Best dog ear cleaning solution homemade

Best dog ear cleaning solution homemade. Dog lovers and dog owners! We all know how much our pets mean to us.

We love them like our own children and want what’s best for them. Their health and hygiene become our responsibility.

And the most important part of the dog’s hygiene is his ears. And to your concern, it’s one of the parts which is very vulnerable to the dogs, and they are concerned about its cleaning and hygiene.

Best dog ear cleaning solution homemade

Listen to your Vet! He knows it all!

You might think that you can take care of your dog yourself and might be of the view that by watching a bit of YouTube tutorials or reading some articles, you’ll become a home vet yourself and treat your dog, NO!

Although these sources of information are pretty helpful, you need to get it cross-checked by your veterinarian immediately first, and then you can have the option to groom or treat your dog yourself.

Your carelessness leads to

your carelessness leads to

Regarding the cleaning of your dog’s ear, you will have to be extremely careful because a dog’s ear is vulnerable and prone to various dog ear infections.

The pH factor of a dog’s ear should also be taken into account. And should be maintained during the cleaning.

An upset pH will damage the ear and will allow many germs to attack, which can live in that altered pH.

Also, it would help if you were vigilant about not pressing the cotton ball too much into the ear canal.

This will damage the dog’s ear canal, and if you force the cotton ball too much into the ear canal, you might just damage the eardrum of your dog’s ear, turning him deaf.

Why is this hygiene so important?

why is this hygiene so important

You might be questioning yourself that pets and animals are usually careful about their personal grooming. They might clean their ears themselves.

But they can’t because it’s a part of their body that isn’t approachable to them. So, to make it easy for them, you, being their owners and “nearly parents,” have to take care of this.

And your veterinarian emphasizes this ear-cleaning exercise because, to dogs, it is of great importance.

And getting your dog’s ears cleaned keeps him healthy and protected from any bacteria or ear infection that might start in a dirty ear.

Homemade dog ear cleaner solutions

homemade dog ear cleaner solutions

For your dog’s ear cleaning, you usually go to your vet and get your dog’s ears cleaned. But sometimes it is convenient for you, and sometimes it isn’t.

Being a pet owner myself, it hasn’t been an easy task for me to drive a noticeable distance and take my pet to my vet.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is not such a big task, so your vets give you an option to clean your dog’s ears yourself at home as it is a frequent exercise and should be done once or twice a month, For the lazy ones.

For the active dogs that do a lot of swimming or bathe a lot, their ears should be cleaned a bit more often!

Although there are a lot of ear cleaners on the market, the best ones are the ones that are homemade.

Why homemade ear cleaning solution?

why homemade ear cleaning solution

Homemade dog ear cleaners are known to be the best in their action and are a lot mild and easy on your dog’s ears.

And the market-based ear cleaners have a lot of chemicals in them and are toxic to your dog’s ears.

Homemade dog ear cleaners are a lot easier to use as they are made from simple recipes and those ingredients which are readily available in your home, and yet these ear cleaners are way more effective and efficient than the market ones. What’s natural is always preferred!


Though, you can home-make the ear cleaning solution and clean your dog’s ears. But before everything, you need to make sure that:

A) Your dog is in good health and isn’t suffering from any other ailment.

B) Your dog does not have any ear infections already.

Suppose you see any of these symptoms in your loving dog! Just don’t take another moment of idleness, and don’t let him suffer anymore. Take your dog to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Best homemade dog ear cleaner recipes

I have been going through the process of collecting as much data as I could about the best-known recipes for your dog’s ear-cleaning solution.

Being the parent of an adorable dog and a cute little kitten, I also have to take care of their hygiene and clean their ears frequently.

This has made it easy for me to do this job at home with my vet’s recommendation. And I’m sharing my view with all of my fellow pet owners to help them with this task as well!

So, as far as the matter of the solution, they have to be effective yet mild for your dog’s ears. Following are some of the best-known solutions that not only I but many dog owners recommend.

A soft and mild cleaning agent

a soft and mild cleaning agent

There is a homemade dog ear cleaner that is a combination of isopropyl alcohol and apple cider vinegar. That is known best for its mild action and is an effective solution to cleaning your dog’s ears thoroughly.

What does it do?

This solution of vinegar, water, and alcohol will easily clean your dog’s ears.

It balances and maintains the pH of your dog’s ears.

What do you need?

Apple cider vinegar, some isopropyl alcohol, and water.

How to use

First, take a clean and empty water bottle and add 4 tablespoons of water to it. In it, add 3 tablespoons of isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Add about 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the solution.

Mix well, shake well and seal!

You need to wipe your dog’s ears with this solution using a scissor and some cotton balls. Thoroughly clean the ear canal and the inner ear.

Clean and remove the ear wax that has been accumulated in your dog’s ears.

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Coconut oil remedy

coconut oil remedy

An ear cleaner such as coconut oil can be termed as the best dog ear cleaner remedy. This remedy is also the simplest of all.

There is no addition of ingredients, just coconut oil.

Take a cotton ball and apply coconut oil on it, and thoroughly wipe the ear canal of your dog and the inner ear with it as well.

The coconut oil can be applied regularly on a daily basis and will help you reduce ear wax accumulation. It will also prevent many germs like bacteria from invading your dog’s ears.

It will also prevent the invasion of mites and other insects from getting into their ears.

Treating your Dog’s ears with witchcraft!

treating your dog's ears with witchcraft!

Hah! By that, I meant the Witch Hazel. This shrub is known for its medicinal uses.

Witch hazel can help you clean all the ear wax, Well! Most of it. The solution is also easy to make. Also, fewer ingredients are required.

What does it do?

The witch hazel helps to keep the ears clean; it has a specific chemical and a certain smell that keeps the bugs and mites away.

This formula is specially formed for the dogs who have floppy ears. These floppy eared dogs, like basset hounds, require a mild solution for ear cleanings.

What do you need?

All you need for this solution is a small amount of witch hazel, a few drops of boric acid, and some white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

How to use

Take a cup or a bottle filled with water and in it, add 1/4 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Now in this mixture, add witch hazel and boric acid with a ratio of 1:2. Where there will be 2 spoons of boric acid and one single spoon of witch hazel. And shake well!

Now, soak some cotton balls into that mixture, or you can also use a plain cloth that is clean. With a wet cotton ball, properly clean all the dirt inside your dog’s ears!

Another formula for the homemade dog ear cleaner

another formula for the homemade dog ear cleaner

This one is almost the same as the one mentioned above. There are just some additional ingredients that will help more.

This solution is known for its effectiveness and efficiency. And has been used by various dog owners with great reviews.

What does it do?

This solution contains vinegar, boric acid, and alcohol, all of which are effective, and boric acid reduces the acidic effect.

This solution will also maintain the pH level of the dog’s ear also, preventing any bacterial attack in its ears. Also, it protects dogs from frequent ear infections.

What do you need?

For this homemade dog ear cleaner, we need some white vinegar, some boric acid, a little amount of betadine, or any formula of povidone-iodine and isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

How to use

Take a bowl and add about 4-5 tablespoons of white vinegar. In it, add boric acid.

Now, add a few drops of betadine and rubbing alcohol. Once you are done, mix the ingredients thoroughly and shake them well!

Start with taking a clean cloth, tissue paper, or cotton ball and soak it into the solution you formed. Take that piece of cloth out and gently wipe the ears of your dog un till they are clean.

You can also use apple cider vinegar if you want instead of betadine or white vinegar.

Also, do not apply this solution if your dog has any ear infections. If they do, it will make it worse and will be painful for your dog.

Various reasons for dog’s ear infections

various reasons for dog's ear infections

There are a lot of reasons for ear infections in dogs, some of them are listed below, and you’ll be too astonished to know some of these!

1: No cleaning

The reason for many ear infections in dogs is due to no proper hygiene routine for the ears of your dog. There gets a lot of wax accumulated in their ears which is not a good thing.

2: Too much cleaning

Hey! I know we all have heard a common phrase ” Excess of everything is bad.” This means too much cleaning will also damage the ears of your dog.

This might sound odd, but due to too much and frequent cleaning, the ear wax of the dog gets very often removed which leads to many dog ear problems.

Without wax, a dog’s ear becomes prone to any ear infection that is around. And a single ear infection can lead to serious problems.

If you feel your dog still has an ear infection after keeping it clean. Then know that the only cause of this ear infection is you.

This is why a homemade dog ear cleaner is recommended so. That you should use a mild homemade dog ear cleaner

Ear infection due to ear mites

An ear infection could also be a result of an attack of ear mites. These mites can cause poisoning of blood and other serious diseases.

Due to lack of care and proper attention, these mites can colonize the ears of dogs, are parasites, and lay many eggs.

This will result in irritated ears and itching, which disturbs your pet, and their behavior turns aggressive.

In the worst-case scenario, a prolonged infection in a dog’s ear can lead to chronic ear infections, which could be severe inner ear infections or outer ear infections.


We know that our pets are the most precious and loving things, and what we want for them is nothing but good health, love, and satisfaction.

A dog ear is one of the essential parts of a dog’s grooming. The ears are sensitive parts that are prone to infections and mite attacks.

So, cleaning their ears is essential, and for that purpose, you can use homemade dog ear cleaners and clean the ears of your furry friend.

Also, do not use hydrogen peroxide on your pet’s ears. For cleaning the ears, use the above-mentioned solutions that are homemade. They will be much more efficient and will be productive as well.

And love your pets, like you need grooming and self-care, your pets also need their grooming which is the main factor contributing to their health. So, love your dogs, keep them clean, and keep them safe!