drone weighs is about 1.92 ounces.


  • Gesture control mode
  • Micro SD slot
  • Auto-fly
  • Auto-land
  • One-touch mode


  • Bad flying duration
  • Uncooperative mode

6. Vivitar DRC-888 360 Sky View Wi-Fi HD

vivitar drc 888 360 sky view wi fi hd

The Vivitar sky view drone is the latest drone system. With Vivitar sky view, the sky is the drone’s limit. The camera provides a 360-degree complete vantage point.

It circles the set location and flies perfectly, keeping the circle. The best camera drone is more prominent, and the budget drone camera provides a much better view.

You don’t have to worry about taking unique pictures, as the Vivitar Sky view can flip in all directions with simple control.

The infinite picture and video variants Vivitar provides are second to none.

It has a high video capture of 16.1 MP. The built-in GPS connects with your phone, and the drone follows you around wherever you go without you directing it.

The auto-take-off in the drone is great, but the auto-landing function is more significant because people usually have difficulty landing the drones and the premium drones break with incorrect landing.

The fun doesn’t stop when you have a Vivitar sky view with long battery hours. Just sit and enjoy while controlling the affordable drone. Let’s discuss features.


It has an excellent GPS built-in module. This GPS makes it follow the user. The drone will stay in impressive range and is attracted by the smartphone.

Thus, you won’t have to make it follow you by manual control. The other function is returning home. This makes the camera drone land at the exact launch point of the last flight.

It can record full HD audio and video. It has the highest better camera quality of 16.1 MP. The WI-FI is auto-connectable, and you can connect it easily.

It works, and the app connects to both iOS & Android. You are making it suitable for both iPhone lovers and Android.

It has an auto-flight function that takes the worry of minutes of flight time away, and the landing function allows you to land the drone carefully.

The hovering function allows it to stay in a single position and not drift away like other drones. It gives a range of 1000feet. And it has a good battery.


  • Dual GPS module
  • Return home function
  • Follow me mode
  • 1000 feet range
  • Auto-landing


  • Remote problems
  • Function error


Buying Guide (Best drones under $200 consumer reports)

This buying guide is for drones that are under $200 and for others as well. A drone should have the following features, and a drone without specifications is not good. Check it out.

Flight time

Decent Flight time is most important for these drones. Usually, under $200, all the drones offer an average 12-minute flight. But others provide higher too.

The longer the fun drone flies, the more you can enjoy start flying it. So look for a good average flight time and maximum flight time.

It depends on the battery, too, so the budget drones with better batteries fly longer.

Control range

Control range means how far the mini drone can fly and stay in range. The drone doesn’t respond after getting out of range. The longer the range, the better.

An ideal range for a drone is 300 meters for under $200. But if you find more range, then enjoy. Don’t worry about losing it, as the return home function brings it back.


Check the stabilization. A good drone doesn’t drift off gradually. It stays at the controlled point. So check for stability in the drone and drone costs.

Camera quality

The camera quality of the drone gives you pleasant pictures and videos. If you don’t have a drone with a good camera, then the drone isn’t helpful.

You are just flying it idly. You can’t share nasty pics because that’s embarrassing.

Other features

Other features like GPS and Card increase the worth of the drone. The more the features more fun you’ll have.

Final thoughts

Best drones under $200 consumer reports. Ryze Tech Tello – Drone is the best drone by ratings. You will find other cheap drones under $200 that are even greater. Just be sure to read the way to buy a drone.

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